A Day with Bobby Carlos and Max Factor's New Facefinity 3-in-1 Foundation

Three weeks ago, (or was it two?) I paid SM Makati a visit to witness Bobby Carlos in an all-day makeover session with any person and to know more about Max Factor's new Facefinity 3-in-1 foundation for summer. Apart from seeing Bobby closely in action and trying out Max Factor's newest product, what prodded me to go was the thought of knowing what makeup truly means to ordinary women (And by that, I meant women who are not into makeup as much as beauty bloggers and their readers do) as I figured Q&As and discussions are quite inevitable in this kind of event. Blogging is a close- knit world and bloggers more or less attract the same people so it's easy to be confined in the walls of your own interest-I just got excited at the fact of knowing if there are any other perceptions and interpretations of makeup that I do not know or consciously and unconsciously omit.

Bobbi explaining to one of his clients how wearing foundation can change the way you perceive your skin and the way you feel about yourself. I love this guy-he's into foundation as much as I am. :) Maybe we both should start a movement called "Foundation Saves The Day" to help women fight for their right to amped up skin on a daily basis. Lulz. :D

The foundation that Bobby used in all of his clients was no other than-of course-Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 foundation, the newest and latest innovation in the brand's makeup array. What makes this product special is its formula that combines three of the most important complexion products to achieve flawless skin all day long: Primer, Foundation, and Concealer. Looks like a dream product for the lazy (like me, sometimes) and the always-in-a-hurry, huh?

Click READ MORE and know how this foundation works, and learn application tips from Bobby Carlos himself!

This foundation creates quite a story on your skin: When it touches your skin, it works immediately to create a light, comfortable priming film made with the Flexi-Hold technology. Afterwards, micro-correctors are then activated, working their magic on facial marks by concealing them and at the same time, inhibiting sweat and sebum that might come up during the makeup process. Finally, the foundation formula seals the look with an SPF 20- infused, dewy-matte, high performing finish. Ah, technology, you never cease to amaze me!

One of the clients of the day. This pretty girl would smile every time Bobby would add a layer of makeup on her skin, as if she was thinking "Oh wow. Never thought I could sport this look!"

Here are some Bobby's tricks on working the new Max Factor Facefinity foundation:

1. The foundation has a flexible texture can be applied with your finger, sponge, or brush.
2. Since Facefinity is a full coverage foundation, it is best to go for your exact shade as it's meant to stay true to its color all day long. It won't even oxidize, not even on acidic skin. (Yep, you read that right)
3. Dab the foundation on the areas that need concealing, then spread towards the normal areas to get a like- skin coverage.

Fact: Bobbi loves using gel/creme products for the brows.

While waiting for more clients, Bobby, Aireen, and I had a little fun chat:

Bobby: If you can only have one makeup, what would be it? Mine's a blush.
Me: Brow product.
Aireen: Same. Brow product.
Bobby: Okay, would you guys rather look like floating eyebrows than pretty, flushed ladies?
Me and Aireen: *Okay face* LOL

And then this pretty young lady dropped by for a makeover.

From pretty to stunning: Bobby gave her a fresh, sparkling look that was perfect enough to go from day to night. We all agreed as well that she's a look alike of Andi Eigenmann. :)

So my pseudo-survey fell short as I got too busy testing out the Facefinity foundation and the rest of Max Factor's products. LOL! What I got from it was more of a validation: Makeup may have a whole bunch of interpretations, but no matter how important, interesting, or even taboo it is to other people, it will still, in the end, convey a single, essential unspoken language that everybody can understand: Happiness--happiness knowing that the perfect skin is just in a bottle of foundation, confidence is behind a well- created eyeshadow look, the perfect face lift is just a set of two damn good arches, and so on and so forth. It's all about feeling good, aye? :) It was nice seeing the clients of the day go out with a huge smile on their faces while documenting their fab looks with a hundred photographs.

Bobby, makeup artist for Max Factor Philippines and Aireen of Rustan's. Had a great time with you guys!

The new Facefinity foundation is now out in all Max Factor counters and retails at P925.00. Please visit MAX FACTOR PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. One day, I'll really invest in a good foundation. I go as far as BB cream and powder and that's it. I don't have a lot of blemishes kaya siguro I'm content with BB creams but I want to try foundation just to see how the it will improve my overall look.

  2. wow if i remember correctly, they were the ones who ame up with the lipfinity noh? id love to hear your views on this. i just hope hindi siya uncomfortable or mainit sa mukha

  3. hi martha, thanks for featuring this. i think this is what i need as i'm lazy to put primer and concealer. :) do you happen to know sis if what shade of this foundie is equivalent to revlon colorstay buff or mac nc20? gusto kong bumili agad agad hehe..

  4. i get a lil 'patchy' whenever i use concealer. this will not only get putting on makeup easier but more efficient too. :) ms. Martha, will this hold for those with oily skin or is it still better to use the powder form?

  5. Go! foundation saves the day team!:) I'd love to see how this works for me. I only use powder foundation and I admit my freckles/blemishes are still visible because I admit I'm also a dumber when it comes to concealer..hahaha! Maybe this one could do the job for me...:)

  6. I'm a little intimidated by using foundation because it can be quite hard to find a perfect match. After reading several reviews about how foundation can make or break a makeup look, I'm starting to believe that I need to put a little more effort in finally finding the right one for me.

    Haha. Thanks for this post :)

  7. i really hope you could do a review of this foundation Miss Martha! I'm thinking of getting this one...

  8. Kris: BB Cream is okay, especially if you don't have much to conceal. But yah, I'd still suggest you try liquid foundation because it really does help improve the texture and look of your skin. :)

    BrownOso: And thank you for sharing your thoughts too! :)

    Detsy: I have oily skin and it adheres so well onto my skin! :)

    Jec: Then maybe this product is for you! Please drop by any Max Factor to check it out. :)

    Eloise: Yep, they made Lipfinity. :) Yup, will review this soon. :)

    Rae: Aye! :)

    Kitzibebe: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! I'm not really familiar with Revlon's shade system though. I know how NC20 looks like, but I can't tell which of Max Factor's Facefinity shades would be a good match. All I can tell you is that this line has a good range of shades for gals with fair skin tone. Hope this helps. :)

  9. This is a dream product, but I cannot enjoy it yet until I know for sure it won't give me break outs :( I have really bad skin but I would love to try this one out :)

  10. I was into trying out new stuffs, and this one would accept, cause I'm into foundations. please do a review Ms. M!:)

  11. 2. Since Facefinity is a full coverage foundation, it is best to go for your exact shade as it's meant to stay true to its color all day long. It won't even oxidize, not even on acidic skin. (Yep, you read that right)--- WOOOW!!! this is worth a try. Meantime, I'll check some other eviews about this.

  12. Dana: You have acidic skin? Too bad, can't give any insight on that 'cuz I have normal skin. Hope you find reviews!

    Ohms: Will do! :D

    Leilani: Just do a patch test before purchasing. :)


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