Sumptuous Sundays: Spices

Hola! Happy Mother's day to your mothers and to all my mommy readers out there! :D Our restaurant for today is Spices at Peninsula Manila-we ate here during my mom's birthday and incidentally, it's also one of her most favorite restaurants.

Spices is a restaurant that offers various popular Asian cuisines such as Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and Singaporean to name a few. The place has this "formal" elegance to it, and what I like about it is once you're inside, you really feel like you're in another Asian country, in Bali, to be specific.

Outside the resto, Spices tries to capture the traditional Spice Market ambience with its display that features the many unique spices that can only be found in Asia.

PRICE RANGE: P200.00-P1,000.00++

Click READ MORE and check out what we had for mum's birthday!

Roti Canai- A non-sweet rendition of one of my favorite appetizers. The Roti Canais I've tried would usually come with sweet curry and they're already as good as dessert, but this one is lightly salty. However, the bread slices were a bit over-fried, thus they have this burnt taste.

Tom Yung Goong- Ah, the popular Singaporean dish! I like this version because it's oozing with so many spices, and they tickle my taste buds one after the other. It's really good, and this soup redeemed the resto from that not-so-good Roti Chanai experience.

Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Rolls)- The fattest fresh spring rolls I've ever eaten! If you're vegan, you'll find this appetizer very fulfilling-just take out the shrimp and pork pieces and you're all set!

 Pla Neung Manao- Steamed Barramundi in fresh lime sauce. Tastes very refreshing and clean, albeit very ordinary.

Sate- Why of course, an Asian grub is never complete without Sate! We got the 12- pc. plate (comes in 6 or 4-pc. plate also, I think) and the best thing about it is you can opt for an assorted selection! We got an assortment of beef, chicken, and pork sate. Regarding the taste, it's regular Sate but the meat chunks are exceptionally huge!

Rogan Josh- My favorite dish! Fork- tender, mouthwatering, juicy. huge cuts of lamb in red curry sauce. The curry sauce is a lil' creamy and on its own, it's good enough to be eaten with rice!

Gula Melaka- My kind of halo-halo! Shaved ice soaked in coconut milk with crystal pearls and lychee balls, I believe.

Khao Niew Mamuang- Or popularly known as Stick Rice. The rice they used is not that heavy on the tummy, and it's loaded with mango slices. Yum!

We had some hit and miss dishes during our dining experience, but I'd still go back to this resto because they don't skimp on the spices and ingredients-the dishes say it all!

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3 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love Spices! The Rogan Josh and sate are one of my favorites too :)

  2. I heard that with my colleague friend, just like you, she has a good taste too:)the Sate and Gula Melaka are those recommendable:)Happy Mother's Day to your MOm!

  3. Ari: Weee! Let's start a Rogan Josh club haha!

    Ohms: Thank you! Belated happy mother's day to you! :)


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