DEAR READERS: Beauty Products you wish you bought before they were gone for good?

Do you have any particular makeup/fragrance/skin care product that you wish you bought when it was still available? Like something you really liked that you saw in one of your trips abroad, but decided not to purchase because you told yourself that you've shopped too much already? Or something that has swept you off your feet, but you backed out when you saw that it came with a hefty price tag? And when it's gone for good, all you could do was just bang your head on the wall and let out a wail while Beverly McKnight's "Shoulda Woulda Coulda" plays in the background.

I have a lot, actually-so much that I've already forgotten what the others are, but here are the top three products that haunt me in my sleep up to this day. (LOL)


Whenever I encounter the term "Love at first whiff", this perfume always comes to mind. Smelled it way back in 2007 (See how much I like it? I still remember the first time I saw it!) but too bad, my measly student allowance couldn't afford it. Now that I have more than enough to buy it, it's gone, at least locally. I could order it online, but nah, don't wanna go through all the hassle for it-I've too much important work to do so just sing with me, please: You'll always be a part of me, I'm part of you'll always be my baby. :D


...stars in the movie "Taken For Granted". I don't know if it's just me, or Alison Raffaelle didn't take off here in the country, hence it had to be pulled out. Dang, if everybody knew that this brand has THE BEST translucent powder in the whole planet, everybody could've done a collective effort to save this brand! This is really my HG translucent powder-I love it, like srsly. Will somebody bring Alison Raffaelle back to the country, or at least this item only? I guess that ain't possible so my dearest translucent powder, this one's for you: "'Cuz you'll be in my heart. Yes you'll be in my heart. No matter what they say. You'll be here in my heart always." :D


I was looking for a very good gel- based brow product, and a lot of my MUA friends would always refer me to this thing, but I found it too expensive for a tiny tube. One day, when I was very ready and very excited to purchase it finally, the MUFE store in The Fort High Street became Make Up Factory. Le sob. Oh well. MUFE Eye Brow Corrector, "Never mind I'll find someone like you..."

So, do you have any similar experience? Share them here and just for fun, dedicate a song too! :D

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I enjoyed this post so much hahaha. I love the songs at the end of each product LOL

    I can't think of a particular beauty product that I love that has been discontinued, but I have this absolute frustration with the rose-scented Palmolive shampoo and the matching conditioner. Haha. I know, they're cheap and Palmolive products are being sold everywhere, but it frustrates me that the particular products that I love are soooo hard to find. I scour aisles of supermarkets and beauty sections all the time but I only get the chance to see them once in a blue moon. I'm so addicted to the scent that a friend bought me the matching body wash from Thailand. LOL

  2. ako rin ms m. until now hiling ko sana ibalik ng H♥N yung makeup remover nila i havent find any makeup remover na katulad nun hahay..

  3. Not sure if you still remember The Natural Source. It's an Australian cosmetics company that used to have a store in Glorietta. I really like their tinted moisturizer but the company doesn't exist now.

  4. oh i love the songs that you dedicated in each product ms. martha! :D ang kulet!

    i don't have any particular product that has been discontinued..i like online shopping din kasi so it's okay with me to locate makeup/skincare products online if it's not available here in phils.besides halus sa online talaga ako namimili because limited lang products na nakikita ko dito samin (mindanao) but i'm most interested on the Alison Raffaelle translucent powder.what online stores are selling this one ms. m? :)

  5. Hahsha more mpre miss m. Ako ay un pantene restoratives conditioner and shampoo. Sold sa duty free. When i went to the states hoard galore talaga i got 6 bottles shampoo 6 bottles conditioner. Pero im glad kc snoe ay nakakota sko ng hg hair products. I kip on bugging them n wag idiscontinie yun.

    SO i ddnt give up without a fight. At ang song for that ay "the search is over u were with me all the while

  6. Hihi. Thanks for sharing your fave stuff, girls! :D

    Rae: Yes! I know the brand, but didn't bother checking it out though haha. :D


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