My Vaseline Summer Campaign Experience+Win Forever 21 GCs or a Trip to Boracay!

Last month, I was invited to partake in Vaseline’s summer campaign. Inspired by Lookbook, the campaign is all about flaunting our summer styles. The thing I like about photo shoots is, I get to dress up in abandon and I always derive inspiration from the talented stylists and makeup artists I get to work with-I learn a lot of expert makeup advice and my fashion sense is stimulated. Speaking of fashion, perhaps I’d have to give credit to these stylists for they have taught me-even if indirectly-the art of mixing and matching. :D

So anyway! As promised, here are the BTS shots from my Vaseline summer campaign photo shoot.

Love my makeup here! The makeup artist for the photo shoot was so skilled with brows-I really admired how she did my brows that I had to document it for reference haha! She’s quite talented with eye makeup too that Jheng of I Am Brigitte, who is perhaps the most gifted eyeshadow artist I’ve  known, was also impressed by the MUA! :D

Click READ MORE and know more about this campaign, and find out how you can win Forever21 GCs or a trip for two to Boracay!

For my first summer outfit, I chose a black and white ensemble for formal events and clientele meetings. I got a sleeveless top and a light skirt to keep me fresh and cool under the intense weather. I'm with the sassy Hannah Villasis of Flair Candy here! :D

For my second summer outfit, I chose a colorful combination of pinks and blues. My taste for colors and clothes is kinda’ extreme: if I need to look decent, I wear sleek, muted attire and if it’s just an ordinary day, I play with colors and textures. Here’s moi with my dear friend, Marj Sia of The Traveling Heels in a super cute Ever New dress!

Our clothes were styled by the ultra talented girls of Lifestyle Feliz.

Here are some of the unpublished photos:

And here are the ones that made it to the cut!

Thank you again, Vaseline Philippines for this proud collaboration! :D

Vaseline Philippines has a Lookbook challenge for everyone: Just upload your summer- inspired outfits on Instagram and tag Vaselineph for a chance to win GCs from Forever21, or you can be ultra lucky and win a trip to Boracay! Don’t forget to visit them today for the complete mechanics!

Please visit VASELINE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the campaign and the contest.

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  1. You're soooo pretty Martha! Looove the looks on you!



  2. i love the black and white outfit. but that other photo of you looking down is so nice too. :)
    ps. ala hepburn ang black n white pic. ;)

  3. Pretty! :) I love that black & white necklace...

  4. I like the black and white ensemble! And your tan looks perfect for this season :)

  5. Donyang donya ang dating m s black and white! Love love love it!!! And i love the blue shoess too

  6. Love the colorful outfit! Parang gypsy na hindi! hihi.Basta, I like it!


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