LOTD: Biceps

I wanted to call this outfit post Emerald City, but when I saw my arms, I was like "WHOA"--it just dawned on me, as in right now as I type this post that my arms are that muscular already. Ulk. Gotta get rid of the dumbbells in my next workouts.

Anyway. Where were we? Oh, this outfit.

SKIRT: Details
TOP: Organico Products

I know you want to click READ MORE. :D

NECKLACE: Mercato Centrale
EARRINGS: Shopaholic and Hubby

BAG: Prada

FOOTWEAR: Ferretti

I wish you all a fun- filled Saturday. :)

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. What's your nail polish Ms M? I'm looking for that mint color but I haven't been lucky so far.

  2. Hey :) Strong arms look good! Don't ditch the dumbbells, from what I remember, your arms will look more defined/toned and it won't look that 'beefy' once the layer of fat melts off... that said, I love your polish! What's the brand/color?

  3. you look goo dhere, and I love your maxi skirt, I'm super inlove pa naman sa ganung style.and your polish is so chic, is that Faceshop?may ganyan din kase ko color.:)

  4. Eloise: Thank you :)

    Ohms and Kris: Not sure where it's from, but I got the color from Tips and Toes in one of my pedicure sessions. Color is light blue. :)

    April: Hi April and welcome to tbj! I was told by my instructors that I should. :) the more weight there is, the more effort your muscles have to exert, the bigger they will get. :) Color is light blue-I didn't buy it-I got it in one of my pedicure sessions at Tip and Toes Forbes Park. :)

  5. Hi! Big fan of your blog. I wanted to ask, where are some Details branches? i love that skirt! :)


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