Sumptuous Sundays: Manang's Chicken

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful rest last long weekend-wonderful enough to make you look forward to the work week with so much passion and enthusiasm! :)

So what did I do last week? Well, I was just workin' steadily at home. Yep, I was still working 'cuz I'm a workaholic! :) But I had a good rest too.

Anyway! Yesterday, my BF and I craved for some good ol' fast food. We decided to check out Manang's Chicken because it's been a while since we had their yummy chicken, and we wanted to find out if they have anything new. We visited their newest branch, Manang's Chicken, Jupiter st., Makati City.

A lil' background on Manang's Chicken: What started out as a family favorite turned out to be a very profitable venture. The Gerodias family's cook, whom they fondly call Manang, was the genius behind the resto's 20- year old secret fried chicken recipe. Manang's Chicken started out as a humble stall in Mercato 3 years ago and in just a short span of time, grew into one of the metro's up-and-coming fast food chains. Currently, Manang's Chicken has 12 branches:

Ortigas Center: AIC Tower
Katipunan Ave: One Burgundy Plaza
Taft Avenue: Green Podium at One Archer's Place
SM Megamall: Food court, Building A
SM North Edsa: G/F SM North Edsa Annex
BF Homes ParaƱaque: President's Avenue
Makati: Glorietta 4 Food Choices; Jupiter St., Barangay Bel-Air, Makati City
Tomas Morato: Lansbergh Place, Unit 2 & 3
Visayas Avenue: Wilcon Center
Cavite: The District Mall
Cainta: Puregold Bonifacio Avenue

Indeed, they have lotsa' new stuff on the menu! Click READ MORE and check out what they are!

Manang's Chips and Dips (New): I really appreciate the fact that Manang's Chicken's potato chips are made from real potatoes, and the largest size is huuuuge and good enough to be shared by two people! The large size by the way comes with two kinds of dip of your choice. I like this thing: It's crunchy, non-oily, and lightly salted!

Manang's Chicken Wings: The BF's order. He ordered 6 pieces with rice 'cuz he was THAT hungry. :D If you haven't tasted Manang's Chicken famous chicken yet, think of this: Meaty chicken portions double deep fried to perfection, dipped in a yummy soy sauce concoction, and topped with fresh sesame seeds. Hungry now? It's really good! There are three sauces to choose from: Original, Mild Spicy, and Extra Spicy. It's actually my third favorite fast food fried chicken recipe-first is KFC, second is Jollibee.

Garlic Porkchop (New): Garlic+Porkchop+White rice=Happy Martha. Three of my favorite edibles in one plate! The porkchop is huge, although the special garlic topping didn't taste garlicky to me-wish it were! The rice was ginormous-way too ginormous if compared to the rice serving of any fast food chain--This is a meal for champions! I read a notice on the resto's entrance door saying that their rice serving was upsized by up to 50%. Well, that's good news! :)

Buttered Corn (New): 'Cuz I ain't complete if I have no side by my side! :) Manang's Chicken also has side dishes to complement your meal. There are three to choose from: Macaroni Salad, Buttered Corn, and Coleslaw. I went for buttered corn because it's my go- to side dish, and their version is sweet-salty, not soaked in butter, and hefty. I like!

Velvet Sundae (New): Oh, this one is gooood! Originally, we wanted to order the limited edition Red Velvet Sundae, but 'twas out of stock and bummer, it's until March 31 only. :/ We went for the staple Velvet Sundae instead.

Anyway, the BF said that this thing is comparable to molten chocolate cakes topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream of pricey restos. Velvet Sundae is not your ordinary fast food sundae: It is a three- layer dessert with moist, warm chocolate cake at the bottom, chocolate sauce in the middle and soft vanilla ice cream on top, and sprinkled with mini chocolate kisses. (There are other toppings to choose from too) The ice cream is far from tasting cheap, as well as the chocolate cake. It's rich yet never overwhelming. I actually like how the various food elements in it have fused together to create a dessert that's filling and heavenly. I recommend it!

The BF and I were quite happy with our Manang's Chicken visit: We arrived really hungry, and came out very satisfied because the portions are big, not to mention the overall quality of the food is good. If you're a big eater or if you're looking for a new yummy fast food place, you will enjoy here! :)

Please visit MANANG'S CHICKEN on Facebook for more information.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Grabe Ms M nagutom ako ron! Thankfully, we are having roasted chicken for lunch. It's home-made but it will do. I'll check out their branch in Megamall. Aside from their chicken, I want to try their dessert. Your description got me curious!

    Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

  2. The branch in BF Homes closed na :(

  3. by any chance hindi naman related si ms jen gerodias sa gerodias family of manangs kitchen?

    havent tried taht out yet though

  4. Eloise: She is. I think she's the sister of the founder of Manang's Chicken :)

    Jillsabs: No wonder. It's location is too hidden kasi!

    Kris: Oooh! Roast chicken is yummeh! Yeah, the dessert is really nice. A must try. :)

  5. I love their chicken, it's like Bonchon-style, except that the inside/meat has taste (because Bonchon chicken don't have :p).

  6. Mouth watering!!Want to go there!!

  7. One Laaaaarge potato chips please....hehehehe!I am gonna check this out! Thanks for sharing this Ms. M.

  8. Grabe this post makes me really hungry. I love fried chicken and potato chips!

    I haven't tried Manang's yet but I'm dying to do so :)

    Have you tried the chicken in Ministop? IMO it's better than Jollibee's :)

  9. Now I'm hungry! :) Will try this when I got the chance to drop by SM Megamall. I would wanna try out the chips coz I super love potato chips with dip. The dessert looks yummy too. I'm sure my sister would love to try their chicken. Thanks, Ms. Martha. :)

  10. Namis ko bigla ang Manang's Chicken, I remember my first bite at SM megamall.super enjoy!kakagutom!


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