Sumptuous Sundays: Johnny Chow

Asian cuisine gets a taste of Pop Culture at Johnny Chow! It's a modern Asian fusion restaurant that covers a wide range of cuisines from Chinese, Thai, and Korean to name a few, and even some American favorites served Asian- style.

Price Range: P200.00-P800.00

Apart from yummy food, the thing I like about Johnny Chow is its overall quirkiness: From the interior to how they labeled their meals, it's consistent! Also, the place has this innate fun and lovely aura (perhaps due to their colorful setting) that makes dining all the more pleasurable.

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Spinach and Chicken Tofu- Thick clear soup with a hefty dose of quail eggs, egg drops, spinach, and tofu slices. It's light yet satisfying. Perfect for those moments when you're just looking for a simple yet hearty soup

Mixed Seafood Noodles- Okay, confession time: I was never a fan of noodles, specifically traditional Chinese- style ones with soggy, thick noodles-they're such a chore to eat haha! This thing comes with crunchy noodles drizzled with sauce. I found it a little interesting to eat, not to mention those crunchy noodles reminded me of Nooda Crunch, my favorite snack during gradeschool. (Okay I'm old haha!)

Quarry Bay- Good ol' Pork Siomai, but this is huge!

Nancy Kwan- One of the best- tasting lemon chicken dishes I've had so far. The sauce is still lemony, unlike other lemon chicken renditions that are far too syrupy. The chicken batter is made with almond flakes and it gave the dish a better crunch and smokey flavor. Nancy Kwan, you da bomb!

Overall, I like the way this restaurant has modernized classic Asian dishes. If you're looking for a new way to eat your Asian favorites, Johnny Chow it is!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Would have loved to see the prices of the dishes and ofcourse u! I also lyk noosa crunch n i eat it with a spoon

  2. Thanks for sharing Ms M! I'm intrigued by their crunchy noodles because I'm already a fan of North Park's crispy noodles. I'm also a fan of chicken so I might try the Nancy Kwan when I get the chance to dine at Johnny Chow.

  3. OMG I love crunchy noodles. I also love pancit. Mawala na lahat ng food wag lang ang pansit. Haha.

    And the soup looks really tasty.

    Thanks for the post! I will definitely check this place out.

  4. I love the interior! :) ooooh and that huge siomai, i would love to try that one out!dumplings particularly siomai is one of my favorite asian foods..:)

  5. wow it looks so delicious, thanks you for featuring JOhnny Chow, I hope it has on South. Ilove the crunchy noodles.:)

  6. ay pareho tyo, I am not a noodle fan too :) but I got intrigued sa lemon chicken :) This one is a must try :)

  7. I'm currently on a strict diet. My doctor said that I need to lose weight. This post is very tempting. HUWAAAAAAAAAA.... I started my strict diet last Monday and it has always been a struggle. Hopefully, when I reach my target weight, I could visit this resto. Thanks for sharing anyway! ;)


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