FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Concealer- Before or After Foundation?

A fabulous Friday to you guys! Forgive my being straightforward as it's quite a hectic day for me today. :) Our question for today is from Lacey:

Hi The Beauty Junkee!
I just had my first ever makeup sesh done by a makeup artist, and one thing I remember is the way he put concealer on me. He applied it after foundation and I asked him if it's supposed to be worn that way, and he said yes. I was kinda' confused because I've been doing the opposite and that is I apply it before foundation. So I ask, which is the right way to wear concealer: Before or after foundation? Hope you can shed some light on this. Thank you so so much!

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Hi Lacey!

Awesome query! In my opinion, there is no wrong or right concealer technique-it all depends on an individual's preference and concealing needs. I've read some makeup tips saying that concealer is supposed to be applied after foundation, but I just like my look better if apply if before foundation, just like you.

Here's the differentiation between the two techniques. Click READ MORE now! :D


- If you don't have wrinkles, grave dark circles, puffy eyes, and any kind of under eye discoloration, you can apply concealer before foundation to highlight your eyes for a wee bit and give it a brighter appearance. And when you finally apply foundation on top, the lightness of the concealer will be neutralized, thus you get a more even and natural- looking coverage. Suffice to say, it's for those who don't really need concealing, but rather a freshening effect. For powder foundation usage, this is the recommended trick. (Of course!)


- If you're experiencing the eye problems cited above, layering concealer on top of foundation will keep them out of sight temporarily. For those who have very serious discolorations, the concealer-foundation-concealer layering trick is quite advisable for maximum concealing. This trick is widely used in photo shoots, tapings, and whatnots to bring the eyes forward in the camera.

There you have it! Hope you guys have learned something new today! Let me know if you have any comments! :D

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow! I've been reading a lot of 'how to posts' about this topic and none of them was informative as this one. Thanks again! <3

  2. Even though I have very dark circles and acne scars, I still apply my concealer before foundation/bb cream.

    It's really hard for me to find a concealer that's the exact match to my skin tone, so to prevent it being obvious I put concealer on certain areas, I try to make it look natural and layer the foundation/bb cream afterwards on top of it. :)

  3. I really love Fan Mail Fridays. The topic is very interesting. I have been in the same situation. Before, I used to apply concealer first then foundation. Today, I apply it after foundation since I have dark under eye circles and this works better for me. ;)

  4. Thank you for this! All this time I thought that it wasn't working for me because I'm not applying it in the wrong order. Haha.

  5. I already know concealer-foundation technique but as usual I still learned something new and useful. I didn't know about concealer-foundation-concealer for heavier concealing and shooting purposes. :) Thanks Ms M!

  6. I apply concealer after foundation. Mabubura kasi at magiging cakey pag before!

  7. Very helpful for a dumber like me... :) Thanks Ms. M!I'll try both techniques soon ..

  8. Ako ay before and after para walang kawala!!! Pero seriously before akl kasi parang oily ang dating w pag acter

  9. I learn so much every Fan Mail Fridays posts.. I usually go with foundation first the spot concealing. But I have never tried concealer-foundation-concealer.. Woah! Maybe I'll try it next time! ;)

  10. I learn so much about your posts Martha! Personally, I also use concealer first :)

  11. Glad you liked this post girls, and thanks for sharing your techniques! :)


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