The Majolica Majorca Big Mascara Face Off Diaries

As promised, here's what happened in our super cray yet super fun Majolica Majorca Mascara Face Off last May 18, 2013 at Landmark, Makati.

We're supposed to meet up at exactly 4:00pm for the briefing, but I arrived at 4:15pm because the traffic near SM Aura was pretty bad that day. (I live near the area) My Beau-Team Mates have arrived on time! Allow me to introduce them to you one by one: From Left to Right, Angela Eracho, Dianara Nicdao, Jam Hilario, Mizi Sarte, and Eloisa Mago. I found out right on the spot that I got two former sales people, Angela and Eloisa, which made me all the more excited to accomplish the challenge.

Mikki Galang has arrived shortly along with his team mates.

Alright, LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE! Click READ MORE and see who won!

Sales person for a day. To be honest, I was a little bit nervous as this was my first- ever selling public! I've been selling stuff online for the longest time, but it's a totally different story if you're doing it in person already. When the challenge commenced, the word YOLO kept on running inside my head haha!

It's also nice to know that my Beau- Team Mates were so game for this challenge. The strategy was to pull people (take note, PULL, not entice or convince) to the Majolica Majorca animation area and ask them to try and buy Lash King. Of course, we did it nicely and good thing my team had this innate charm, hence it was easier for them to ask strangers to visit our animation area.

While I stayed at the animation area most of the time to welcome customers, convince them to try Lash King, and answer their pressing beauty concerns-I had to be at the area because I know a lot about the mascara as it is one of my favorites. There were even people who asked about technical stuff like Paraben content, size, weight and volume, usage, ingredients, and such-everything I've learned in my 4 years of beauty blogging was put to the test that moment! :D

Food is the best thing to convince people. Majolica Majorca had served delectable cookies, cupcakes, and lemonade, and we gave some to those who purchased a tube of Lash King.

Jam Hilario is a makeup artist, and she was responsible for giving out mini makeovers to the customers, and helping those who don't know how to apply mascara.

Resting my feet for a bit!

Pretty ladies who have tried out Lash King mascara. We surveyed our customers after every trial, and the common effects they've noticed are the following: Thicker and longer lashes, separation, fullness.

I kept on saying to my Beau-Team Mates that a sale's not done until the customer pays for the product, so I asked my Beau-Team Mates to escort the buyers all the way to the counter and make sure they pay! :)

I'm Majolica Majorca's new Mascara Queen! :)

After 1 1/2 hours, my Beau-Team Mates and I have sold 17 mascaras to 17 strangers-we could've gotten more if we invited our friends and families to come over, but I'm fine with what we have achieved! Mikki Galang and his team won in the online competition, but me and my Beau- Team Mates won overall. In the tradition of Majolica Majorca's Big Mascara Face Off event, the Mascara Queen should pose beside the Lash King tower.

Thank you again for all your efforts, Beau- Team Mates. This victory won't be possible without your efforts! Thank you as well to my readers who dropped by Landmark Makati just to say "Hi!"-it was so nice meeting you guys. :)

Celebratory dinner at Tony Roma's with Cathy and Audrey of Majolica Majorca Philippines. Thanks to Majolica Majorca for giving me and my readers a chance to meet and bond in between!

If there's one valuable thing I've learned in this competition, it's that I am a very good sales person-it would be very useful when I put up my own business! :D

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  1. Eloisa mago was here! Miz m thnk u for d wonderful tym and for picking me!!! Not only dd i enjoy d event, i met new frends pa! D girls and i still keep in touch via fb!thnku thnk u ms m.

    Ps: u looked really sexy in dat dress

  2. that was a great experienced.
    But I was hooked on your bodycon dress,you looks so sexy and charm.:)

  3. congrats to you and your Beau-Team Mates! :)

  4. hi ms m =) you look so gorgeous here! yung damit na suot nyo parang just made for you!!! wah sana ganyan din ka-sexy ang butt ko!

    need to work out on that para gumanda ng konti curves ko =) medyo nagiiba nga ang katawan ng girls kapag nagkakababy na =)

    anyway congrats on winning the challenge! you and your team deserves it! yay! hihi nagamit nyo yung charms nyo to convince them to try and buy majolica!

    seeing your pics here mukang talagang nagenjoy kayo hihi =)


  5. Thank you girls! And thanks too, @Miz Eloise :D


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