A New Breed of Foundation: Estée Lauder Invisible Makeup

“Foundation has come a long way over the years, but there were still many dissatisfied women."
- Anne Carullo (Senior Vice President, Corporate Product Innovation, Estée Lauder)

This realization may have sparked a bright idea within Estée Lauder: To create a futuristic foundation line, one that will fulfill all the needs of women from their makeup and set a benchmark for the other foundations to come. Estée Lauder's new collection of face bases combines all the best characteristics of all types of foundation in a finish that goes beyond lightweight, natural, and sheer-it's Invisible.
Here's the scenario: We all have our favorite face bases, but sometimes, (if not most of the time) we end up realizing that they need something more for them to become divine such as better shade selections and staying power like the other foundation, the lightness and pigmentation of another foundation, and so on and so forth. Estèe Lauder must be listening carefully that's why they created the Invisible Makeup line, a line of face bases not only designed to mesh into an undetectable finish with the skin, but also promises to address all the common foundation woes of women such as shade incompatibility, greasiness, coverage, longevity, unnaturalness, and heaviness. In short, it promises to solve all.

I heard you said "Interesting." So why don't you click READ MORE and satisfy that curiosity? :)

There are only two products in the Invisible Makeup line:


Formulated with Estée Lauder's new, exclusive and patent- pending IntuiTone™ technology, this innovative foundation intelligently adapts itself to your intrinsic undertone, guaranteeing you your true-to-life shade match. Conceals marks and pores, and evens out the skin surface. Also contains Lighthropic Technology that allows it to adapt and respond well to various lighting conditions for flawless, hidden coverage through and through, and Airmulsion Base for an ultra breathable finish, mimicking the natural appearance and weightless feel of Airbrush Foundation. Non-acnegenic, Dermatologist Tested, Oil-Free, Alcohol- Free, and made with Hyaluronic Acid to provide all- day hydration.

A baked gelee powder that doubles as a blotting and foundation product. Has an extraordinary silky texture that melts right into the skin and blends invisibly with the skin tone whilst providing effective coverage. Its crystal clear gel base assures pure color payoff, and imparts a luminous, awakening effect to the skin. Formulated with Lighthropic Technology and patent- pending Gelmulsion Base that combines powder, liquid, and gel foundation in an ultra thin flexible film for a perfectly refined, smooth, velvety, airbrushed finish. Talc-Free, Oil- Free, has lasting oil control, reduces pore appearance, Non- Acnegenic, and Dermatologist Tested.

So what's next after Invisible foundation? Face- changing foundation, as in you can look like your favorite celebrity in one swipe? Hmmm...That's both exciting and scary at the same time! Well, that will take loads of advancements to do so in the meantime, I'll just test this product and see if this is indeed the future of foundation. Be back with a review!

The Invisible Makeup line will be available in all Estée Lauder counters starting May 2013.

Please visit ESTÉE LAUDER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this line.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. this is truly promising! I can't wait for your review and see if its worth the hype and worth investing for

  2. Hmmm, interesting kaso I'm still a bit skeptic. Mas believable ang specific product that targets one specific concern I guess? Haha, I'll wait for your review

  3. It's a little pricey but very tempting. I really have a difficult time looking for the perfect match of foundation for me often, I end up mixibg two shades. This looks promising though.

  4. Very fancy schmancy ng description and very pricey!baby steps lang muna ako try ko muna shiseido perfect smoothing before this. Is it me or does anyone else think n parang ever bilena ang logo?

  5. Can't wait for your review!I've never encountered a gel-based powder foundation. Very interesting post.

  6. i am SO interested with this one mare. I've tried the powder thru Sophie and it's love! I'll check out the liquid soon!

  7. I love Estee lauder products, it worths, and this pricey invisible foundation is an investment to test.:)anticipating for your great review.:)

  8. I hope the claim is not too good to be true. A must try to all makeup junkies.

  9. Will wait for your review Ms M!

  10. Given the price, it's not convenient for me to just buy these products, so I'll be waiting for your reviews hehehehe Im so thankful for beauty blogs talaga!

  11. This is indeed promising! I love estee lauder products too :) I got a illusionist mascara from an online giveaway, however it was extremely dry when I got it, so I have no choice but to throw it away -,- I just hope, like what the other gals said, na it's not too good to be true. thanks for sharing Ms M! I hope you can make a review about this.

  12. Very interesting and promising product!we'll be eaiting for your in-depth review on this Ms. M.

  13. Jheng: I am more interested with the liquid foundation haha! Yes, this one has a very good texture. Very light and perfect for this weather! :D

    Eloise: Ay Shiseido talaga! :D Regarding the Ever Bilena comparison, hmmm...interesting observation. :)

    Marielle: Will find it out for myself and let you guys know. :)

    Somilge: I understand. Well, one way to find out! :D

    Sera: Yup! I'm using the powder now and so far, so good. :)

    Ohms, Jaja, Kris: Noted! :)


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