Burberry's new fragrance for Spring 2013: Burberry Body Tender

The great English luxury fashion label, Burberry, has just released their newest fragrance offering for Spring, Burberry Body Tender, a youthful and lighter version of the brand's famous Burberry Body fragrance. Currently, this is the 4th version of the said fragrance. For a brand to release numerous variants of a specific fragrance, that means it must be good!

Supermodel Cara Delevigne, one of Burberry's favorite faces poses for Burberry Body Tender's campaign.

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Burberry Body Tender is a lighthearted expression of the first and sensual, grown- up versions of Burberry Body. It is a soft and sheer fragrance that captures youthful tenderness, vivacity, and magnetism. The composition is also laced with the renowned English Rose.

Excuse me, Cara, it's my turn to pose. LOL!

L-R: Paoie of Glamourbox, Julia of Bless My Bag, Liz of Project Vanity, and Ira of Stylebible.

And yet, another perfume to add in my growing collection. The only Burberry perfume I liked was Burberry Touch because it smelled really pleasant on me. Let's see if this one's any good!

You guys might want to check out this short and sweet official ad of this fragrance.

Burberry Body Tender comes in 30ml (P2,898.00) 60ml (P3,898.00) and 85ml (P4,898.00) sizes. It is now available in all leading department stores.

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ah so this was the event you attended with the OOTD: Chic! Good to know that there are perfume products with different versions/installments which symbolizes how this line of fragrance captured the market.

    Last time I shared in the comment of your other posts on how I dearly love youthful scents like Zwitsal, baby bench and the like. I will definitely love this one.

    It is a soft and sheer fragrance that captures youthful tenderness, vivacity, and magnetism - oh emmm I gotta check my wallet! I hope, as what I want with other expensive EDT, they would come up with a smaller size that is quite affordable for us :) Thanks for sharing, Ms. M! You look really chic on that pic with Cara ♥

  2. I've been reading a lot of your posts about scents recently that I really need to note each one so that I won't miss sniffing any and finally deciding what to save for. Thanks for all the info Ms M! Like you I also want to collect quality perfumes to match every mood. I feel more ladylike when I wear or even just smell a beautiful scent.

  3. Miss m question po, did you get this for free? kasi usually you post price sa taas tapos kung free or hindi im also curious kung may free fragrance na bang nabigay sayo tapos di mo nagustuhan? hehehe if meron ano un?

    anyway on this perfume, bote palang amoy susyal na, im sure this also smells lovely,

  4. this is really a great news to hear martha, finally burberry has the newest fragrance on the line.,i'm an avid collector of this brand from yes, the burberry touch that has sensual awesome smell to a burberry brit EDP sort of a sporty like smell. And just like you, collecting perfumes was really a "NOT BAD" habbit...but a certain inner feeling that makes you feel complete looking those perfume bottle babies on the shelves..kidding aside , hopefully this new release from burberry would really amaze me and finally say my biggest "WOW". :)

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  6. Desire: Thanks for your thoughts! :) Hopefully, our local beauty subscription sites would have sample sizes of this for you guys to try. :)

    Purple: Hello! If you liked Burberry Touch, might I suggest you check out the original Burberry Body--they both have that same sensual appeal. :)

    Eloise: Yes, I got this one for free. I put the info you mentioned on the actual reviews. :) This is just a PR post. :) Regarding your question, Paris Hilton. I appreciate the perfume, but it's not my type of scent. :) Everything else, I like just because I am a huge fan of fragrances. :) You can go through my fragrance reviews to know which perfumes are yay and nay for me. I don't remember anymore haha! :D

    Kris: Hi there! :) You can always go to my archives and click THE PERFUMERIE and THE PERFUMERY for a list of all the perfumes I've reviewed. :)

  7. Yey perfume! I always shy away from perfume that has rose as its dominant smell. So far, i like burberry sheer pink but this is another perfume I will look out for in the dept store. *whiff whiff* lol

  8. I love the way you describe the scent..:) Just by reading it, I know I'll fall for this perfume already. But of course this is Burberry.. :)

  9. I'm still backreading The Perfumery archives and discovering priceless information about your posts. I.Must.Resolve. to limit my future EDTs to 3 or else I'll go broke! Lol! Actually Ms M I'm backreading a lot of your posts because all of them have a couple or more informative details that I can really apply to myself.

  10. hope SampleRoom will offer a sample of this perfume :D

  11. Sobrang like ko yung lagyanan nya :) soobrang fresh and ladylike lang. Ive been hearing a lot of good feedback for Burberry but for this I have a comment for the model haha. I like Cara but don't get me wrong she's an amazing personality I know that she has done numerous campaigns for Burbery before but I don't think she fits in this campaign specifically parang over used lang yung face, may umay factor lang, I assume that's not the image the Burberry wants to project with their perfume line right.

  12. i bought one for husband =) yung for men version nito, as my birthday gift for him last year (addict din sya sa pabango) which is opposite on me =( di ko kaya yung may mga strong scents, but the male version smells great.. mild lang at mabango =)


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