Luck and Hauls

It's been a while since I shopped for clothes! I decided to not shop for clothing until I've reached my desired weight, but I realized, I don't have anything to wear anymore. Well, I have a lot of clothes, but I wore them for a number of times already-Fashion bloggers, you know what I mean haha! :D

So here's what I got from my trip to Tiendesitas last Sunday. It's from a stall called Pink Manila.

Ala- Zara TRF tropical shift dress. I think this will be perfect with a red Balenciaga Classic City! (Universe, help me! :D)

Hah! Finally got a peplum dress for myself. It looks pretty basic and classy, but wait until you see the back part...

Voila! Love the princess-y v-cut at the back part! :)

I went to an event last Monday, and the company gave away tons of prizes from concert tickets, eyewear, LED Television, Blender, Bags, to watches. Lady luck was on my side that day-I won a new Axis Watch from Watch Republic!

It's a huge- faced watch with white rubber straps. It's actually a Boy Watch, a hit accessory amongst many young ladies nowadays. Michael Kors, if I'm not mistaken, is the known brand for Boy Watches right now-I'm buying one soon, but in the meantime, this will do. :)

That's all! Hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday! :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Gandavng red dress kaya lang parang ang ikli e ang tangkad m p love love the back part

  2. hihi congrats sa new watch mo ms m =)

  3. Nice watch! I'm dreaming of a Michael Kors watch in rose gold. Hay, when will that dream turn into reality? Lol! I like your dresses, they're very "happy".

  4. The red dress is fabulous. Prim and proper at the front, party at the back! :)

  5. I like the first item! It uplifts mood! That's why I love colorful items!

  6. Oh! At first glance I was attracted first from the tropical shirt dress but when I scrolled down and saw the back of that peplum dress....GOSH! I fell into it right away! Perfect for summer to bare your tanned skin and back muscles.. :) Nice haul Ms. M.

  7. "I decided to not shop for clothing until I've reached my desired weight, but I realized, I don't have anything to wear anymore."

    LOL, Martha. This sounds just like me everyday. I know how this feels and I'm itching to shop too!

  8. woot!same taste here, I also eyeing that peplum dress with the v-cut at the back in online shop.:)mine is black, nakaka-payat daw ang black Ms. M!:)

  9. you are very lucky to get that watch! And we have the same taste Ms. M sa clothes. I love your purchases!

  10. I LOOOOVE THE COLORFUL DRESS! It's playful and sophisticated altogether. I imagine wearing it with nude pumps and metallic gold with a pop of neon accessories.

  11. the back part of that dress is uber sexy! nice buy!

  12. I so lovvveeeee the orange dress MS M! Sophisticated in front yet sexy and daring at the back! I want to wear this pag pumayat na ako. wishful thinking! ♥ I love the watch too :) Thanks for sharing MS M! miss this. hehe

  13. Eloise: No naman. The skirt falls 2 inches above the knees--sort of like a mini skirt. :)

    Desire: Thanks dear! :)

    Detsy: Thanks! :D

    Dana: Thinking of the same stuff too! :D The dress is nice to play around with. :)

    Leilani: Thank you! :D

    Ohms: Thanks! There's black too, but this hot pink dress is just too cute! :D

    Joyce: Lol! #GirlProblems :)

    Jec: True! That's why I'm working my arse off in Barre3 haha! :D

    Rhain: Thank you dear! :D

    Eva: Same here! :D

    Kris: I want Michael kors too!!! Especially the rose gold ones. :)


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