School Ready with Yishion

The incoming school year is definitely the best excuse to shop for new clothes and revamp your wardrobe. Timely enough, we've been experiencing a couple of downpours and chilly winds for the past few days so it's definitely time for the classic campus staples such as cardigans, jackets, long- sleeved tees, capris, and button down polos to grace the spotlight!

Having said that, you might want to take a look at Yishion's cool, casual, practical pieces that scream C-O-M-F-O-R-T in all angles, and dipped in happy, youthful colors to make you stand out!

Oh, I could imagine this ensemble on a very sweet campus love team, sashaying down the hallways with matching HHWW. (Holding Hands While Walking) LOL!

On days wherein you'd just have to attend a class or two, a very relaxed yet school- appropriate outfit is just about right. 

While on busy days wherein you'd have to deliver reports, attend exams, and run meetings for groups or orgs, a comfortable, smart casual attire will do!

Cop the staple Hollywood laid-back style with statement jeans and a breezy top. Don't forget the sunnies!

Saw anything you like? Then visit YISHION PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more pieces!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. ah yes, school days are outfit are sometimes hard to assemble (lol)..thanks for the tips ms. m..i love the smart casual attire! will def check them out!

  2. Great outfits for school. And the main thing - not boring!!

  3. oh even on school days you can dress to impress! but in my school, i can only do that in the first two weeks of school and washdays (every wednesday). I love the second outfit of the girl ♥

  4. I miss being a student. The freedom of wearing what you want! :) haha

  5. nakakamiss tuloy magschool hihi =) i love wash days!!! free style no uniform day hehe

  6. these are nice outfits especially the red breezy top! i miss school :)

  7. This reminds me Forever 21 and Cotton on <3


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