Smart Tanning With ModelCo.'s New SuperTan and FaceTan

I think people look forward to summer and hitting the beach primarily because of one thing: To get a tan. However, not everyone, unfortunately, can do so due to photosensitive skin. There are some who are lucky enough to enjoy tanning under the sun, but would get burned so bad and have to deal with painful skin, not to mention crazy peeling and unevenness. Oh, Tanning, just like whitening, is never without its complexities!

And here comes ModelCo. saying: Why not Tan the smart way?

So who/what is ModelCo.? ModelCo. is an Australian brand of tanning products made by tanning experts. After the promising release of their first- ever product called Tan In A Can, (which sold like hotcakes in its initial release at 1 can every 30 seconds, by the way) ModelCo. has then created a series of safe, effective, and speedy self- tanning products and accessories for the serious tan lover.

ModelCo. really meant it when they said that they are the tanning experts--They've just taken self- tanning to new heights with FaceTan and SuperTan, cutting- edge products that are meant to give you a quick and long- lasting all- over tan. 

And there's more: They're formulated with Melatime, a tanning accelerating Peptide that naturally and safely induces Melanin in your skin to help you develop a more natural- looking tan, and to increase its resistance to UV light sans the harmful sun exposure overtime. Told 'ya guys, this is smart tanning! :)

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Built to achieve the same effect of hours of sun exposure in minutes, SuperTan delivers a deep bronze glow to the skin right after application. Made with Vegetan, a bio-active that customizes SuperTan to your skin's innate pigmentation for a natural, flawless- looking tan, and combined with Macadamia and Argan oils to moisturize skin. Comes in a light mousse consistency for a blendable texture and streak- free application.


A facial self- tanning product that cares for your skin. FaceTan is a revolutionary 2-in-1 product comprised of a Hyaluron Serum with Sodium Hyaluronate, and a Tanning Gel enriched with an antioxidant complex of Argan (Moroccan) and Rosehip oils. Comes in a dual dispenser bottle to help give you a balanced proportion of the Tanning Gel and Hyaluron Serum in every usage.

Apart from smart tanning, these products are also a cost- effective way to get that sun- kissed glow! :)

SuperTan and FaceTan are now available in all Beauty Bar stores. Please visit BEAUTY BAR PHILIPPINES for more information about these products.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Interesting. I have morena skin and I haven't given much thought about tanning. But I would like to experience having a more golden complexion. If that will work out for me.

    hehe :)

  2. I appreciate the product on its own but I don't think I'll be using it on myself. I still prefer tanning the natural way. :)

  3. Have you tried this product yourself? I will be attending a beach themed wedding next week and I wanted a quick oil/lotion that could give me the bronze-y glow. Hope this one will do me wonders :)

  4. Hehe no thankx ok nako s kulay ko. Im happy that products like this are starting to penetrate the philippine market. Dahil hindi lang namn white skin ang ideal skin noh. As a matter of fact my fave company snoe is also cooking something up their sleeves para s mga gusto magpatan.

  5. I think fair skin suits me better, hence I've never used or will buy a self-tanner, but I do love Model Co. as a brand!

  6. Wow! To think most Filipinos are morena. I never expected this to be popular here. Hail to us morena!

  7. I've always get my tan under the sun and yes I always have the dillema of burning my skin too much and have to deal with painful skin and unevenness. Still haven't achieve my desired tanning. This looks so tempting. Thanks for sharing Ms. M.

  8. I think I don't need to spend that.hihi but that's one of my friend's used.super effective sa kanya, ang ganda ng pagka-tone.:)

  9. I remember that i got quite fair-skinned by religiously using papaya soap all over my body and face and scrubbing and bathing my skin with Cowhead milk, using whitening creams, and using umbrella at all times. and in 2009, i thought why not get a tan? i used a suntan and i didn't get the tan i wanted. Today, my skin is a bit darker and i want to achieve the skin i had before. bathing my skin with Cowhead worked for me. in fact, my mom said i was glowing. hahahaha

  10. I must agree with the girls :) No need to splurge on tanning products especially this season :)

  11. BrownOso: These products are perfect to enhance your already beautiful complexion, but without the sun damage and burn! :D

    Desire: Thanks for your thoughts!

    Dana: Thanks for sharing! :) Oh wow! I like Cowhead inside my tummy thankyouverymuch lol! :D That's one Cleopatra moment right in there! :D

    Leilani: Hear hear! :D

    Jec: and Ohms: Thanks for sharing too dearies! :D

    Arian: You've got nice fair pinkish skin. I wanna try their face primer. :)

    Miz Eloise: Yup! Heard it through the grapevine as well. :) Can't wait for the release! :)

    Kris: Thanks for sharing! :D Yup, nothing beats natural tanning because of the overall experience, but this one is for those moments when you just have/want to look tan pronto! :D

    Mitch: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! So far, so good! I like it, but I'm still testing it out. :)


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