Review: Dazzle Deoconcealer in Baby Rose and Ivory

Here's a review on Dazzle Deoconcealer in Baby Rose and Ivory

Price: P300.00/each
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WHAAT?! A DEOCONCEALER!? Srsly. It's like a product that you'd see in the Twilight Zone or something your friend would say if you ask him/her to name one funny human invention. (I know you got my point!) When I first got my hands on them, I uttered "You gotta be kidding me." I never thought that somebody or some company would actually invent it but you know what? I realized that no matter how weird or silly it is to some, it will benefit a lot of women after all, especially those who have diminished self- confidence due to dark or uneven skin on the underarms.



Dazzle Deoconcealer is an anti-perspirant, deodorant, and underarm concealer in one. I found out that it was made in Thailand. No wonder. Thailand is a haven for all sorts of beauty products, traditional or futuristic, and a place where you can apparently get affordable and good aesthetic surgical procedures. I wanna go to this place-I must book a plane ticket to it soon for an exciting beauty adventure. :)

Anyway! The deoconcealer comes in a very compact twist tube. At first look, you'd actually think it's a cream stick foundation, not a deoconcealer. It's discreet enough so people won't know that you have a secret weapon. :)

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Dazzle Deoconcealer only comes in two shades:

Ivory: For fair to medium skin tones; a light beige shade with yellow undertone
Baby Rose: For dark to deep dark skin tones; a warm beige shade with olive undertone

I'm not sure if Ivory can fit alabaster skin tone, but one can always try! 

If you can't seem to find a shade that will fit you, you can layer both products to achieve a customized finish.

I use Ivory because it matches the tone of my inner arm as well. Yes, I don't have perfect underarms-I'm dealing with slight unevenness. :)

Here's a closer look at the product. It starts off creamy then it settles to a matte finish. It has a strong floral scent. For people with sensitive skin, conduct a patch test first prior to usage as its pigments and fragrance may cause certain undesirable reactions on this skin type.


Here's a photo from Strip It! Sugaring to give you an idea of how it works on the skin. Basically, it's just like foundation...for the underarms!

WORK IT: Start with clean, dry underarms. Apply one to two layers and then blend evenly on the skin. Allow to dry.

It stays pretty much intact and keeps you smelling good all throughout the day. However, it has a tendency to crease and fade for a little when you sweat profusely so it is not advisable to be worn with sleeved tops or even sleeveless tops that hug the underarms. You don't want people wondering why you have brown- colored sweat, right? :D If perspiration is not your problem, then lucky you! Wear this deoconcealer whenever and wherever you want to! :)

TIP: When it starts to crease, head to a bathroom, grab a sheet of tissue and dab on your underarms to take away sweat, and using a clean, dry hand, even out the deoconcealer. It's also advisable to bring the deoconcealer with you so you can refresh the coverage anytime.

For me, this concealer is best worn in an air-conditioned place and with the following clothes:

Photo credits: Google

Deep backless sleeveless dresses and certain loose-fitting tank tops

Photo Credits: Google

Halter and tube tops

I've worn this product for a couple of times already, and it sure does give your confidence a little boost! It's not really for everyday use, but rather for special events where you're required to wear sleeveless gowns, dresses, and the likes as it deals with your gloomy problem pronto! If your whitening regimen for the underarms is taking time and you can't wait, Dazzle Deoconcealer will temporarily give you that coveted smooth, even underarms in a flash! :)


Please visit STRIP IT! SUGARING on Facebook for more information about this product.

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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Woah, I never even think about concealing "it" literally haha, But I think it will hit big time here in phil. since a lot of us, including myself are so conscious about underarms. Hay, even waxing damages my underarm. I'll definitely try it. But since I'm from Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, hopefully if I'll be in Manila.
    -your secret sneaky reader hihi

  2. Oo nga pala pwede through online, I forgot, baka pwede sa mga reseller nila. :D

  3. I am completely floored by the gutsy-ness of the product. is something to try. =))

  4. Interesting! And yeah this may help a gal or two. I believe that this wouldn't have been invented if the manufacturers hadn't seen a market.

