One for the books: My Shiseido Makeup Workshop+How To Work That Tacky Blue Eyeshadow

A couple of weeks back, I just did my first major major makeup workshop. When Jen of Shiseido had asked me to do this event for the brand, I had second thoughts about as I'm no makeup artist-as in I don't have any PRO background at all--I mean, it's a big brand so, YIKES! But I thought it was worth the try so I just went for it! Even if I failed, at least I tried and that's what matters in all things, right?

And God has been kind to me that day. The makeup workshop turned out pretty successful! I think I have executed what I had planned to do flawlessly, and I was just in the zone when I was explaining my techniques and answering the queries of my readers. (I hope my attendees felt the same way too lol!)

My workshop for Shiseido was called HOW TO WORK THAT TACKY BLUE EYESHADOW. As I've said in my workshop, it's such a misunderstood color and not a lot of people know that it's one of the shades that beautifies the eyes, so I thought of freeing this color from the shackles of tackiness by means of a demo. I also taught them some of my personal makeup techniques.

Here are some good shots taken by Arian of Dolcellita, one of my attendees. Thank you for these, dear! :)

Click READ MORE for some nifty blue eyeshadow tips!

Here's a mini guide on how to work that blue eyeshadow:


- Light is to light, dark is to dark. For ladies with fair skin tone, you'll look good in pastel, baby, sky, periwinkle, teal, and light blues, while dark- skinned ladies will look stunning in peacock, cobalt, navy, denim, and dark blues. For girls with medium skin tone, you guys are lucky because you can choose to wear any of these colors!


-  That may have sounded a little cruel, but there's no other way to call it. Whoever told sales ladies to wear a crazy streak of blue eyeshadow on their eyes must be shot. It's just so sad that these people weren't told how to don the blue eyeshadow properly, hence they have to suffer as laughing stock and much worse, be used as an insult.

Anyway, to avoid blue eyeshadow from looking chintzy, give it a little flavor by adding different yet complementing colors such as violet, purple, green, black, gray, other shades of blue, silver, and selected shades of brown and pink. Blue could really look too tacky on its own, but infusing it with other colors takes it to a more artistic level. Don't forget to blend, blend, blend! Did I say blend?


- High quality pigment means better and nicer color payoff-I'm talking about high- end blue eyeshadows. In my experience, pricey brands really do carry great colors, especially the color blue. You may want to invest in one pricey blue eyeshadow-something that you really, really like and looks good on you.

That's all folks! Please bear in mind that these rules are not set in stone-you can play with blue eyeshadows like how you would with other colors, but just remember that it should be wearable for you and of course, you'd need some confidence to pull it off. :)

Here's the blue eyeshadow look I did on my model for the day, Jeann. Actually, she was supposedly the photographer, but nobody was willing to volunteer as my model so I forced her! LOL! :D

Meet my lovely readers:

L-R: Arian, Andrea, and Liz

L-R: Kate, Andrea, Liz, Mhisha, and Gen-Zel

L-R: Mafe, Tine, and Arian

This time with Jen Jimenez- Yalung, Product Manager for Shiseido Philippines. Thank you, Jen for giving me the opportunity to meet more of my readers and to improve my skills! :)

Thank you for coming girls! I hope you all had fun! :)

Goodies! Now I'm one happy camper for I have just restocked my HG Shiseido Powder Foundation! :)

How about a round 2? Hmmm...Let's see. :)

In the meantime, please check SHISEIDO PHILIPPINES on Facebook for updates on counter events and workshop schedules.

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks Ms M for bringing the Shisheido event to us, your readers who weren't present on that day. I'm still gathering self-confidence to wear eyeshadows more regularly and when I do, I limit it to earth tones to play it safe. This post and the photos give me a booster because other colors than earth tones, can be wearable if applied properly. The blue tones actually livened up your model's eyes and the effect is not tacky in the least bit. I just need more experience and practice and one day, I'll be able to pull this off with assurance. :) Fingers crossed!

  2. hihi. thanks for posting everything youve taught that day :) and ofc, thanks for inviting me to be a part of your workshop. yay! my first event ever ^^ gusto ko sana magvolunteer to be tour model kaso you might have a hard time covering my imperfections that time hihi shyness overload... hope to see you again soon in future workshops and events ^^ more power!

  3. I was there! Ayunnn sa likod hahaha. I learned loads mis m as in next tym i attend other events il bring a pen and notebook!actually the whole time ng talk mo i was staring s kilay m hahha.

