Review: Jericho Premium Facial Collagen Mask

Here's a review on Jericho Premium Facial Collagen Mask

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I have always preferred traditional facial masques over sheet masks. I feel that the former is more effective as its ingredients are held intact in a rich gunk of cream before use, whereas the latter seems to have a diluted kind of consistency, and as its liquid slides around the mask, the ingredients are being activated even before usage, rendering them less powerful. But that's just my theory! LOL!

Anyway! The facial masque I'm using right now is from Jericho Cosmetics, a known Dead Sea Water- based skin care brand. Facial Collagen Mask is from their Jericho Premium range, the brand's top-of-the-line skin care products for aging skin.


Sadly, the packaging doesn't look premium to me. :/

On the brighter side, it comes with a spatula. Hooray! No more contaminated product! :)


Here are some of the actives that can be found in this mask:

Marine Collagen- A powerful anti- aging ingredient from the oceans, valued for its mineral- rich properties that effectively aids the skin during regeneration, and anti-oxidizing effect. La Mer, a high- end skin care brand makes use of marine- derived ingredients too, but the difference is, their products contain more of these ingredients as compared to Jericho.

Avocado Oil and Shea Butter- Popular humectants and wrinkle- minimizing extracts

Omega 3 and 6- Essential fatty acids that help strengthen skin's moisture- retaining abilities, and minimize sagging skin. Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory, anti- dryness, and to some extent, anti-depression, while Omega 6 helps repair cell membranes and maintains the health of the skin. However, Omega 6 is not advisable to those who have arthritis.

What I like about this product is it's 90% made up of natural ingredients. I'm a naturals gal! :)

Click READ MORE especially if you have dry or sagging skin!

This product has a very special texture-I'm not even sure if it's clay but it feels a little like it. It's whipped, spreadable, almost mousse- type and whenever I'm using it, it's like I'm applying a very, very rich moisturizer on my skin-I actually like it because it feels so pleasant! It has a very light floral fragrance to it.

 It dries up to a matte, soft layer on my skin and unlike traditional clay masques, this one doesn't feel irritating and tight and allows my facial muscles to move freely. The pamphlet that came along with this product suggested to let it stay on the skin for at least 5 minutes, but I always leave it on longer-around 10 to 15 minutes-because it feels so light that I forget I have it on!


It's a great skin softener as it always leaves my skin super soft and smooth after rinsing. I've been using it for more than 2 months already and I'm already near the bottom of the jar, and here are the results I've observed:

1. My skin felt more balanced. It always seems to produce moisture quickly after cleansing and toning.
2. Dead Sea Water is rich in Zinc, which is good for minimizing breakouts. In my experience, this product did not put an end to break outs, but I noticed that it has helped my skin recover faster from zits along with my acne treatments.
3. My skin all over my face looked a little tighter.

I like this mask because its texture is very gentle to the skin. I'm quite happy with its effects too, and I could imagine how effective it would be on those who have evident signs of aging. I'd recommend this product as a weekly skin care routine boost to those with aging or extremely dry skin. However, please don't treat it as a treatment for acne just because I said it has helped me with my zit problems-It is always wise to use the right products for your skin concerns.


Please visit JERICHO COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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22 Lovely Thoughts

  1. New learning once again! I thought that masks were for oily skin and people with dry skin should avoid it. Well, guess I'm proven wrong. I've dry skin and I never gave a thought about using facial masks. I'm interested in sheet masks that boost skin moisture but that's it. Thanks for this post Ms M! This is also the first time I got acquainted with the brand Jericho.

  2. I always adored clay masks, They truly purify my skin and take out all those unwanted stuck up dirt that's just so hard to get rid of. My favorite atm, is a mask from The Faceshop, but yet again, i'm always open to new products. As soon as u post the price Miss M, I'm gonna try this one. Thanks for the review!

  3. This is my first time to hear about the Jericho brand. Anyways, thanks for another informative posts Ms. M.

  4. MY first encounter with that company is when I was in the States. Ang galing galing kasi when they tried this product on my hand and when I washed it off, ang brown ng water dahil sa dead skn cells. i believe that the product works although mahal siya.

    my dream product from that line is un scrub nila na may kasamang oil, body scrub siya. they also have stuff for the nails.

    nagulat nalang ako ng sa megamall may ganyan din pala. theyre very distinct kasi foreigner yun aapproach sayo to test their product. although to behonest, ifind their approach too forward

  5. looks promising but the downside is that it's not readily available. Is it necessary to use masks? if yes, how often. I'm just curious hehehe

  6. Sila yata ung mukang mga Iranians sa megamall...I have heard that their products are great nga, but I haven;t tried it yet kasi nahihiya ako lumapit hehe...Hindi pa nila ako na corner ehehe :)

  7. I love all kinds of masks! They cap off my kikay time during the weekend. But facial masks have a special place in my heart... especially the ones that harden on the face.

