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If you've noticed, my Sumptuous Sundays post have been quite erratic. I've computed my expenses on food (other expenses such as transportation and miscellaneous expenses included) for the past two months (which was the very first time I did it) and it amounted to about P25,0000.00-P28,000.00. The reason? Working out outside the house. You guys know I did Barre3, right? It's a wonderful workout, but the problem was, after every session, I could get really hungry so I end up eating in whatever restaurant that's near it-You all know that The Fort High Street has pricey restos. My savings are still great, but it was so ridiculous that I had to impose a restaurant ban on myself for the past three weeks. (except on my birthday)

I digress.

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Two nights ago, mom and I decided to try out this new steakhouse in the metro called Chops Chicago Steakhouse. They pride themselves on their choicest cuts and unique cooking methods to create sumptuous steaks.

Price Range: P250.00- P5,000.00

Now the food here is really pricey as their prime offering is steak. They have various terms and types for their meats such as grain- fed, Wagyu, USDA Certified Graded Beef, and this brand of steak called Snakeriver Farms, which is apparently a producer of premium American Wagyu and Kurobuta Pork steaks.

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Bread rolls- moist, soft, and slightly glazed. It's calorie- rich, but for a moment, I didn't care because it's yummy! :p

Fresh Oysters- If I remember it correctly, they offer oysters as sets, and this set of 3 is the smallest. They got baked oysters as well. I don't eat fresh oysters so sorry, can't tell you how it tastes like or if it's indeed fresh or not-I still featured it anyway to let you guys know that they have it. The sauce that came with it, by the way, has this salsa- like smell.

Beef Carpacio- Thinly sliced beef with a dash of olive oil and drizzled with crushed capers and lemon. I like this version because it's not drenched in oil, and the beef slices are quite big.

Apples and Arugula- A refreshing and meaty salad. It's very good, although I wish it came with more Arugula stalks.

Portobello Vegetable Steak- For vegetarians out there, this Portobello dish is surely a treat. I'm fine with the entire dish, but I just think that the mushroom portion is a tad too small for its price.

So I was the one who ordered steak just to know if their claims are real.

Wisconsin Prime Flank (100% USDA Certified and Graded Beef)

- This cut is one of the cheapest at P700.00. It seems dry- rubbed with a lot of spices as it had interesting layers of flavor. The cut may seem small, but it's quite thick and makes you feel full and good afterwards. They have a good range of steak sauces-the one I got is Bernaise.

The side dish, however, does not come for free-you'd have to order it separately. I got Truffled Mac and Cheese, which is very good: It's ultra cheesy without being soggy, and it's nice to know that they didn't skimp on Truffle Oil.

I've learned that no matter how premium your steak cut is, or if it's sent straight from the heavens, the taste will still boil down to how it was cooked. As with Chops, I'm pretty happy with the cooking skills of the steak master: The steak's really tender and flavorful without sacrificing that delectable taste of meat. Also, I think they have another way of cooking steak as mine didn't come with grill marks. Nevertheless, it's good.

However, my steak was medium- rare when I ordered medium-well. The steak arrived cold and it took a couple of follow- ups before it finally landed on my table.

Pecan Pie- Warm, delish pecan pie with caramel drizzle and servings of whipping cream. It's small yet so filling-it's a tad too sweet so I ended up sharing with my mom-well, at least that's less calories for me!

The food here is good, but service was not so stellar: It was really slow, and they can't seem to take note of food specifications. I'd still eat here again because they have lived up to their promise, but I wish they'd improve their service next time so what I'll be paying for will be well worth.

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  1. the Truffled Mac and Cheese looks soo yummy! :) it is really somehow disappointing when a certain restaurant have poor service..glad that their food tasted great..i'm sure they'll improve their service after reading this?hehe

  2. that steaks looks so deli! oh dear.. that mac and cheese to die for!

    hahayssss... sarap kumain kapag rainy season

  3. Truffled Mac and Cheese! :)

    Ay, I feel bad for you since I expected that the service would be great, considering that it's a pricey resto.

  4. BrownOso: Yeah. I'm very particular pa naman with the service. :p

    Issa: It is! :D

    CJ: Oh i hope! :D

    Rhain: LOL. I feel you there. :D

  5. Everything looks so delicious and fantastic! Thank you for your amazing foodie experiences! :)


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