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Happy Friday! Wait, is it really a happy friday? Because the crazy downpour is scaring the shizz out of me-I guess I should park my car on a high area before our streets turn into waterworld! Let's just smile away and pray that this heavy rain would stop soon. :)

Our question for the day is from Pao Pao, and she needs a lil' help in choosing a face makeup that will look good on her uneven undertones. (Whaa?! Is there even such a thing?)

Hey Martha!  

I've been reading your blog for over a year and you really have influenced me on the beauty department. All I can say is thank you sooo much for helping me learn how to take care of myself; and making me realize it's much more fun to research on the makeup beforehand rather than asking the salespeople (because honestly sometimes they have very little info on what they're selling)! Its such an ego booster when entering a makeup store and you know that you actually know the details of the cosmetics! Its a plus too that the makeup products you review are some of those of my favorite brands!  

Anyway :) my problem is that my face is on the pinkish tone while my arms and legs have yellow undertones. My face is also lighter than my arms. When I buy foundations/bb, I go for the color that is the same with my arms so I won't look like a geisha or whatever. The thing is that when I put on the foundation/bb/powder, it looks a little off on my face because of the difference of undertones! What should I do? Help! 

Pao Pao 

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Hi Pao Pao!

Thanks for being a reader! Nice to know that my blog has helped you immensely in choosing the right makeups. I agree with what you said about sales ladies: Some of them just want to sell so they pull facts out of thin air, although there are some who really know what they're saying.

Anyway! This is the first time I've heard of someone having uneven undertones because naturally, you are only born with one undertone. A mixed type of undertone has been recorded (a combination of warm and cool), but it was categorized and called Olive-it refers to two separate undertones as one, not individually.

The reason why people would think that they have different undertones is because the skin tone, which is the most visible, can greatly conceal the former. Another factor is, if you use products that have peeling, bleaching, or lightening agents, they can cause the skin tone to change its color, giving you the impression that it's different overall. If you've been consciously or unconsciously using products with these ingredients, this may explain why your face is pink toned while your body is yellow toned.

There are ways to reveal your true undertone:

1. White Shirt Test- Clean your face thoroughly and wear a white shirt. If your skin emits a warm, yellowish glow, you're yellow toned. If it emits a bluish tone or pinkish glow, you're pink toned.

2. Silver and Gold Test- If you think you look good in silver, you're pink/cool toned. If you think you look good in gold, you're warm/yellow toned.

3. The Clothing Test- If you think you look good in warmer colors such as red and orange, you're warm/yellow toned. If you look good in cooler colors such as blue and pink, you're cool/pink toned.

The most universal undertone is yellow because pink tones are a rarity, and yellow can also counteract and compliment pink/olive tones. Go for a foundation/bb/powder that's yellow toned. Your foundation should match the tone of your chest so you won't look like a floating face. If your foundation is somehow close to the color of your chest, the rest of your skin tone will just glow with it. Another testing technique, according to Bobbi Brown, is to get a shade that's close to the tone of your forehead.

There you go! I hope this helps you, Pao Pao. Have a great Friday everyone! :)

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  1. I've always been baffled by the same thing! Thank you for this post :)

  2. Thanks for this! Out of curiosity, when you try out foundation, do you make it a point to try it on bare facial skin? The lighting in most malls is usually not good enough for me to tell if the foundation suits me or not. Where do you usually swatch your foundations? :D Thanks, and I'm bookmarking your blog!

  3. I have yellow undertone and this helped a lot..thanks ms. martha! :) you really know a lot..nakakainspire :)

  4. I'm no derma, but I think that one thing that can cause the difference in tones if she has sensitive and/or acne prone skin, or if she suffers from allergies. If her face is always irritated, it'll appear more "red" than her arms and legs.


  5. BrownOso: Welcome! :)

    Joyce: Hi Joyce! Thanks for sharing that-that could also be another factor. :)

    CJ: Welcome. :)

    April: Hi April and welcome to TBJ! I normally try to find fluorescent lighting around counters then I swatch. :) I swatch it on either my forehead, cheeks, or chest. :)

  6. Hello ako i sqatch s jawline dun daw para makita e. And also before buying anything step out of the mall or go near a window with natural lighying

  7. Love this post! Super informative!

    I know someone who use to have the same problem. She got it from too much bleaching and other whitening products. :P

  8. hi ms m =)

    at this very moment i tried on using the LANCOME sample tube of Teint Miracle and oh dear! i love it! now i want to have the fullsized one =)

    im not really into foundations but when i tried it i fell in love with it.. yes agad agad =) hihi


  9. Rhania: It's around P1,900.00+, I think. :) The bottle will last you forever! :)

    Peachy Pink Sisters: Thanks! :)

    Eloise: Thanks for sharing you trick! :)


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