FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Is it okay to use Primers underneath BB Creams?

HAHAHA-HAPPY FRIDAY! Here's another interesting Friday query from Pau, and she's asking about primers and BB Creams

Hi Martha! 
Is it okay to use a primer before BB cream even if BB creams act as primers too, to make BB creams last longer? Should the primer be used before or after applying BB cream? I did some research online and people can't seem to agree on an answer to both questions--some say primers can prevent the skin from absorbing the "essences" that BB creams have but some say it's okay to use a primer with/before/after BB cream because primers keep only oil at bay and most BB creams wouldn't have been created with built-in primers if essence absorption was an issue.
I really love your blog! It's the only beauty blog I follow!

Hi Pau!

Sweet! Thanks for being a follower. :)

Regarding your question, I would say yes, it is totally okay to use primer with BB Cream to help it stay longer most especially if you have oily or combination skin. There are some BB creams that claim to have primer as one of the ingredients, but I believe that its overall moisturizing finish will only render the built- in primer less useful, if not useless-this is of course, based on my experience.

I could see the reason why there are some people who’d say that primers will only block the essence absorption (if this indeed were true) of BB Creams as other primers, particularly the silicone- based ones, are meant to cover pores to control oil effectively and yield a barrier between makeup and the skin.

I guess the best primer to use with BB Creams are those that are not purely silicone- based such as Shu Uemura’s UV Underbase and Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer-those primers that keep makeup intact, but don’t necessarily block the pores. Such primers are very breathable and after a few hours of wear, when the pores start to open and absorb the product, the BB Cream and all its essences will mix with the primer and be absorbed by the skin as well.

If you believe that primers really hinder the effects of BB Creams, might I suggest that you  skip the primer and go for long- wearing BB Creams such as Fairy Drops Candy Bar BB Cream and Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion Cream for lasting coverage.

That's all! Hope you've found this answer sufficient. :) Have an awesome weekend, everyone! :D

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like the pore-fessional! :)

  2. I wish I bought a couple of BB creams esp the Korean ones when I went to Philippines:( now I have to wait for my next vacation:( have u tried the Dior BB cream? I kind of liked the consistency and the coverage, but none of the shades suits my skintone...

  3. I have been using BB creams for over 4 years I think, and recently I just discovered thru here that using primers really helps make up stay intact longer. I have oily skin and a primer can help me stay matte for around 4hours. That's quite enough since I easily get oily as early as 30minutes after makeup application..

  4. Whats the best eye mKeup primer? Something that will keep my eyeliner in place? I won the porefessional from the beautyjunkee and tinitipid ko to mahal kasi. Is the porefessional designed to make makeup last longer?

    FInally any recommendations on an inexpensive primer mga 500 lang? Thnx

  5. i didnt know na, kailangan pa ng primer before applying a bb cream, ako kase Okay lang naman sa face ko ang bb without any primer, anong best na primer for oily skin if ever?

  6. Hazel: Me too! :)

    Eloise: ArtDeco's eyeshadow base is good enough. :) Porefessional is more of a skin smoothing primer and pore reducing primer-not really meant to make makeup last longer in my opinion. :) Try Essence's UV Makeup Base:cheap but does the job (positive review on your way!)

    Ohms: That's okay-it depends on you if you want to use a primer or not, but if you want makeup to last longer on your skin, better use a makeup primer. Shu Uemura's POREraser is by far, the best primer for oily skin in my opinion. :)


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