Kerastase Cristalliste: It's all about having beautiful, long hair

They say if you have long, straight hair you're blessed, hence there aren't a lot of specialized hair care products for this hair type. I say no, that's not quite true most especially if you've undergone a couple of chemical treatments already, and because damage is more visible on this hair type!

I think it's just awesome and brilliant for Kerastase, my most favorite hair care brand, to release Cristalliste, a special caring line for long, straight hair with thick and fine hair strands. It promises purified healthy hair that cascades beautifully, with a lively bounce and incandescent glow.

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The Cristalliste Line is powered with the Liquid Light Technology for hair that shines on all day and in all angles. It is made with the Oil Solubilization system, a new generation foaming cleanser, Anti- Dry Magnet- Like Polymers that get rid of dry ends and cuticles, and Aloe Vera Illuminator, a natural hair highlighter and moisturizer.

These are the products included in the line:


- An ultra light cleansing shampoo. Comes in two variants: For fine, lightweight hair and for thick, voluptuous hair.


- A light, gel- cream detangling and moisturizing conditioner.

LUMIÈRE LIQUIDE 50ml (P1,300.00)

- A daily leave- in crystal serum that helps seal in shine within hair fibers and smoothen hair strands.

I am so excited for this line because it perfectly suits my hair type! Will get back to you guys soon with an in-depth review. :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. How I miss my long hair! Then again naiinip ako and gusto ko pagupitan uli ng maiksi >:D

  2. Hi Ms. Martha :) I'm also on the lookout for hair products which will make my crowning glory real beautiful, smooth and shiny. Sooo excited to read your review. Hope there'll be free samples too :)

  3. I would love to try the conditioner, if only it is affordable

    Beauty Colada

  4. I used to believe that straight hair wouldn't cause any problems and maintenance wouldn't be heavy on the pocket. I have fine hair pero medyo wavy in its natural state kaya I still dream of sleek straightness. Siguro pag meron na kong budget I'll try this one. Medyo mahal ng price but if it delivers then maybe it's worth it. Will wait for your review. :)

  5. Having perfect hair is often expensive.. Hehe but stil worth it!! =)

  6. i almost had a heart attack when I saw the prices. can't wait for a review! :)

  7. Wow mahal ang kerastase hope it delivers. Ang dream product ko ay un elixir nila n yellow.

  8. I have long, curly hair and how I wish I could have the moolah to straighten my hair! I don't have to tie it all the time and make it more damaged. I have plans of getting my hair rebonded anytime this year, and I would love to have these new line from kerastase too! I hope they come in smaller tubes so that we can afford them. I am excited to see your review about this, Ms. M! Im sure this will work wonders on you :)

  9. Yay! I want the leave-in serum but no budget for now. But can't wait for your in-depth review Ms. Martha.. :)

  10. yaaay! this one is good but I guess too steep for my budget.:)

  11. Somilge: Had the same feeling when I cut my hair short. :p

    Tine: Oh, so true. I really allot a budget for Kerastase 'cuz it's that good! :D

    Jec, Kris, and Detsy: Noted! :D

    Desire: Thanks for your thoughts! Will write a review soon. :)

    Miz Eloise: i have that one and's divine!

    Sincere: Yup! It's worth splurging on your locks 'cuz you only have one to last you a lifetime! :D

    Belle: Hopefully we'll have it in Sample Room! :D

    Jaja: I like the shampoo better. :)

  12. I feeli like splurging after Ive read your review, Martha. But really, almost 1500 for a bottle of conditioner? Hmmmm.. But it looks promising, will try the shampoo first :)

  13. im still into the hunt of shampoo and conditioner that would fir my hair condition right now.. hope this could be available in sampleroom too =)


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