Springtime Playtime: Clinique Happy In Bloom 2013

I have friends who are hardcore fans of Clinique's ever famous Happy fragrance. When I had my online perfume store back in 2010, Clinique Happy was one of the top sellers. I got curious as to why people are very much addicted to this scent so I bought one for myself to find out--I realized that it did capture the idea of happiness in a bottle, and it somehow and instantly fulfills one of the ultimate desires of every person: To be happy.

So if you're a Clinique Happy fan, (or maybe, you just want something to make you feel happy) here's another reason to be extra joyous: Clinique has just released the 2013 version of Clinique Happy In Bloom. Clinique Happy In Bloom is a seasonal, limited edition version of the original Happy fragrance made every Springtime. For this year, Happy in Bloom gets dressed up in a fancy themed bottle that depicts the playfulness and coolness of Spring, and the fragrance completes the mood with its fresh, chilled scent plus the signature floral heart of the original Clinique Happy.

Clinique Happy In Bloom 2013 is now available in all Clinique counters nationwide. It comes in 30ml (P1,950.00) and 50ml (P2,750.00) sizes.

This makes me wonder, what are the things that make you happy? Mine would be the following: New Thought, food, blogging, makeup, pets, Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, Summer, Beach, and my bed. Share yours! :D

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. woah, my bestfriend would be happy!She's a hardcore fan of Clinique:)I will recommend it..:)thanks for info.

  2. been using clinique happy, surely this scent is best to wear this summer.. love it! :)

  3. Makeup chocolates and celebrity mke me happy! Work makes me happy learning a new excel formula makes me happy

  4. Even the bottle looks very summery!!!

  5. How cute naman the bottle. I like buying perfumes for the bottles but Happy smells wonderful as well!

    - Carolyn (iFlip Over)

  6. Now this got me curious! I'm a Clinique Happy Heart user and I love the scent but I find it over powering especially in the humid weather. This new scent might just be the right one! :)

  7. Jing: Hi there and welcome to tbj! This one reminds me of a glass of ice cold water-definitely the thing you need this summer! :D

    Flynster: Agree! :D

    Leilani: True that! :D

    Eloise: LOL! If I learn one excel formula, i will be one very happy gal haha! I don't know anything!

    Leoniza: Hi there and welcome to tbj! Thanks for sharing! :D

    Ohms: Cool! Hope she likes this one! :)


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