Review: Aqua Fresco and Adore Colognes

Here's a review on Aqua Fresco and Adore Colognes

Price: Cologne (P99.75) Body Spray (P129.75)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Watson's


I just came from the gym today and I brought with me Adore's cologne in Innocent so I thought of reviewing the rest of the line for you guys today.

Not all people find Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works affordable, so Adore and Aqua Fresco's line would be the great and budget- friendly alternative!

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The colognes come in two types of packaging: The atomizer type for a more concentrated dose, and the aerosol type for a sheer veil of fragrance. I prefer the aerosol type more.

Adore Fragrances

KISS- A sparkling citrus scent
INNOCENT- A sweet, tart floral (first favorite!)
FLIRT- A fresh rose scent (third favorite!)
CHIC- A fresh, aquatic floral

CHARMED- A warm floral with a slight oriental appeal
WICKED- Fresh, powdery floral (second favorite!)

I bring my Adore favorites with me on a workout-and-go trips to the gym--they're good enough to mask my sweaty smell! :D

I guess Aqua Fresco's line would have to be my most favorite. Odd, right? It is because there aren't a lot of very affordable fragrance choices for men out there. My brother likes this line because it helps him save up on his perfumes!

NIRVANA- A fresh fragrance with a hint of spice
ENIGMA- Minty type of citrus with lemon as the dominant note
EDGE- A cool citrus scent
ROCK- A fresh green scent

RADICAL- A strong woody fragrance
INTENSE- True to its name, this scent is a spicy green composition with a hint of leather
SPEED- A fresh aquatic fragrance
RUSH- A sporty aquatic scent
DRIVE- A fougere fragrance with a hint of spice

The aerosol cans come with a high quality type of atomizer: it imparts an even veil of fragrance, and does not clog.

However, I find that the atomizer bottles tend to leak. Hope they will address this concern.

Staying power is not that good for some variants, most especially the light- smelling ones: in as little as 1 hour, the scent is gone. Well, it's just very affordable so I can't expect it to stay on like an EDT.

Overall, I guess it's a pretty good line and it's best for those who are really on a budget, but would want to use a variety of scents on a daily basis--Just make sure you don't get a faulty bottle. 


So what is your Aqua Fresco and Adore personality? I'm a mix of Innocent and Edge! :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i like bath and body works products but it's a bit expensive for me (only had one when my sister gave it to me as a gift)
    the names are so cool especially the Aqua Fresco line. I'm eyeing the wicked

  2. Hmmmm go to scent ko p dn ang bath and body. If i want something cheap i go for bench bratspalsh berry or strawberry

  3. Seeing Aqua Fresco in your giveaway for March CoTM made me excited because I've always wanted to give my brother-in-law one of their scents. He's busy with my sister and nephew so he doesn't have a lot of spare time for himself. Syempre I will also get one of their Adore fragrances for myself. Parang type ko yung Wicked and Chic.

  4. sabi nga you get what you pay for kya no wonder it didnt last long

  5. Would love to try Wicked! not only because of the musical but I love any powdery scents. :)

  6. I went at SM pasig last Sunday to have my weekly grocery. Bf accompanied me and we saw this perfume from Aqua Fresco. We werent familiar with the brand but i liked the scent esp the radical. I convinced bf to buy one. But the scent ofcourse is not long lasting. Its ok. who would complain for a 100 pesos worth of perfume right?

  7. MY staple scents are from Afficionado and Avon(Imari) but if i'm really in a tight budget, I go for bench daily scents and Switzal. I love baby scents :) Good thing aqua fresco and adore offers a wide variety of scents to choose from. Would definitely try these babies one of these days. I'm eyeing for chic too :") Thanks for posting, Ms. M ~

  8. I tried another perfume dati with the same packaging, di-spray din sya and ang daling naubos.

  9. Eyeing for chic and wicked! light and fresh. But yeah I love BBW perfumes. :)

  10. Kris: Hi there! Great choices. They're very affordable, and maybe you can surprise your brother-in-law one time with any of AF's colognes. :D

    Jec: Yup, same. I like BBW more than VS. :)

    May: Same sentiment. Oh well. It's affordable anyway. :p

    Desire: OMG! I love Zwitsal too! Been looking for that cologne, but to no avail. :p

    Keeza: True that! :D

    Detsy: I love that musical too! haha! :D

    Jaja: Hear hear!

    Arya: Great choice! I like wicked too. :)


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