Cure Natural Aqua Gel bound to hit the Philippines this April!

Last year, we've experienced yet another invasion of the Japanese-their beauty products, that is. Top Japanese makeup brands namely K-Palette, Prostyle Fuwarie, Zero Kuma, and Fairydrops have successfully made their way to the Philippines (and into our makeup kits too!) and now, another BIG Japanese beauty brand is about to make a grand entrance: Introducing Cure Natural Aqua Gel.

Beauty Box Corp., the same company who brought us K-Palette, Zero Kuma, Prostyle Fuwarie, and Fairy Drops has brought in Cure Natural Aqua Gel to the Philippines. Last week at Sutra, Bonifacio High Street Central, my fellow beauty bloggers and I had a quaint get-together and getting-to-know with Beauty Box Corp. and of course, Cure!

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Cure Natural Aqua Gel is deemed as THE MOST FAMOUS exfoliator in Japan. When I say famous, I mean it: It's considered by the Japanese populace as the best exfoliator around, and a bottle gets sold in Japan every 12 seconds! Not only that, it has been heavily featured in various Japanese beauty and fashion magazines, and was included in the 2009 Oscar Swag Bag. 

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A sample of an Oscar Swag Bag. A bag is estimated at $45,000++, and may include trips, vacations, and cruises. Moments like this, you wish you were an Oscar nominee. :p

What's the Oscar Swag Bag? It's a "loot bag" that contains a bevy of interesting, cutting-edge, life- changing discoveries ranging from beauty, fashion and lifestyle, as chosen by the Oscar Committee-The items in the loot bag are being awarded in the annual Oscar Swag Awards. Much like the actual Oscars, the Oscar Swag Awards also has categories such as Most Unique, Best Overall Variety, Coolest Stuff, etc. After the awarding ceremony, the Oscar nominees-who are all invited to this exclusive pre-Oscar party-get to take home all the stuff in the Swag Bag. (Say it with me: I AM JEALOUSSS!) Cure Natural Aqua Gel won as one of the MOST UNIQUE finds in the 2009 Oscar Swag Awards. Oh, to win an Oscar, let alone to be awarded in a just-for-fun Oscar event is pure awesomeness. Winning or just being nominated for an Oscar were some of my dreams--I worked real hard to perfect my acting skills in college only to find out that this water-gel cleanser, who only did nothing but take away dead skin cells, will beat my arse up! LOL! :D

Anyway, enough of my Oscar frustrations! A little background about this nifty exfoliator: Cure Natural Aqua Gel is under Toyo Life, a Japanese cosmetics company. The creator of this product has accidentally discovered Cure when he was looking for a way to use up all his excess purified water. Refusing to waste the gallons of water, the creator then brought them to a chemist friend and they came up with Cure-and the rest is happy history. :)

Cure has become so popular for it is perhaps the gentlest, safest, most effective and efficient exfoliator known to (wo)man. It is made up of 90% hydrogen water, making it practically safe for all types of skin, and contains Rosemary, Aloe Vera, and Gingko, plant extracts that are known to soothe skin. Its unique water-gel texture and exfoliating ability only lifts away 0.01mm of dead skin without harming the healthy skin layers, and to encourage better skin turnover and absorption of serums, creams, and moisturizers.

Stoked by Cure! Here I am with some of my lovely beauty blogger friends, Jill of Kikay Exchange, Tara of Chronicles of Vanity, Rowena of Animetric's World, Donnarence of My Lucid Intervals, Jess of MakeUpLove, and Marge of Kikay Trekkie.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel is P1,500.00 for a 250ml bottle. It will be available starting this April in all Beauty Bar stores nationwide. Keep on checking my blog for the detailed review!

Please visit CURE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more updates.

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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Omg wahahahha oscar swag goshhhh kahit yata oscar presentor ganyan n ang loot bag. Tas un mga bashers kinicriticize si kristen stewart for attending d oscars as a presentor khit n may sprain siya. Hello khit ako may neckbrace kng ganyan ang loot bag ko aatend ako noh. Heheh

    Anyway if i like this il get the ful size bottle. Liz gave us a sample during her event

  2. cant wait for your review on this. i just went to makeupalley and other blog reviews and theyre all raving about this, kung 1500 lang siya ayos na yan, for me it s better to splurge on skincare instead of make up teehee!

    if you find this good, ill grab a full sized bottle. Baka ito na ang sagot sa quest ko for a silky smooth skin. sobrang flaking kasi ang face ko dahil sa acne treatment na gamit ko. OMG SO EXCITED! ayoko muna gamitin un samples ko kasi baka hindi ko macontain ang lemming ko e april pa kamo magiging available ito!

  3. Oh, na-curious ako with this product! Oscar Swag? this must be really worth-trying. I'll be waiting for your in-depth review on this, Martha.

