Sumptuous Sundays: Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar

Yats Restaurant and Wine Bar is a fine dining restaurant located right inside the Holiday Inn, Pampanga compound. If you'll stay in at Clearwater Country Club, this is where you'll have your dinners because Yats International owns the place together with the said resort, although I'm not sure if this resto accommodates lunches as well. FYI, Yats International is a premium membership club for the rich and loaded, and this restaurant used to be private, but they've opened it to the public already. They're also famous for their 3000+ line wine list! :)

PRICE RANGE: P500- P2,000.00++

Click READ MORE and check out what I ate! :D

Free bread! :D What I like about their bread is it's super soft and lightly glazed with oil on top. It's so yummy and milky. :)

Chicken and Bacon soup- actually, I thought it was pumpkin soup when I first saw it. Base is made from pumpkin puree, and I appreciate the fact that it's not primarily made of cream, ergo healthy. It has a lightly salty, appetizing taste--the perfect thing to open up your palate. :)

In the tradition of fine dining, when the main course was served, the waiters had gathered around us with these covered plates in hand, placed 'em right in front of us and took out the domed- shaped steel covers in unison. That was one cool #LikeADonya moment! LOL! :D

For our main course, we had Beef Brisket in Red Wine Au Jus with creamy mashed potatoes and French Beans on the side. It's very small yet filling because you'd know that the chef didn't skimp on the ingredients. If a dish is very flavorful and well- done, you'll always be satisfied no matter how small or big the portion is. :)

Sole Fillet with grilled shrimp, buttered veggies, and Spinach Risotto. The veggies were not drenched in butter, and the semi- creamy risotto went so well with the viands. The sole fillet was lightly salted and smokey--just the way I like it.

Baked Mango Cheesecake- It tastes just like any other cheesecake, but I like the fact that it's really made of cheese, unlike most cream- based cheesecakes.

The food is very good for its price. It's something that you'd just want to try for the fine dining experience. :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. the waiters' presentation i remember how they made a grand entrance in my brother's wedding. definitely love a cheesecake that has more cheese than cream

  2. oh my food makes me happy. yan 2k na price na yan for th food lang ba yan? kasi ang mahal , nagsofitel kami kagabi na buffet and im still salivatin over it. food makes me happy indeed, more than makeup ehehehe

  3. sumptuous indeed! did they serve the main course with a specific wine?

  4. I always wanted to experience fine dining! I do think I can feel like a princess just for a night! The main courses are very appetiting! Would love to try that on my 18th! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Is it sad that fine dining is in my bucket list? Haha!

  6. Sole Fillet with grilled shrimp, buttered veggies, and Spinach Risotto looks very yummy. Its good to have that donya moment once in a while hehe

    Beauty Colada

  7. Sarap naman! Special dates with a special someone or group deserve this kind of place.

  8. I love their idea of having free bread before the main dish is being served. The place looks so classy and the foods are mouth-watering. I delight myself once in a while too, like having a donya moment with my princess-y friends. This is one sumptuous sunday indeed! But for me, 2k is too expensive for my taste. Thanks for sharing, Ms. M!

  9. Inggit much! hehehe!...I'm craving for cheesecake already. Thanks for sharing Ms. M, I am gonna ask BF to try this one out..***eyes blinking...***

  10. hihi, i like that #LikeaDonya moment :)

  11. Arya: True! Because if it had more cream, that would be a creamcake. I'm corny, I know. :p

    Issa: lol! :D That's my staple hashtag haha!

    Jec: Cool! Show him this post and maybe the photos will convince him! :D

    Desire: Welcome dear! :D

    Sincere: Same! :D

    Kris: Yup! Or anniversaries and the likes. :p Since it's graduation time already, this place would be perfect. :)

    Jaja: Yup! Because we all deserve to feel like a princess! :D

    Detsy: Nope. :) But they had a lot of choices. I got a gentle Merlot--my fave red wine! :D

    Somilge: No, but if you believe that you can eat here soon, you can! :D

    Clai: Wow! You're so young! Haha! I miss being 18. But then again, life has become pretty interesting when I became 24 so I won't trade it! :D

    Eloise: Per plate is around 700+. It's a place to experience fine dining, not really for gorging. :) But if you wanna eat a lot, then sofitel's buffet is the best choice. :)

  12. Nay :( I would still prefer sofitel, the food doesnt show justice to the price :(


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