  5. ahihihi , makabili nga nito para makapagsleeveless tops ahaahahha,pero i think the country with the most weird inventions is still japan.

    i do hope yon staying power nia ay superb. siyemper pangit naman if magwowowrry pa b ako kung nagcrease na ba siya diba, di ka naman pwede basta lagn itaas ang kili kili mo at magretouch lol

  6. This is an amazing product! Won't one stink to layer this? will it be better if one can just clean the underarm with wet wipes and do a fresh application? but that's just me. again, amazing!

  7. Hahaha! I can't imagine a brown-colored sweat from underarm. :) I'm not sure if this one could work on me cause I really sweat a lot. This could come in handy on my friend's wedding cause I'm one of her bridesmaid....:)Thanks for sharing Ms. M..

  8. First thing that came to mind: will this crease?

    Too bad it does. I think this is ok for people na hindi super dark ang underarms, yung meron lang slight discoloration tapos this will be ok to even everything out. I figured na kapag madami talaga ang lagay, it will cake and crease.

    Pero bilib ako sa nakaisip nito.

  9. Wow this product is genius. I am going to stock up on this. My underarms are not really dark, but there are some blemishes and scratch marks, which is why I can't wear sleeveless tops with much confidence.

    Thanks for the post!

  10. I was also thinking about this kind of product years ago.. And wow! This is the first time I have heard and read bout this kind of stuff! Thank you for sharing this..

    I'm just wondering, will it crease after a few hours?

  11. i got this sometime in october last year, it doesnt seem to blend well and i got a bit of irritation too. maybe it'll work for you guys.

  12. oh wow! this is cool! never did i think that a product like this would exist :)

  13. I'm not too sure if I'm going to use this product. My big worry is what if it will crease? Diyahe yun...I think I'll be more conscious with make up on my underarms on than just leaving it bare. Just my thoughts.:)

  14. Patty: Hi Patty! Nice to finally "know" you. LOL! :D You can order online. Just visit Strip It's Facebook fan page. :)

    Redshoetraveller: Good point! That's why it's not for everyday use, for party-party events, or basically any activity where sweat will be inevitably present haha! :D

    Issa: Same! :)

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Thanks for sharing. Too bad it didn't work for you. :( I've only used it once and so far, didn't get any adverse reaction from it. Maybe you have sensitive skin on the underarm area that's why you got that irritation. :(

    Marjorie: You're welcome. Yes, especially if you sweat. :)

    BrownOso: Hi dear! You're welcome! let me know how you find it. :)

    Rae: Same. The inventor of this product was indeed crazy enough to create this. Whaddaya know? It has a market! :)

    Jec: You're welcome! :)

    Detsy: That's a good and quick option too, unless you have previously applied another brand of deodorant. :)

    Eloise: Really? I think Japan makes the most innovative inventions ever. :) LOL, true that. It would look really weird to other people haha!

    Kris: That's true. On another level, the manufacturer was also brilliant enough to create a new market with this product. :)

    Sera: Lol! Same thoughts. And it's a pretty straightforward too. Got dark underarms? Why whiten when you can conceal haha!

  15. ui naaliw ako ng sobra dito! I'm sure marami kami ang kailangan! but when you said about the sweaty time na...naku di pwede saken..I would just keep my underarms hidden nalang muna :(

  16. OMG! Kailangan ko ito! Hahaah! Para pwede na magflaunt! Pero di pwede pag sa swimming! Haha!

  17. OMG, I think di lang ito ang concealer sa underaram, I remember when I joined pageant, my stylist did some, (but I don't remember the name, super cheap din and ganda ng pagkagawa nya sa underarm ko,hehehe

  18. deodorant + concealer = SERIOUSLY???
    Even if I don't think i'll be purchasing this (I'm not saying I have armpits as white as Snow White's skin), it's great to know that people are continuously improving and innovating products.

  19. Eva: True that! :D

    Dana: Yup! It still has to improve, but I admire the concept! :D

    Ohms: Cool! Hope you could tell us more about that product. :D

    Leilani: Yeah, that's the bummer part too: it ain't sweat resistant. :p


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