Unboxing: Glamourbox's March Box!

This may be a little too late, but unboxing is an enjoyable activity to witness anyway so let's do it! :D

So, Glamourbox has just sent me their March box last week-it has been a while since I've received a beauty sampler box so this got me truly excited!

Since March is International Women's month, Glamourbox's theme for this month is all about celebrating being a woman, and it contains a variety of items that enhance our femininity: Beauty, Skin care, Body Care, and most importantly, wellness.

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The March Glamourbox box contains the following:

Eye of Horus Natural Smokey Eye Pencil (Full Size)
Avon Skin So Soft Glutathione with Marula Oil Lotions x 2 (Deluxe Sample Size)
Ralph Lauren 3 For Women EDT (Sample)
YSL Saharienne EDT (Sample)
Heynature BB Cream and Blemish Base x 4 (Sachet Samples)
Heynature Aqua Brightening Gel x 1 (Sachet Sample)


I've smelled RL 3 way, way back and from what I remember, it is a crisp, fruity-floral scent-it can even be classified as a unisex scent, at least to me.It is really nice, but it ain't my cup of tea. The biggest surprise here is YSL Saharienne: I love YSL's makeup, but for some weird reason, I wasn't keen on trying out their fragrance. If not for this box, I wouldn't have known that YSL makes good perfumes!  Saharienne is fresh and warm at the same time. I like the interplay of the notes in this fragrance so this might just be my next perfume purchase!


I like the sizes of these lotions as they're perfect enough to lug around on a short trip or even on a daily basis, although I wish I got another lotion variant. :p


It never fails to amaze me how Glamourbox would always seem to find a new beauty brand, like this BB Cream brand called Heynature--This is the first time I've seen it! However, I'm not a huge fan of BB Creams, but it's always lovely to discover something new, right?


I used to throw away miniature skin care samples as I thought they're just clutter and a waste of space, but I've come to appreciate them just last year, when some random dog in a mall that I've approached to pet had stolen a kiss from me and left sticky saliva on my face. I didn't mind the kiss, but I reaaaallly hated the saliva because it was super goopy and stinky. Good thing my friend had a miniature facial cleanser sample in her bag and it saved me from having a bad (and foul- smelling) day. Since then, I keep every single skin care sample I get, especially facial cleansers 'cuz you never know when you'll need to wash your face! So Pevonia Botanica cleanser, you're going to my makeup kit! :)


Hmmm..these are probably my least favorite items in the box because I don't get to use vouchers, really.  But hey, on the bright side, that Sure Slim voucher could be your ticket to that body you've always wanted-it's got some considerable amount, so think twice before giving it away. Travalo Rollerball, on the other hand, is a customizable roller perfume pen. If you like transferring perfumes into travel- sized carrriers, then maybe you should check this out.


For me, you can take away all the stuff in the box and just leave this product, and I'd still say my subscription is well- worth! It's P960.00, a full- sized product, and it's an eyeliner, one of the most useful makeup inventions known to womankind. Needless to say, it's worth the P595.00 subscription!

Overall, this box is pretty okay. It may be the simplest amongst all of Glamourbox's beauty boxes, but since the brand has had a pretty good run from the very beginning, I'd still look forward to the next box! :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. the pevonia scrub is good it's makes mu skin soft and clean and even if it's a small sample, it's good for 5 applications

  2. i just got in the bandwagon of buying beauty boxes because i wanna feel how exciting it is to unbox one! i am about to receive one the next month because these babies now sell like crazy. perhaps my next buy would be from glamourbox. i must admit that i was kinda hesitant to buy their boxes, being it's the priciest among the three. but seeing what you got here ms. martha, i'll say not bad! :D

  3. yay! other bloggers were not that impressed with their march box.. well, im expection more sunscreens and lotions for summer! =)

  4. I agree, unboxing is always exciting! If I had to pick my favorite items in the box, they would be PEVONIA BOTANICA GENTLE EXFOLIATING CLEANSER and EYE OF HORUS NATURAL SMOKEY EYE PENCIL because I'm pretty sure that I can use these items. Thanks for sharing Ms M!

  5. Oh I just noticed that my comment wasn't able to go through. Well anyways, I've read a lot of mixed reactions about this month's Glamourbox. Some were fine with it and some were disappointed. Maybe because it's the simplest of all their released boxes and people were expecting too much. I haven't tried subscription beauty boxes but everytime I got notified with some bloggers' post about unboxing, I always got excited (feels like unboxing a birthday gift). As I've noticed, they're now venturing more into skincare products unlike before na more on makeup products talaga. And what makes the box a little disappointing is the sachet samples. It's hard to test and review a product in such a short period of time, given a limited product to test on. In the lighter note, the eye of horus smokey eye pencil makes it all worth the price. Tho the downside of this month's box, I'm still willing to subscribe for the month of April. thanks for sharing, Ms M! :)

  6. I agree with you Ms. M unboxing is soooo exciting! hahaha! If I were to choose what to get from the box that would be pevonia botanica gentle exfoliating cleanser and both perfume... :)

  7. Sa eye of horus pa lang super sulit na! =)

  8. Hindi ba parang nakakatakot gumamit ng mga ganito? Kasi Ive heard somehwre that almost giveaways like these are either about to expire or pawala na sa market circulation. Or ito yung products na di naman mabenta, na-stuck ang stocks kaya pinamimigay na lang. Medyo nakakatakot din gumamit ng products kapag di naman masyadong known ang brand.. what can you say, Martha?

  9. I've always wanted to try these beauty boxes from glamourbox. Unfortunately, though, they're always sold out by the time I check out the site! Hmmm...maybe I should try checking out the site more often.

  10. Arya: Thanks for the tip! Will be trying this out. :)

    Prudence: Yeah! Their boxes are always a hit! Maybe you should reserve a slot for the april box as early as now. :)

    Josie: Nice question. i think no, they're not near-expiry products since sample versions are fast- moving as they're meant to be given away, hence they're made regularly. :)

    May: True! :)

    Jec: Nice picks! :)

    Kris: Thank you for sharing your picks too! :)

    Rhain: I'm sure their April box will contain some nifty summer essentials. :)

    Desire: I could understand why most subscribers would be disappointed 'cuz Glamourbox has had a good run, then all of a sudden, here comes a very simple box, simpler if compared with their first 4 boxes. But to me, it's not so bad since I got a full- sized product too like their previous boxes! :)

    Detsy: Go! I'd really recommend glamourbox...and sample room too! :)

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