  4. I wont be shocked na with Miz Eloise's reaction with regards to the oscar swag. Wooo that's def a lot of prodcuts! Makes me wanna improve my singing and acting skills. Who knows? HAHA libre lang mangarap :)

    Anyways, I wanna try this product. It's been a pleasure to us pinays to have japanese beauty products here in the Philippines. Their products are the bomb! Very effective and you can't deny that fact. Look how Fairydrops, K-palette, Fuwarie, Zero kuma invaded beauty bars here in our country and our makeup bags! I remembered when my friend went to Japan and I told her to buy makeup and skincare products for me. She declined kase its soo mahal daw! Maybe it is that effective that she see gals lined up in stores just to buy a certain product in a beauty bar. As what I always say, Desire will be waiting for your review. hehe Thanks for sharing Ms M! :)

  5. I'm with you Ms M "I am jealous!" Lol! Grabe that loot bag is grandiose, I really did daydream I were an Oscar nominee for several minutes there!

    I'll also wait for your review of Cure. I always have second thoughts about exfoliating because my facial skin is sensitive and prone to redness kahit konting abrasion lang. I hope this works. So far, based on your initial post, it sounds promising :)

  6. Yay! loot bag!Oscar Swag?Thanks for sharing another promising and worth trying beauty regimen Ms. M. We'll be waiting for your in-depth review on this.. :)

  7. Eloise: Same thoughts! Oh well, haters gonna hate haha! And regarding your statement, yes, I'd rather splurge on skin care, but that doesn't mean I'll buy crappy, cheap makeup too. :) Makeup still stays on your face, so might as well buy something that won't do you harm to support your skin care regimen. :)

    Kris: And mind you, the Oscar Swag Awards is just for fun! The sponsors of the event are sooo awesome!!!

    Anyway, I think you'll fare better with this exfoliator since it's literally like water--no abrasive scrubbers that will hurt your sensitive skin. Ah, I should be saving that for the actual review lol! :D

    Jec and May: Got that, dearies! :) Thanks for reading too. :)

    Desire: It is because Japan's FDA has very strict standards-it's actually the strictest FDA in the world that's why all Japanese products are very good. :) Yes, will review this one soon. :)

  8. finally, Cure is in the Philippines. no need to go to Japan or be an Oscar nominee to enjoy it!

  9. !Omg miss m, so tinry ko un maliit na sachet na sample ko nito it worked. as in un flakes ng skin ko ay nawala without the redness or un hapdi, im so getting the full sized bottle nito, and the good thing is pwede din to s chest ko kasi nagbabalat din un at iba talga un feeling ng smooth yun skin. khit my pimples pero malambot sa pakiramdam. im so eager to know your thoughts on this. pero saken im definitely buying the full bottle . would you know what specific date sa april ang dating nito?

  10. I end up reading a few articles about the swag bag lol and just like you gals, im sooo jello! :P

    I wanna try it this because I am a bit curious as to how a water gel without abrasive scrubbers can exfoliate skin. I really hope it does!

    thanks for sharing this ms. Martha. :)

    Miz Eloise, nakakahawa po ang excitement mo. :D

    1. Detsy im kuripot to the max pero if sonething works ako magtatyo ng fansclub nito hahahja. I stil have 1 more sachet. Super tipid ako ni¥.

  11. ok im on stalker lurker mode! sign na ito ng serious purchase motive ko hahaha, i always check your blog ng mas madalas ngayon to see kung nagpost ka na ba ng review dito! i cant wait na magsweldo day na to get a fullsized bottle of this. heheeh di ako pumunta sa flash sale sa benefit to save up for this. haaay there s a distributor in Facebook ng cure items kaya lang mas gusto ko un upuntahan ko talaga un store, ibang feeling na youre discovering something for yourself> omg kinikilig na ko hahhahah. i really felt the effect even isang gamitan lang . nabuksan ko na un maliit kong sachet nito. isa nalagn natitira so tinitipid ko at for special days ko lang siya gagamitin til i cn get the full sized one.

  12. WOw! "Cure has become so popular for it is perhaps the gentlest, safest, most effective and efficient exfoliator known to woman" and I thought it's still olive oil, but I wanna try this, sana lang there's a smaller bottle for this like 50ml. Nice white polo btw! Lakas maka-fresh! :)

  13. i also prefer on investing on skincare better than makeups more! kasi if you had good skin.. no need for much makeup =)

    mas tipid kaya yun! hihi =)

  14. Wieee! . It will be available starting this April in all Beauty Bar stores nationwide

  15. Eloise: That's true! Might take a while for me to review it though 'cuz I really wanna know how it will work in the long run :)

    Rhain: True! :)

  16. Bumili nko 2 days ago! Yipeeeee! They also gave out 6 sachet samples n pinamigay ko s office. Im a cure advocate na hahha

  17. Just bought a bottle last weekend! Used it once palang and it was sooooo good! :)) Worth it ang price :))

    P.S. Saw your comment about the product on the brochure they give away with the bottle!


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