  8. BrownOso: Same here! :D

    Leilani: Yup! It's them. :) That's the only thing I don't like-the way they approach you, at least to me 'cuz I hate turning people down. :)

    Dana: It's more of an optional thing in my opinion. The benefit of using masks is, it's relaxing and there are certain skin care properties too. :) If you're contented with just regular skin care, then I guess it's okay. :)

    Rain: Around P2,000.00+, if I'm not mistaken. :)

    Jec and Kris: Thanks girls! Glad to know you've learned something from this. :)

    Eloise: Agree with the approach ahaha! I think almost all dead sea brands more or less have the same products. I have tried that body scrub with oil too and it's the shizz! I have a review for that, and brand name is Aqua Mineral. :)

    Jill: Trying to contact the pr company who sent me this-they didn't give me the price! Will update you guys soon. :)

  9. They offer it to me, 25,000 php. But I said it's too expensive. We bargained the price and ended up to 7,000 php. Is it overpriced?
    They also offer packages wherein I have to pay for one product and the rest are absolutely for free.

    1. Hi, i am curious if you bought the collagen mask alone?

  10. Hi Anonymous. Depending on what product they offer you for a price of 25,000 and ended with 7,000. Mind if I may ask? what are those product?
    Are you also interested in buying the Black Pearl Cleopatra mask?

  11. I honestly felt robbed after making a deal with this company.. i bought the black pearl collagen at php 29,7000 only to find out other stores or branch will give it to you at php 7k... just dont give in easily they will chase you... i tried to make a refund because my doctor told me its not good for pregnant woman but they said to wait and use the product after pregnancy...

    Dont buy from this company!

  12. Hi! Any update with the price?

    1. Hi you can email me at for more futher informations about the products I am one of an beauty consultant there

  13. It is expensive. Really. Well I haven't tried it yet but hopefully it is worth it. Ill post here if ever theres a promising effect

  14. Hi. Was able to use the bio marine peeling mask. I doubt it at first because it might ruin my skin specially in my face. Its my first day to use it and you can only use it once a week. So I can say that it's good naman. I can see the changes from before and after use only for just 1 try. I think it's nice but you have to let them lower the price. At first they offer it to me for such a very high price then I said I cant afford that. Then they lower it again up to the point that I can afford it.

  15. I just bought the black pearl dead sea mask, it cost 4900 really pricey! Bought 1 black pearl mask and 1 day cream moisturizer for 9,600 but they gave me another black pearl mask as freebies..Felt like budol budol. I realize afterwards that its too much.. hard sell approach, pipilitin ka talaga bumili.. andaming punchline, kesa good mood, birthday ng boss kaya may diacount at maraming freebies. They want me to buy 100k worth of products sabi ko sa sarili ko budol budol na talaga, until we've come up sa 50k na lang na price for the package. E di wow! Buti na lang, nacontrol ko ang sarili ko, ayaw nila ako paalisin sa booth nila.

    Hay,I will try pa the mask, sana naman okay para hindi nasayang ang pera

  16. Nabentahan ako sa Festival mall ng black pearl (sister company ng Jericho) hard sell nga approach nila, nagmamadali na ako pero di talaga ako makaalis.. Ang assurance nila kapag di effective ang product within 2 months may refund sila. Since nag mamadali na ako umuwi, bumili nalang ako ng bio marine day and night cream, mud mask, mud soap for Php 7,200. Bumalik ulit ako kinabukasan para sa free soap na salt soap.. 2 weeks na ako nagamit para sa akin effective nga since nag gagamot ako para sa PCOS na talagang naglalabasan ang pimples ko. Pansin ko ngayon wala ng acne na nalabas. Gusto ko product nila kahit medyo mahal. :)

  17. Hardcore selling talaga sila. Buti na lang hinde talaga nila ako napilit kanina though the product is really nice. Super mahal hinde na practical sa hirap ng buhay ngaun ��

  18. Nagpunta kami sa ATC with my husband to eat lunch tapos me lumapit sa akin na babae nagpa sample ng isang product yong product na cream yong binigay tapos binigyan ako ng body salt scrub sa kamay and nung nagwash nako itim yong naging katas and sabi nila dead skin daw yon tapos me mga paandar pa cla na bigyan yan ng free facial and products from head to toe grabe jews daw yong me ari taga israel tapos sya talaga namimilit sa akin na bumili d talaga kami tinatantanan sabi 119k daw grabe sobra mahal tapos nung d talaga ako bumigay 65k nalang daw , ang dami paandar na kesyo talaga madam you will give it for free, yong free pala is yong isang set tapos yong isang set 119k daw ,grabe d ako nag give in sa mga paandar nila , d ko pa nagamit product nila ,,marami na ngayong manloloko kaya ingat ingat po ,moral lesson kapag me lumalapit na kahit sino wag nalang kausapin, saka 3pm to 5:30 d talaga kami pinaalis para bumili ng product nila

  19. for those whose going to buy, compare the prices from to verify if the price given to you by the agent is right or not


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