Sumptuous Sundays: Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters

Remember my post about Chef Laudico's Bfast, one of the restos at Ayala Triangle Gardens? I kinda' like that resto but alas, it folded up already-thought that his entire business didn't take off, but Chef Lau just refreshed spot with a whole new restaurant called Chef Lau's Pugon Roasters.

PRICE RANGE: P50.00-P100.00+

It's a fast food resto that serves pugon- roasted pork, beef, certain seafood, and their main specialty, chicken. It still echoes Bfast's homey, eco- friendly, Filipino- inspired interior. To my foreign readers, Pugon is a wood fired brick oven that was widely used during the Spanish era in the Philippines. Their service is pretty fast, ha! :D

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Chicken Sisig- Made from Isaw (Chicken intestines), Chicken skin, and has a few chunks of chicken meat. If you're going to ask me, it's not really healthy because it's primarily made from the fattiest parts of fowl, and methinks it has or almost has the same cholesterol content of Pork Sisig. Nevertheless, it tastes good and perfect for those who find pork sisig a chore to eat. (Some pork sisig renditions can be too chewy, sticky, or hard) Just eat in moderation.

Roasted Chicken- The restaurant's specialty. It's very flavorful and you can enjoy it even without the sauce-almost reminds me of Peri-Peri Chicken because it's bursting with various spices. Seems to me that their standard portion for the chicken is medium.

Baked Bangus- The BF's order. Tastes lightly crispy and the salsa on top gave it a tangy twist, although portion is too small in my opinion.

The resto has good food, but not mind blowing in my opinion--it's a place where you can go if you just want to get your hunger over and done with sans the waiting time and exorbitant costs. If you're gonna ask me, I still like Bfast better.

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  1. If i would have to try that chicken should be with a beer!hehe!..but yep I agree it's unhealthy an should be eaten in moderation...a blessed Sunday Ms M! :)

  2. This post made me incredibly hungry. Haha

  3. Never tried baked bangus. I would love to though, after reading this post.

  4. Why do they call it pugon? Do they serve something cooked from pugon?

  5. mukang masarap ung chicken sisig kso prng mas marami ung egg? :))


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