Review: Smashbox Love Me Eyeshadow Palette in Entice Me

Here's a review on Smashbox Love Me Eyeshadow Palette in Entice Me

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Hush, hush, dear palette, no need for you to call out and beg me to love you because the moment I saw you, I already do and the moment I tried you, I fell in love with you even more. <3 font="">

As I write this post, I recall, in one of the photo shoots I had, I asked the makeup artist about her favorite eyeshadow brand and she said Smashbox--I was quite surprised because I expected that she'd say either M.A.C, Kryolan, or other more popular PRO eyeshadow brands. Of course, I had to ask why and she replied "Smashbox's eyeshadows have very controllable pigmentation". I could attest to that!


Entice Me is one of the two limited edition eyeshadow palettes from the Love Me collection. It's a combination of blues and purples while the other one, Admire Me, has pinks and browns.


Click READ MORE if you're looking for a newbie- friendly day-to-night eyeshadow palette!

Packaging is sleek, and it is made with durable acrylic and plastic, albeit it's a lil' bulky and requires a good amount of makeup bag space. I'm liking the cute LOVE ME cut-out in there!

Maybe you're wondering: "Isn't that LOVE ME skeleton an obstacle in this palette?" Nope, you can lift it up-it's just a fancy design. :)

Individual swatches of the eyeshadows as seen on the photo below:

1. A beige champagne shade with slight gold shimmer
2. A cool mint green shade with slight silver shimmer
3. A dark indigo shade with flecks of gold glitter
4. A blackened purple shade with a mix of silver and gold shimmer
5. A pale pink shade with silver frosting

Finish of the powders are matte and frost. Texture of the eyeshadows are very smooth and semi-creamy, except # 3, which is a lil' dry because it's borderline matte. Pigmentation is great, powders are unscented, they're very easy to blend, and there's little to no powder fallout during application, although I've noticed that it works better if used with an eye primer.

I dubbed it as a newbie- friendly product because aside from the fact that it offers pretty basic and essential colors, its initial coverage is medium and you can build it gradually should you prefer heavier coverage-that means it helps you create lesser mistakes, and it's best for those who have heavy hands. 

The makeup artist was right: Controllable Pigmentation is indeed the best description for this palette. You can manipulate the coverage of the eyeshadows to suit your taste, or any of your daytime and night time looks.

Eyeshadows swatched lightly: Great for daytime wear --color payoff is sheer, but can still enhance eyes beautifully.

Eyeshadows swatched heavily: Great for night time wear--outstanding color payoff yet never appears chalky, and still allows skin to project through.


Check out the looks I came up with using this palette:

Combination of colors 3, 4, and 2. Learn how to cop this look HERE.

Combination of colors 1, 5, and 2.

However, staying power is not good, especially on oily lids that's why I always use an eye primer with it. Even if you have normal skin on the lids, I'd still recommend that you use an eye primer to maximize the pigmentation of any eyeshadow.

One important feature: it's very photo- friendly!

In all honesty, the colors of this palette are quite dupe-able, but I still love it anyway because it has variety, all the colors are usable, and it's probably the cheapest thing in the field of high quality eyeshadow palettes. I'd recommend it to you if you're looking for a very good eyeshadow palette that won't cost you an arm and leg.


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i love your look #1. this is very work-friendly and i would replicate this for sure. its just sad that although the colors on the palette is beautiful, im on the fence regarding purchasing this product if the staying power is not good for oily skinned gals. i cannot abide eyeshadow meltdown in the middle of work. kahiya much.

  2. Eeeppppp if only marunong ako mag eyemakeup. Idol ko s eye makeup si iambrigitte super galing. I know youre friends with her hahha.

  3. I'm not a fan of shimmery eyeshadows. It's because I find it a lil bit hard to apply. Hehe. What matte eyeshadow can you recommens, Ms. M? Thanks!

  4. i love the looks you created with this palette! :) and the love me design is very cute :)

  5. Katrina: Welcome, dear. :) I guess this is what oily- skinned gals should accept, that we can never really make eyeshadows stay put. Best thing to do is use eye primer. :)

    Issa: welcome! :)

    Rizza: Make Up For Ever has great matte eyeshadows-I'd also recommend Bobbi Brown. :)

    Eloise: True. She's really talented with eye makeup. :)


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