    Regarding that perfect smoothing ang tagal ko pinagisipan kuntik ko n bilhin. Kaya lang nagoil pa din face ko. Last sunday muntik ko n uli bilhin s depression ko kaya lang upon trying it again, parang d naman concealed maxado blemishes ko. Anyway i opted for majolica insyead . Inisip ko magkapafid naman ang xompanies n yan dba?lol pero i believe u kasi when i tried it on it melted into my face and ang ganda. Super mahal nga lang oh well

  4. Good job Ms. M! as always! ♥

    *I spotted familiar face in your pics.. one of your readers also. Kate. (Hi kate hehe.College schoolmate?) ^_^ nice nice! avid reader ka rin pala ni Ms. Martha! ♥♥

  5. I totally get what you mean about sales ladies! whenever I got to the supermarket, I can't help but stare at them and think of how I would redo their makeup. lol! they also wear too much blush on.
    everyone should read this. :)

  6. Whoa I should be doing a blog post about this but I can't seem to find where I transferred my photos :( I'm super sad :(( I missed that eyeshadow application part. That's what I really want to see how it's done by you since it's my weakness when it comes to makeup application. I was super late, walk all the way from Ayala Station and did all the walk and run just to be there. I love your workshop. You shared every detail you know we must learn how to do. Thank you so much for this Shiseido and Ms. M. We really had so much fun and knowledge. I super appreciate how you remember all of our names. If you only now how I felt when you call me "Gen-zel", I was like (heart skips a beat), OMG she remembers my name!!! Love you Ms. M. Please continue to be our inspiration. God bless and more power to The Beauty Junkee! <3

  7. Blue!!! Tamang tama for summer!!! I haven't tried infusing it with other colors except brown. It's kinda scary to try it so whenever I use blue, I just use it in the lower waterline. Thanks for this great tip. ;)

  8. That was a nice workshop.

    I've been afraid of using blue eyeshadows before. But then, I figured out that combining different shades of blue or combining it with purples and pinks make it wearable and look less tacky. And it's right in time for summer too!

  9. I love your spirit there Ms. M." Even if I failed, at least I tried and that's what matters in all things".

    I am still afraid to use blue eyeshadow but now I am inspired to practice and practice to pull this off.I get what you mean about that saleslady look....Thanks for another useful tips Ms. M!

  10. Loved every bit of your workshop! I'm a bit of a newbie at using make-up so it was a great way to start my make-up 'journey'. It was also great that I was able to meet other gals who share the same interests with me. I hope you have more workshops like this! :)

  11. Wow,thanks for the advice.Color blue for eyeshadow really fits summer.I would definitely be wearing that!

  12. Seemed like you girls had fun. :) You are right about the blue eyeshadow Ms. Martha. I have always thought that it only fits people with fair to uber white skin.

    How i wish i was there to see the demo live because it is a little hard to imagine blending and what not.

    Nice post. :D

  13. Eloise: Perfect smoothing is better for dry skin, but I use it anyway despite my oily skin because I love its coverage. :) Majolica has got some good powders too, but Shiseido has better shade options and variety. Let me know what you think about it once you have it already. :)

    Detsy: Thank you dear! Maybe next time, when I hold my second workshop. :)

    Andrea: Thank you for attending too! :) Happy to know you liked my workshop! :)

    Tin and Jec: You're welcome. :)

    Marjorie: Welcome! :)

    Prudence: Hi there and welcome to TBJ. Thank you! Glad you liked the tips! :)

    Gen-Zel: Awww..Thank you! And continue inspiring me as well. :D

    Harmony: Hay. That's so true. If only I could teach them on the spot, but that would mean stalling the line in the counter lol!

    Sincere: Thanks! Yup, that's Kate. :)

    Liz: And thanks for coming too despite the hot weather that day! Sayang! You should've volunteered! Next time then. :)

    Kris: You're welcome dear! It took me a while to familiarize myself with and work blue eyeshadows and any other color apart from neutrals for that matter, so I think if you just practice long and hard enough, you'll be perfect at it! :)

  14. Aha! So dito mo pala ginamit yang favorite kng deim bolero haha. It's so chick! where did u buy it? I had one from Bench naman kaso mas gusto ko yung kulay ng sayo, bleached.
    Anyway, natawa ako dun sa Avoid the Sales Lady look kasi in fairness nagagandahan talaga ko sa makeup nila lalo na yung mga nasa SM Dept Store, Fresh na fresh talaga, sometimes nagpa makeup ako sa Nichido ang sabi ko talaga gusto ko yung makeup nung sales lady dun o. Ganun na ganun. Haha.

  15. Oh im definitely telling u once ive plucked d courage to fork almost 2k for a powder!hihihi

  16. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Ms. Martha. I really learned a lot. I love how you blend the purple and blue eyeshadow. I would definitely try this look in one of my summer getaway. If only I was there early, I would love to volunteer as your model. Kaso galing pa kong work. Umuwi lang ako just to take a bath and direcho na sa workshop. Wala ng tulog tulog. Coz I really want to see you and I'm super sure na madami akong matututunan. I'm super happy with the brush I got din. Thanks for the recommendation talaga, Ms. Martha. I'm saving for the powder and liquid foundation na. Will get them soon. :) I really hope I could join again your next workshop. .^_^.

    Hi Sincere! Yeah, I'm an avid reader din of Ms. Martha. :) Hope to see you on her next workshop. :)

  17. Josie: Actually, some SAs have already improved their makeup looks. :) Denim polo is from Cotton On. :)

    Kate: You're welcome! Aww...i appreciate that! :) Hope you're loving your foundation brush! :)


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