Sunsilk 25-Hour Challenge+Win a Trip for 2 to Palawan and Star in Sarah G.'s New Music Video!

If you're a huge fan of Sarah G. and you're dreaming of going on an all- expense paid summer vacation, then you should be joining Sunsilk's 25-hour challenge-it's the answer to your heart's fondest dreams. Get a chance to win a trip for 2 to Palawan, plus star in a new music video with OPM sweetheart, Sarah G!

The mechanics are just easy: (well, it is for me. :D) You just need a bottle of Sunsilk shampoo, Sarah G.'s "Own Today" lyrics and music (but it's better if you memorize it!) a video- enabled device, some place to shoot in, and the willingness to have fun in front of the camera! You can also invite your friends to join you in the vid!

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow this sounds fun! I hope they will post the entries on their facebook page. Would love to watch the girls! Shoutout to those who are planning to join - GOOD LUCK! ♥

  2. wow! ang hirap naman pala ng gagwin hahah! hidni naman idol ko si sarah pero i like her, kaya lang masaydong wholesome image nia, considering na mature na siya, i mean parang napakabait na bata hahaha! good luck mga participants! if i am able to do a video, angsasalihan ko na is yun a drop of rose perfume video! hahah ,

    ppero kidding aside, id also love to watch what the participants come up with!

  3. I love Sarah G!! As in I watch her movies on the big screen talaga. I wonder if I can join even if I have short hair? It's now growing back but it's not even below my nape yet. In any case I'll tell my friends about this, they're fellow Sarah fans and a number of them are Sunsilk users. Thanks for the announcement.

  4. if only i just have the talent of singing katulad mo ms martha!!! kakareer-in ko yan hihi.. this is fun.. im gonna watch their entries =)goodluck sa mga sasali =)

  5. I thought one must sing Sarah G.'s song for 25 hours straight! now that's a challenge! :p

    Not really a fan of the pop princess but this contest looks fun. Let us know Ms. Martha if you joined, ha. :)

  6. Hi Martha! I actually imagined you joining the contest because of your long hair =) anyway, is it true, you got the talent in singing? Wow I would like to hear you sing!

  7. This sounds fun! and yeah I wanna hear Martha sing!!!! :)

  8. May: They said that I have haha! :D

    Josie and Jec: I'll think about that first haha!

    Detsy: If that were the challenge, the prize should be a roundtrip in Europe!


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