Review: Wild Peach Cosmetics Palettes+Depotting Technique for Makeup in Box Packaging

Here's a review on Wild Peach Cosmetics Customizable Makeup Palettes

Price: Small (P280.00) Large (P550.00)
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I'm happy to witness my makeup collection grow day by day, but unfortunately, along with this beautiful growth is the loss of precious space. Again, there are mini stacks of boxes for my makeup palettes beside my Muji mobile drawer and it's making my already small room look smaller than what it is. I wish I could let go of the palettes that came along with my makeups, but they are just too cute to throw away!

Just this afternoon, I found myself staring at these customizable palettes by Wild Peach Cosmetics. They're the local (and much cheaper and accessible) versions of the famed ZPalette. ZPalette retails at $15-20, depending on the size, and plus shipping to the Philippines and other miscellaneous fees, the overall cost would be over P1,500.00. There are local versions, but as far as I know, they retail at P600.00 and up, but Wild Peach Cosmetics' versions are just below P600.00! I heard you said "Cool!"-I AGREE! 

Going back to my solemn moment with these palettes, I had envisioned how clutter- free my room would be if the mini boxes are already out of sight and finally, that much- needed courage to discard my individual makeup palettes has hit me so I grabbed some tools and started depotting.

The first palettes that I've gotten rid of were the ones in boxes, and I'm going to show you how I did it. For now, let's check out these palettes. Click READ MORE and know how these palettes can truly help you organize your makeup!


Both palettes are quite sturdy enough to protect your makeup pans from any light fall yet lightweight, come with a clear, acrylic cover, and magnetic closures.

Here is the personal palette. It comes in a range of designs, and I chose this sassy Leopard print 'cuz i'm digging anything animal- printed nowadays. Dimensions are as follows: Inner- 5.4"x2.8"x.3 Outer- 6.03"x3.43"x0.54. It's small enough to fit in your bag, although a little big for a standard- sized makeup kit.

It comes with a free sheet of magnetic sticker and depotting instructions.

Here's the large palette. It only comes in one color, black, and comes with a free sheet of magnetic sticker as well. Dimensions are as follows: Inner- 7.67" x 5.32" x .44" Outer- 8.38" x 6.03" x 0.68" Clear Window- 6.95" x 4.50".

It's a great palette for makeup- artists as it can house a lot of pans!

I haven't seen the ZPalette in actual so I don't know how these would compare with the former, but it does the same thing so I recommend it as a great alternative! These customizable palettes are handy for anyone because it helps you save space, minimize bulk, and allows you to mix and match your makeup products depending on your mood for the day without having to bring tons of individual palettes!

Here's a basic guide on how to use Wild Peach Cosmetics' Customizable Palettes:

Step 1: Grab your pans and trace them on top of the provided magnetic sticker.

Step 2: Cut the traced portion, stick it onto the pan, peel out the white paper, and you're done!

TIP: Save that magnetic sticker sheet by using smaller portions. You don't really need to cover the entire bottom of the pan with the sticker-just cut out a portion that's enough to hold the pan on the palette.


The most space- consuming palettes for me are the ones in box packaging as most of them are heavily lined with layers and layers of cardboard and paper, like my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV. The main cover of this thing is cute, but it's useless anyway so I decided to get rid of this first.

For this tutorial, you will only need a small yet heavy- duty cutter and some serious control over your hands. It's better to use a mini cutter because you can maneuver it better than the longer ones.

Step 1: Push up the cutter around 1cm from the base, and gently slice the sides of the pan, as if you're creating dips on it. This will create enough space for you to insert the cutter underneath the pan easily.

Step 2: When you can finally insert the tip of the cutter, push the remaining part of cutter all the way up and slice the glue underneath in a gentle, sideward motion.

Step 3: When the pan has loosened up from the base, pull it upwards slowly and carefully. If the glue's too tacky, twist the pan until it pops from the base.

Next time, I'll show you how to depot makeup in plastic packaging.

Voila! Goodbye, Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV box! There were some casualties, but for a first- timer, I think I did a good job! :)

Depotting is fun so.....

I did it to my Feelin' Dandy set....

and to my I'm Glam Therefore I am palette.

Omigosh. Somebody take the cutter from me or else, I'll depot anything I can! LOL!

Here you go. I didn't need to put magnetic stickers on the bottom of the pans as they clung on their own on the magnetized pan. It also feels like I have a new makeup palette! :) By the way, the large palette can also house slim eye pencils. :)


Please visit WILD PEACH COSMETICS on Facebook for inquiries and orders.

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I should have read this post before buying my very first custom palette from suesh. Great to know there are other options out there.

  2. This looks very handy Miss Martha! We can all use the extra space and this is also a sure road to a clutter free makeup box. :) It is also very affordable. Another great find! Thanks! :)

  3. This is how everyone does it but I wonder: can you just glue the metal sheet at the bottom of the palette and let that magnetize the bottoms of the tins?

  4. True this is a cool product! I enjoyed reading your post even though I don't have anything to de-pot. Heck, I don't even have my own eyeshadow palette yet lol! I agree that the Wild Peach Cosmetics palette is a brilliant tool for a clutter-free space.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! Admittedly I'm still starting my makeup collection but I'm already looking forward to getting a Wild Peach palette. I will probably start with the small one. Good thing it's pretty accessible at Glamourbox's site.

  6. Cool! But dont need this one yet...hahaha! But i did enjoyed your tutorial Ms. M... :)

  7. ayyy you have a point kasi it really saves space. when i bought my artdeco, i wished na sana may ganyan available sa retail stores at di lang sa online kasi to store more makeups in the future.

    nanghihinayang p din ako sa mga original containers nila hahhhahah. pero as a consolation, maganda ang design ng magnetic palette na yan. i jst wish thy come up with more cute designs!

  8. Great for DIY addicts, also great for organizing makeup. :)

  9. That's so maparaan of you. This is definitely way cheaper than Z-palette. A must have for pro MUAs.

  10. This is seriously making me buy this palette. I first read about this on Carina's blog and I'm convinced that it will save some space in my bag. Plus, I love animal prints! Fierce!

  11. wow!! ang galing pero too tedious :(
    I am not an eyeshadow person but my sister would love this :)
    By the way Ms. M, ang ganda ng pink zebra cloth in the pictures :)

  12. very useful post Ms. Martha specially for those like me who is just starting to build their make up collection. :D

  13. Because of wild peach cosmetics, I cant stop de-potting as well :D

  14. Thank you for this really informative and fun post. Haha. Good luck with trying to keep the cutter away from your palettes :)

  15. Beauty By Tellie: Great question! I tried gluing it but I disliked the residue. Yes, it can magnetize certain tins. :)

    Leilani: Thanks! I got that fleece blanket from SnR. :)

    Yanny: Glad your enjoying your gift! :D

    Detsy and Shopping Diva: True! :)

    Dana and May: Same! Who would've thought animal prints would appeal to youngsters nowadays? :)

    Marielle: Thanks! Agree, especially the large customizable palette. Hope it will come in different colors soon. :)

    Eloise: Same thoughts! They're fairly new that's why the designs are limited. I'm sure coming up with more designs is part of their future plans. :)

    Pat: Glad you liked this Pat! :)

    Jec and Jill: You're welcome! :)

    Kris: Yup! My Muji drawers are now ready to adopt more makeups haha! :D

  16. BrownOso: Good luck in trying to ban yourself from shopping for stuff to depot haha! :D


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