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If the Coconut Tree is the 'Super Tree' or 'Tree of Life', its fruit's byproduct, Coconut Oil (especially Virgin Coconut Oil), is definitely the 'Super Oil': It's as potent as most premium essential oils, but not as expensive. There was a time when VCO was such a big hit in our country that everybody just wanted to have a bottle of this natural potion in their household. Why is that so? Because Virgin Coconut Oil was found to have incredible internal health benefits:

1. Boosts the immune system
2. Prevents heart disease
3. Aids in weight loss
4. Gives more energy
5. Combats Candida, a yeast- like fungus that can affect humans
6. Reduces heart disease
7. Lowers cholesterol
8. Does not spike Insulin
9. Moisturizes skin from within
10. Helps with Gastrointestinal problems

But wait-there's more: VCO is as beneficial when used externally as well. Check out some of the known skin benefits of VCO:

1. Antibacterial
2. Humectant
3. Effective moisturizer for dry skin
4. Skin vitamin
5. Helps with dandruff
6. Antioxidant

FUN FACT: I just found out that Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Dr. Oz, Kim Kardashian, and my favorite celebrity, Miranda Kerr are faithful users of Coconut Oil!

However, VCO can be a bit messy and greasy to use since it's oil--Zenutrients just took care of that!

Founded in 2007 and formerly Z.E.N. Organics, Zenutrients is a proud Filipino, all- natural, VCO- based bath and body brand. Founder Gerry Villena has established Zenutrients after him and his family's miraculous recovery from Psoriasis and Skin Asthma just by using pure VCO-he started out by selling Pure VCO then later on progressed to creating soaps, shampoos, scrubs, skin care products, ointments, balms, massage oils, and a whole lot more. All products are handcrafted, from processing to bottling, and their artisans are young underprivileged women, mostly from the provinces.

I've encountered this brand way back in 2009 and I could truly say that they have improved by a huge lot! So far, I'm loving their Oatmeal and Goat's Milk Body Scrub-hope it's gonna be the same for these products. :)

Please visit ZENUTRIENTS on Facebook for more information about this brand.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm loving zenutrients snd glad that they are expanding unlike before, hirap akong maghanap ng products nila

  2. Hohum zenutrientS hmmm hindi ako naimpress s sample ng sabon and un ginger balm from them. I ddnt love their lavender lip balm either lasang sabon! Hehehe

    Ang holy grail pain balm ko talaga is un giga. Super bango and effective as in super potent nia. Im prone to headaches because of a mass that i have in my head. I swear giga is helping me big time cope with that.

  3. My father was fan of coconut products, this known for treatment especially his hair.I 'll recommend it to him, or probably I'l buy some for Father's Day:)

  4. I'll wait for your review on the body scrub. :)

  5. Arya: And most importantly, they have improved their stuff! :)

    Rizza: Did a review already. :)

    Ohms: Awww..Sweet! Hope your dad likes 'em. :)

    Eloise: Giga is really good. :) I totally swear by their Pet Balm- (Which reminds me, I have to grab more tubs soon) I like the Ginger balm because it smells interesting. It's a great alternative to Vicks vaporub because I like applying some on my temples every night, and it didn't break me out! :)


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