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Here's a review on Mustela Agua De Colonia Sin Alcohol

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 I think I will never outgrow baby colognes, specifically Agua De Colonia. The timeless Spanish baby cologne is not only the epitome of freshness, but it also spikes some nostalgia in me every time I spritz it on: As the light mist touches my skin, it sends me back to my infant years, reminding me of my mother's touch, her heartfelt smile, and her faint words that I couldn't quite understand, but felt so comforting and reassuring. Until now, I still buy them and as of this writing, I have a couple in my room namely Nenuco, Tarte Tatine, and Gotas De Oro Clasica and Gotas De Oro, the green variant. (My ultimate favorite!) When I'm just staying at home, before I hit the sack, or if I don't want to smell anything like perfume, I use baby colognes.

The recent addition to my baby cologne collection is this one from Mustela from the Mustela Bèbè line. Mustela is a premium Spanish skin care brand specifically made for the ultra sensitive skin of babies and mommies, especially during the childbearing stage. The awesome thing about this brand is they have ultra mild, almost-chemical-free products, like this unique, alcohol- free cologne.

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What I like about this product is it comes in a light, easy-to-carry atomizer bottle. It's a little tall, but at least it's not as big and heavy as the bottles of traditional agua de colonias I know!

It has the classic Agua De Colonia scent, but its sillage is not as high as traditional baby colognes since it has no alcohol, the ingredient that dissipates the notes in a fragrance and-FYI- causes fragrant extracts in perfumes/colognes to evaporate quickly-it's the type of fragrance that sits closely to the skin and doesn't leave a wafting aroma in the air (not even a bit!) so if you prefer a cologne that commands attention or reminds you that you're wearing one, at the very least, I wouldn't recommend this. It just perfumes my skin lightly and lasts-amazingly-for an hour or two. In my experience, this is the only baby cologne that lasted long on me. Methinks the reason why it has great staying power is because of Castor Oil, which helps anchor the fragrant extracts onto the skin. I've also noticed that it yields a slight moisturizing effect.

When it's really hot, I sweat buckets of water (Continuously, mind you) and not long after, my skin develops prickly heat. I hate it when that happens because that means I can't use baby cologne, my instant freshener, as its high alcohol content will aggravate the itch and burn. This cologne is so mild that I can use it whenever I have that seasonal skin condition BUT--please don't think of it as a reliever or cure.

Overall, I highly recommend it as a gentle alternative to traditional baby cologne: You get the same scent, but sans the drying alcohol. It's probably the best cologne to use on newborns!


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've mentioned in my comments before in a post you made how I loved baby colognes :) i settle with them more than EDTs (mainly because of the price difference LOL!) because of the refreshing and mild scent it gives to my skin. I love baby scents, even the natural scent of a newborn baby. It's like priceless; as what you said, it brings back the feeling of being cuddled and cared like such a huge possession. and ah! I must say I need this because I was blown away with your description about this spanish scent. Not so familiar with the brand but I know it's a great product because of your reliable ratings. Currently I'm satisfied with my baby bench cologne which i spritz day and night. It has great staying power too! If not because of its unavailability in the local market, I would surely buy the entire line (especially your favorites). that's how I love baby scents! ♥

    And now I just wanna go and find a lady who sells Zwitsal. My all-time favorite! thanks for sharing Ms M :)

  2. Wow. Know what, I read from Boy Abunda's newspaper column before that Anne Curtis & Sen. Bong Revilla find cologne as a "sexy" scent. I agree, because the smell of a cologne, a baby cologne in specific is wholesome and quite mysterious!

  3. I was pleasantly happy with this baby cologne too! I love how it smelled like a baby's bum. :) Funny, however we train our noses to appreciate the most luxurious scents, we can always find a room in our hearts to appreciate baby colognes :)

  4. Gosh ang mahal mahal ng mustela! i was going to buy yun stretch cream nila for my preggy sister pero it was around 2k! hmmmp nag palmers coca butter nalang siya hahah.

    thanks for the honest review miss m, i dont like un light colognes lang, gusto ko naaamoy ko un sarili ko sa unan hahah, i like yun zwitsal na baby cologne un nasa boteng mataba, it smells so nice and fresh and only 200 lang. pero iba pa rin talaga ang dating ng johnsons baby cologne, un kulay blue, nostalgic! it brings back memories from grade school days

  5. Yun nga lang mahal talaga Mustela.. But Denenes Cologne which Ive been using since I was 5 or 6 yo can't be compared to Mustela because denenes talaga has a very refreshing and relaxing baby scent and mura! I remember my cousin gave me a teddybear when I was 5 and I couldn't forget the smell, I asked her what cologne did she use and she said its Denenes :) Ginagamit ko sya sa baby ko now :))

  6. It's the first time I got acquainted with this cologne brand, thanks to you Ms M. At home we've always used J&J and out of habit, that's also what I reach for when buying cologne. Now that you mentioned this brand, I'll look it up on FB just to get more familiar with it. Colognes always remind me of my early years in school.

  7. baby like smell makes me happy and doesn't aggravate my sensitive nose but just like any other cologne or perfume, irritates my skin skin. Mustela did a great job with this cologne, I just hope the price is affordable too

  8. thank you for the review ms martha, ive been searching for a detailed review of this product =) though, you still dont have the price posted.. i knew mustela were made for babies.. and i want to try some for my 16month baby =) i think her daddy would like this for her =) lightweight and non-allergenic =0

  9. I love baby colognes especially this season of lightness.. :) I can almost smell it the way you describe it Ms. M. I hope this one is affordable.

  10. i love mustela! i use this for my son including this cologne. i dont remember the price but i think its more or less Php600.

  11. Ayen: Thanks for telling me the price! and welcome to tbj! :D

    Arya and Jec: It's around or less than P600, as per @ayen :)

    Rhain: Indeed! :D

    Kris: Same! That's why I can't outgrow colognes! :D

    Josie: Denenes is good too. :)

    Eloise: Hey! I like Zwitsal too! Been looking for that! :D I also used to love J&J's Gentle Breeze cologne, but sucks that they had to phase it out. :p

    Kumiko Mae: Couldn't agree more. Maybe it is because we'll always have that little child in us no matter how grown up we say we are. :)

    May: Cool thoughts! Never thought of it as mysterious though. :D

    Desire: I love Zwitsal too! It's just that it's so hard to find that cologne nowadays. :( I like ice mint and bubblegum from baby bench. :)


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