Review: Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer in RD304 (Hibiscus)

Here's a review on Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer RD304 (Hibiscus)

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I'm not a big fan of glossy lipsticks, but I like this one because of the color. I've been wearing it a lot lately and been getting loads of compliments at the same time such as "You look well- rested", "You look fresher", but the popular compliment would be: "You look younger." Le gasp! Does that mean I look older than my age? I guess people have been so used to seeing me wear dark and bold lipsticks, that light lipsticks make me look too meek, too feminine, and too young. (Characteristics that are so not me)

So, let's get to know more this youth- infusing lipstick (lol) from Shiseido.


Shiseido describes this product as "More casual than lipstick. More natural than lip gloss." (Now that's a good way to describe it) It promises all- day hydration in an ultra light, comfortable finish. It comes in a variety of shades ranging from nude to blushing pinks to midtone reds.


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The Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer lipsticks all come in a gorgeous, metallic red tube, which resonates the elegance that is truly Shiseido. 

Do you know what time is it? It's trivia time! Ever wondered why Shiseido's lipstick tubes are curvaceous? Because it was patterned after their iconic Camellia flower insignia. Now you know!

It has a very soft, watery, non- sticky, melt-on-your-lips consistency, albeit texture is quite slippery as its a glossy type of lipstick. It is unscented and has flecks of medium- sized silver glitters that don't show up on my lips at all. I think it's just there for design and that's alright-I never really liked glitter in my lip products anyway.


RD304 Hibiscus is categorized as RD, which means Red in Shiseido's shade system. Color's a very sheer kind of red borderline beige-rose. It has the ability to minimize the appearance of fine lines yet still allows a bit of skin to peep through, giving you a look that's subtly natural and fresh. Hibiscus is also an MLBB type of shade for me.

Coverage is light to medium. This product ain't really sheer because it's quite pigmented. I think the term sheer is referring more to its formula. I find that it doesn't put on any uncomfortable weight on my lips no matter how I pile it on.

It's a multitasking product because:

1. It acts as a lip balm if you layer it once or twice
2. It acts like a lip tint if layered more than thrice
3. Becomes a dewy lipstick if layered for a couple of times
4. It's a more compact version of lipgloss: Apply it on top of lipstick for a shiny, more intense finish

Hi, I'm 12 years old. :P

It is just light and enhances my lips' tone-maybe that's why they say I look younger with this on. Staying power is not so great as it slides around my lips and vanishes after an hour, but props to its intense hydrating properties. I like this color so much, but I'm really having a hard time making it last longer on my puckers so I guess I'm good with just one tube. This lipstick will settle better and last longer on those with severely dry lips.


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I like the color. It suits you well.

    Chamee of <a href="> PIXELS AND TALES </a>

  2. LOL youth-infusing indeed! I've never seen any lipstick that has a glossy effect like that. The color is just so perfect! It's expensive but waaa I don't care, I'm gonna buy it. Haha

  3. it does made you look younger ms. m :) such a lovely color! the staying power is disappointing though.

  4. hi ms m =) i love this shade on you =) it was like a MLBB on you =) yay for pouty lips na effortless hihi

  5. i love the shade! it is really pretty! but i prefer long wearing lippies :)

  6. i use the maybelline watershine pure- B24 to get that lip shade. same shade but cheaper. ;)

  7. Chamee: Thanks and welcome to my blog! :)

    Issa: Same here, but this color is just damn pretty! :)

    Wigiela: Hi and welcome to my blog, and thanks for the tip! It's truly a big help to my budget readers here. :)

    Rhain: Thanks dear! :) Yup, MLBB's the term. :)

    BrownOso: If you like glossy finishes, you'll love this, but if you're gonna ask for my favorite, I'll suggest the Perfect rouge Line. :)

  8. I love glossy lipsticks! And this shade is perfect! The color suits you well Miss Martha! <3

  9. The color looks good on you Ms. Martha....


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