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Here's a review on Valentina by Valentino EDP 30ml

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I know some young people who keep on wearing the same fragrance from day to night, regardless of the occasion. (And most of the time, it's gourmand or fruity floral) Case in point: Formal events. Most yuppies would rather go unscented than wear a warm, elegant perfume to a formal occasion thinking that it will make them look older than what they are and I kinda' understand that because there aren't a lot of classy perfume choices for youngsters, hence Valentina EDP, for me, is a great invention: It's perhaps the first soft and playful elegant fragrance I've encountered, and I think it will appeal to young adults!

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FUN FACT: This particular rose design is exclusively used by Rudolph Valentino. It also serves as the emblem of the brand.

Top note is a lil' fresh and a lil' warm, with Bergamot as the dominant note and shortly thereafter, Jasmine, Strawberry, and Tuberose start setting in, paving the way for the heart notes. The base note has light touches of Vanilla, Cedar, and Amber. Staying power is good: It lasts for 4- 5 hours. Overall, the fragrance has a semi-warm, clean, powdery smell with a hint of tart and a dash of allure. This fragrance is quite multifaceted: It's elegant, rebellious, and romantic at the same time, and it will perfectly compliment the free- spirited nature of modern young girls. If Valentina were human, she's a young lady who's naturally posh, but has a tough and liberated attitude.

The only thing that I hate about this perfume is its packaging: The bottle was really designed to not have a cap-That plastic thingy on my hand is just a temporary cover for the atomizer. I prefer a cap on my perfume bottle to preserve its fragrance longer thankyouverymuch. 

Nevertheless, I still like this fragrance anyway because it's my only young perfume for special or formal night time events, but don't think that it's only intended for the young as it has a little kick of opulence in it too. I also wear it to big meetings and interviews during daytime because it sets my mood for such moments sans the cloying smell. I recommend it for office wear too.


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. hmmm i wanna try this but hmmm... thanks for the description.. ^^ btw... cam you suggest a fruity scent perfume that will last for hours? :) maybe something like watermelon or something not too sweet? thanks! ^^

  2. I love tuberose, though I am very intrigued how it would work with strawberry. Hmmm...

    Anyway, ako man, I tired of the usual fruity-floral. And so, I usually recommend lady perfumes like Lanvin Arpege, or Shalimar to my office mates.

  3. I must agree with your point Ms. M about the cap thingy. I would prefer a perfume bottle cap for hygienic purposes and I think it affects the quality of the perfume. What do you think Ms. M?

    If Valentina were human, she's a young lady who's naturally posh, but has a tough and liberated attitude. - This line is so me. Tough girl. I love to have this product if not because of its price. Dang it's soo expensive for a student like me :/ I hope they come in smaller sizes which costs less than a thousand. :) Thanks for sharing ms M! Lucky you got this for free ♥

  4. looks seriously elegant. the cap is a little weird though

  5. The bottle already looks very feminine and so the perfume itself I must say.

  6. deadma na kung anong pabango ko hahaha, i dont really note kung anong klaseng event ang gamit ko as long as i like how it smells . case in point - im wearing yun bath and body works na peppermint eventhough pang holiday season lang siya dapat , im using it kasi it has that minty tingle which is good for the summer

  7. When I think of it, I really don't have a special perfume for night time events although I go out a lot. Your review makes me curious, I already want to sniff it and see if it will please my nose. I like powdery scents so I think this EDT is worth checking out.

  8. LOL I am one of those people who wear the same perfume all day. I do appreciate what you meant by wearing a perfume based on one's mood. ;) I just can't imagine the smell of this perfume. How I wish we have the technology of transmitting smell via the internet.

  9. I love the way you describe it Ms. M. And I cant wait to have a sniff on this. And the bottle is so elegant but I also agree that it should have a cap to preserve the fragrance. But overall I'm curious...:)

  10. i'm kinda intrigue with this one,need to somehow go check and sniff this out....interesting as well. :)

  11. i'm kinda intrigue with this one,need to somehow go check and sniff this out....interesting as well. :)

  12. LizC: Hmm, I'm not really a fan of fruity scents but what I can recommend it Bvlgari Omnia Coral: It's light, fresh, and a tad bit fruity. :)

    Francis: Hey there and welcome to TBJ! Tuberose and Strawberry=Strawberry milk. I hope you got what I meant haha! Thanks for visiting! :)

    Desire: You're welcome, dear! :D

    May: Indeed! :D

    Arya: Yeah, I would appreciate a real cap more!

    Purple: Go ahead dear. :)

    Jec: One way to satisfy your curiosity is by checking it out. :)

    Kris: Cool! I think this one will please you because it has an overall powdery scent. :)

    Eloise: Well, like what they say: Whatever floats your boat :D

    Detsy: Thank you dear! Oh, I feel you. That would make perfume shopping so much easier!

  13. The bottle is so attractive- classic yet feminine! Lakas maka- audrey hepburn siguro nito pag ginamit mo no? tehee. Do you know how much it cost? ANd is there a smaller bottle? Medyo di kasi ako fan ng perfume, Ive been using Zenzest (syempre yung mura na naman diba) for 3 years now, zenzest mulberry. And i really like that scent kasi hindi masakit sa ilong haha even when I got pregnant di ako naiirita sa amoy nya. I wonder if Valentina by Valentino has the same appeal?


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