The Search for Sample Room's Blogger Circle!

Hear ye, hear ye, dear Sample Room members and fans, Sample Room is currently looking for 24 aspiring bloggers to complete the Sample Room Blogger Circle! If you love anything and everything related to beauty and you think you have what it takes to become a part of this circle, then join now!

The Sample Room Blogger Circle is a group of young, promising bloggers who will spearhead the SR community. The perks of being a member of this special circle are as follows:

1. First dibs on Sample Room's upcoming samples
2. Complimentary samples from Sample Room from time to time
3. Fun activities exclusive to this circle only
4. A profile on Sample Room's Blogger Circle page, plus links to your respective blogs
5. A special gift from Sample Room

This is going to be one fun year for Sample Room and its members! Please VISIT THIS PAGE to view the entire mechanics. Good luck to the participants! :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Dream ko pa naman to be part of Sample Room bloggers' circle but my blog isn't a year old yet sayang!

  2. Wow how I wish I pursue my blog! Kaya lang I don't know how long I could keep it if I do have; I'm so busy kase as of this semester, especially next sem! Well, goodluck to the aspiring bloggers who would join. Hmm I hope my favorite bloggerss would be included. There are lots of versatile and consistent bloggers here whom I'm sure will be a good addition to the booming and pretty powerful SR circle ♥

  3. Exciting! I'm interested in anything related to beauty but I'm can't consider myself as a beauty blogger yet. Maybe one day, who knows? Good luck to those who are joining!

  4. haay nice to know miss m na partner blogger ka! i would have rooted for you pa naman, di pa one year old blog ko, i just realized pala na blogging is not just to get freebies noh its about joining a community of people with the same interests! baagay na bagay para sa isang loner na tulad ko hahah, good luck sa mga mananalo!

  5. too bad my blog is just nine months old. being part of SampleRoom team is a big opportunity so good luck to those who are qualified and will be joining the search

  6. the moment I heard about this, I'm so excited but unfortunately my blog did not reach a one year old.sayang!:(

  7. I read about this in sampleroom's fb page. to be honest i really want to join because it seems that blogging about beauty and products is fun, as i have experienced reading your blog Ms. Martha and doing a review about products I get from sampleroom.

    Too bad that even though my blog is more than a year old, i forgot the pw. :( (pathetic, i know)

  8. i was so happy when I read this last week sa twitter too bad my blog is less than a year old. dibale there will other opportunites such as this in the future :)

  9. This is the first time I have heard of Blogger Room Sample would like to join sana but I have deactivated my blog last year since I'm a bit lazy posting updates due to my hectic sched, I love to read blogs though! I have all the celebrities blog saved on my favorites!

  10. i want to took part.. but i know there are other bloggers who is more deserving than iam =) im excited for those 24ladies =)

  11. Jaja: That's the spirit! :)

    Rhain: Why not! You should try! there's no harm in trying. :)

    Josie: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Detsy and Ohms: Hey, there'll be more opportunities like this next time. :)

    Arya, Desire, and Kris: Same sentiments. I wish all the luck to the joiners. :)

    Eloise: True that! :)


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