My Top 5 Super Favorite Makeup Brands

I review a ton of makeup products every week, and profess my love for a lot as well so in case you're wondering if there are brand/s that I'm really partial to, here are the top 5:


I never ever thought that I'd actually have an HG eyeliner brand until I met K-Palette. It has everything I want: awesome staying power, precise applicators, handy packaging, and long shelf life!

K-Palette Favorites: The Real Lasting Liquid Eyeliner, of course!


Cute packaging is my weakness, and Benefit Cosmetics always gets the best of me. Aside from that, they've got great performing everyday products as well.

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#3: NARS

I deeply admire Nars' talent for colors. I also like the simple yet sophisticated feel of the brand's packaging.

NARS Favorites: Funny Face Lipstick, Gina Blush, Madly Blush, Lustre Blush, Firming Foundation, Eyeshadows, Dolce Vita Lipstick, Satin Lip Pencils, Tinted Moisturizer, Niagara Lipstick, Manhunt Lipstick, Afghan Red Lipstick, Jungle Red Lipstick

#2: M.A.C

It started with Russian Red, and the rest is history. It's the second makeup brand I owned, and I find that MAC's makeups are uniformly superb: From brushes to lipsticks

M.A.C Favorites:

Lipsticks: Russian Red, Cosmo, Candy Yum Yum, Viva Glam I, Rebel, Ruby Woo, Freckletone, Spirit, Malt, Show Orchid

Blush: Peachykeen, Tantone, Coygirl, Instant Chic

Lipgloss: Pink Poodle

Foundation: Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, Mineralize Cream Foundation

Powder: Mineralize Skinfinish Powder, Blot Powder

Concealer: Studio Finish, Prolongwear Concealer, Chromagraphic Pencil

Brow Products: Impeccable Brow Pencil, Fluidline Brow Gelcreme

Lashes: False Lashes Mascara

Eyeshadows: Ricepaper, Deep Truth, Glamour Check!, Electra, Humid

#1: Bobbi Brown

The brand that started my affair with makeups, not to mention I admire Bobbi's principles and her bases are really da bomb! :D

Bobbi Brown Favorites:

Foundation: Skin Foundation, Long-Wear Even Finish

Blush: Pale Pink, Calypso Coral Pot Rouge, Rose

Lipstick: Nude

Concealer: Concealer Kit

Eyeshadows: Almost everything, especially the mattes and neutrals

Powder: Retouching Powder

Special Mention: LAURA MERCIER

Laura has the same beauty approach as Bobbi Brown: fresh, pretty makeup, but I find that the overall feel of her products are whimsical and romantic, perfect for that side of me. :)

Laura Mercier Favorites:

Face: Eye Canvas

Blush: Second Skin Cheek Colour

Foundation: Tinted Moisturizer, Oil-Free Liquid Foundation

Powder: Translucent Powder

Lipstick: Creme Smooth line, Creme Lip Colour in Dusk

That's all! What are your top 5? :)

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OH WOW! TO DIE FOR brands! I love Bobbi Brown and MAC too Ms. Martha. You really have great taste -- in makeup, in outfits, etc. No wonder you are really one of my favorites!!!

  2. High-end brands! What not to loved about them.. Quality products ♥

  3. I really love your choices of make up Ms. M..super!I'm just starting to really get into make up..i dont have top 5 because I'm only using 2 brands for now...Avon and MAC.. :)

  4. Kpalette lang ang afford ko jan hahah

  5. Awesome choices, but I guess this list would not be realistic for my lifestyle and priorities.

    Mine would have to be: Shiseido for face bases, Fanny Serrano for eyeshadows, Revlon and Maybelline for lipsticks,

  6. Great brands :)

    I'm a sucker for cheap makeup and my HG brands are:

    Nichido - their eyeliners are great
    Avon - for lipstick, blush, eyeshadows, mascara. everything.

  7. great post! I've been wanting to try that tattoo eyeliner...I love MAC too for blushes and powder, but am obsessed with urban decay for eyeshadows!

  8. Quality list! I agree with these except MAC (not a big fan) and Bobbi Brown (haven't tried, but I'd love to) in their stead I'd pick Shiseido and Fanny Serrano (Filipino reprezent!)

  9. I love love K-Pallette too! Next Aqua Cure Gel, Ellana Primer powder in white chocolate, Avon deep maraschino and burt's bees!

  10. How I wish I could list those brands as well but I have a very modest budget for makeup. I'm happy with drugstore brands and I also use local brands as well :)

  11. my top 5: from most fave to least--MAC, Maybelline, Fanny Serrano, Avon, Sophie makeups

  12. Yes nakakka comment nako uli! Im so getting k palette eyebrow liner once ive had my brows professionally threaded and shaped

  13. OMG!!! I was totally drooling in your makeup collection! they are all the best...I tried most of the brands except for the bobbi brown...thanks for making this post =)

  14. Elif: Welcome! :D

    Eloise: YAY! I was wondering also why some of my readers can't comment--some of my readers have brought up this issue to me via my FB fan page. I think Google really monitors comments, and they tend to hold accounts that comment for a number of times on a daily/hourly basis. Spam regulation, I guess. :/

    Ohms: Thanks! :D

    May, BrownOso and Leilani: Thanks for sharing! :D

    Kris: I believe that soon enough, you can finally try these brands! :D

    Joyce: Thanks for sharing your picks! :D Agree, Fanny Serrano has good makeups. :)

    Life's a Shoe: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! :D Urban Decay fan here too! :D UD has converted me to buying eyeshadow palettes as I wasn't really a fan. :D

    Rae: Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your picks! :D

    Anne: Indeed! :D

    Iza: Sweet! Thanks! :D

    Jec: Thank you! :D


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