Review: Lush Ponche Shower Gel

Here's a review on Lush Ponche Shower Gel

Price: (Php 275 for 100g / Php 525 for 250g / Php 995 for 500g)
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Lush stores in mall nationwide


Anybody here likes Fruit Punch? I do! It's so refreshing on it's own and if you give it a shot of tequila or gin, gosh-that's heaven. I think I want one right now, but my mom would hate me for drinking something alcoholic on holy week. :p

Instead, I'll just have Lush's Ponche Shower Gel tonight. It may not be exactly the way I'd like to experience Fruit Punch, but at least this thing's calorie- free and holy, right?

Ponche is inspired by this popular Mexican drink with the same name. It smells very fresh, festive, and energizing, fragrant but not too overwhelming-It brings to mind vivid images of cocktails with friends. I like how it would leave a light fruity scent on my skin and also, in our bathroom! However, it doesn't lather up so well, (I know that's a good thing, but I like my shower gels producing tons of suds) but it doesn't leave my skin dry-thanks to the motherload of oil extracts in it! You might think that this thing will make your skin feel oilier than the usual since it's heavy on oil ingredients, but na-ah-it won't.

I've always had this feeling that Lush's world- renowned soaps seem to overshadow some of their good body products such as this one. As a fan of Lush, I would say that the shower gels are as good as the soaps too so if you want a handier version of the latter, then grab their shower gels. However, this one is limited edition, but I saw a few more bottles in my neighborhood Lush store last week so if you're interested, there's no better time to check it than now. :)


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've been hearing raves about Lush lately Ms M especially their lip scrub. Me wants to try their products out of curiosity and good reviews about their products. Never heard of drink-inspired shower gels. But hey I love oranges and fruity scents, so I think I'm gonna love this one. Not bad for its price if you'll just go with the hundred grams of this :) Is it available in rustans Ms M? Thanks for sharing! ♥

  2. I didn't know Lush could be found here. I first heard of Lush products, specifically their bar/solid shampoo, through foreign beauty gurus. I use shower gels more often than bar soaps because they are more economical IMO. I'm using 2 brands right now but I think I'm going to try one from Lush when I'm finished with my shower gels.

  3. "Hmm.." was the first word that i said when I saw in the first pic that this shower gel has a shot of tequila. I am intrigued because this is the first time I see something like this. Is tequila beneficial externally? (coz we all know that the right amount is internally good!) :p
    I just wanna ask Ms. Martha if these shower gels specially ones you get from hotels and samples of what not has an expiration? or is it good to use as long as it smells fine? Nice post!

  4. Havent tried anything fron lush yet pero everytime i pass by their store it smells wonderful! Also its actually a good thing if a product does not lather well kasi it doesnt contain lots of sulfates which strips our skin of its natural oils

  5. Yes! i love fruit punch! I am not familiar with Lush products too bad so I am gonna grab this one!Thanks for sharing Ms. M this is new to me and I cant wait to try this one because I love shower gels..I stick mostly on the body shop for this..yay!

  6. Wow!the price is definitely affordable and I think that this is definitely swak sa budget! :-)

  7. Wow for the 100g for only Php 275? That's a good deal! Lush is awesome!

  8. the very sensitive part of my face where acne/pimples appears is my chin area.. i dunno why.. i always noticed that.. my pimples doesnt burst out like crazy.. mapula lang sya na parang kagat ng insekto pero masakit kapag nahahawakan.. pagkagaling ng acne/pimple ko, nagiiwan ito ng dark spot.. at halatang halata sya.. yun ang nagiging problema ko sa acne/pimple ko.. hindi ko masyadong ginagalaw kpag meron ako nito sa muka para hindi sya klumala.. naghihilamos lang ako ng mild soap para gumaling.. though i think mas need ito ng kapatid ko dahil acne prone ang pisngi nya.. ang dami nya n natry pero i think i could recommend this to her.. pero sana meron silang sachet form medyo pricey ang 1100php para sa 15ml na product =) hindi pasok sa budget ng pangkaraniwan pero kung effective sya why not buy and try for acne treatment.. thanks for this info ms martha =)

  9. i want to try Lush Products kasi i read a lot of raves about this brand.. though i know they were bit pricey for a soap / body bath compared to TBS

  10. I'm not an uber fan of shower gel, I always use soap kasi feeling ko mas naabsorb ng skin ko so mas effective. Why is Staying POwer NA? YUng amoy ba nya di nagiistay sa skin after bath?
    First thing Ive read about Lush Soaps ay sa Cosmo Mag, Ang cute talaga diba! Medyo nasurprise lang ako na may shower gel din pala and I was expecting it would look as colorful as their soaps pero keri na. Suitable for Vegans :))

  11. Josie: Staying power, I just use it to rate makeup, perfumes, and selected skin care products. I don't use it for shower gels because in my experience, they don't stay long enough to be considered or rated, at least to me. :)

    Rhain: I think they almost have the same price points. :)

    Bunni: True! :) and welcome to tbj! :D

    Marjorie: Yup! :)

    Jec: Yes! If you like the body shop, you'll surely love lush. :)

    Eloise: Yup! that's why I love Lush because their stores smell like heaven haha! Yeah, I know that it's good since its sulfate- free, but I prefer sudsy shower gels lol.

    Kris: Whaaa! They're here for almost 5 years now! :)

    Desire: Yes, it is under rustan's, but lush has independent stores. :)


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