Sumptuous Sundays: Maple

I have a new favorite hang out place, and it's San Antonio Plaza at Forbes Park. I just love the energy of this place, not to mention the serene environment and its good array of shops. I've been relaxing here since last week, and looks like I'll be visiting this place frequently 'cuz it's where I've found my new feel- good restaurant, Maple!

Maple is a fairly new restaurant in this quiet and luxurious neighborhood of Makati City. FYI, It is owned and operated by Pancake House. Maple is their sortie into high- class dining.

PRICE RANGE: P300.00- P1,000.00++

The interior has this cozy, countryside feel. I love it!

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Caesar Salad- It is rare that a restaurant would give you a bouquet of lettuce in your order-you can only have that at Maple. I also like that it has a generous serving of cheese and is not drenched with cream dressing, albeit I wish they added more bacon to go with that lump of greens. Regarding the taste, it's just like regular Caesar Salad.

New England Clam Chowder: I totally love Clam Chowder! This one is very light, and Maple didn't skimp on the ingredients because it is overflowing with clams, bacon, potatoes, and carrots! Such a satisfying soup!

Guys, can you send me some vitamins for my brain cells? LOL! As you guys have predicted, I forgot the name of this dish again! Haha! Hmmm...Let me give this a shot. Okay, I think the name of this dish is Maple Catch: (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!) It's a chunk of lean Salmon meat on a bed of Orzo pasta. It's pretty pricey and I wish the entire serving were bigger. Nevertheless, it's very tasty!

FYI, you can have the Salmon grilled, fried, or poached.

Bourbon Pudding with Creme Anglaise on the side- Don't you just loooove bread pudding?! It's such a heartwarming dessert! Anyway, Maple's version is very nice: It's not too soft and buttery, unlike the other bread pudding renditions I've tried--It isn't overly sweet too that's why I love this! And oh, the crackling burnt sugar on the bread chunks is just pure divinity!

That's it! Servings are good for two by the way, and the overall quality of the food is good. I appreciate the fact that the food does not remind me of the ones served by Pancake House at all. Otherwise, I'd really rant at their pricing.

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oooh i love the ssalmon? tuna? second to the last picture. love na may kasamang rice hahaha. btw ms m, i really like how you take photos !!!

  2. i never tried maple before but the place is very cozy!
    i love it that is its well lit :)
    the New England Clam Chowder looks very palatable :)

    i love sumptuous sundays. my fave :))

  3. looking good and delicious, i never tried this pa, affordable naman pala but it's looks cozy, how I wish I can get there too and try.:)

  4. I love their carbonara and burger! But most of all, the dinner rolls haha!

  5. Eloise: Thank you!

    Polished Pinay: Hi there and welcome to tbj! I'll try their carbonara, as per your recommendation, because I love this pasta dish! :) Yes, the dinner rolls are indeed tasty! :)

    Ohms: It's best to go there on Sunday, in my opinion, because it's quieter, thus you can enjoy your food. :)

    Jenny: Palatable indeed! :D

    Eloise: Thanks for the compliment! :D


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