Winners of My Enjoy Contest

Hello guys! First and foremost, thank you to all those who have joined this contest. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts, and I really appreciate that you guys have shared with me the things that let you ENJOY life. :D

But only three entries have stood out, so congratulations for winning! Click READ MORE and see if you're one of the lucky three! :D


I enjoy taking photos of my family because I want to capture every moment when I'm with them,how happy we were and how things change. I want to show those pictures to my future babies to show to them that we have a big and cool family. I also enjoyed taking photos of how innocent , pure and genuine face of my nieces are.There is nothing fake about them. That's what makes them the best thing in the world for me to photograph.

Pictures of sunsets and plants are beautiful to look at...but people I love are the most important thing in my life and should be remembered and cherished forever ;)


I ENJOY cooking delicious and appetizing foods because I believe that by tickilng the buds of the persons that I love through my foods I've got to show them how much I love them. :)


I ENJOY taking pictures of my kids because it makes me HAPPY.

Congratulations once again! Please await my email on how you will claim your prizes. :)

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