Velvet Rose Lingerie Bridal Shower Registry: Gifting Made Easy

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A couple of years back, I attended my best friend in college's bridal shower and guess what? I didn't get her any gift simply because I don't know what items she liked or what to get her, at the very least. I kept on overanalyzing that I realized, it was the day of the party and it was too late to grab a gift already. That's why I made sure I gave her a very nice wedding present!

BUT-the actual wedding is no excuse to diss the bridal shower as it's another important occasion: It's a touching send- off moment where you make the most out of the time with your soon-to-wed friend or family member and give her useful advice before she embarks on a new chapter in her life.

To all bride-to-be's out there, here's a genius way to make your bridal shower all the more memorable. Velvet Rose Lingerie's Bridal Shower Registry, just like wedding registries, helps every bride choose the exact gift she needs and wants to receive on her bridal shower party. For the guests,it takes the guessing out of gifting and eliminates the possibility of giving monotonous, unnecessary gifts. The bride is the star of the party, so she definitely deserves to receive only the best things!

When you sign up for Velvet Rose Lingerie's Bridal registry, you get the initial perks:

- P100.00 off on Signature Velvet Rose Lingerie Robes of Your Choice
- P100.00 off on any Velvet Rose Lingerie Sleepwear of Your Choice
- P100.00 off on any Bra or any 2 Boxers/Panties/Thongs of Your Choice
**The vouchers can be used once the bride-to-be completes the registration

When you and your guests' combined purchases totaled to P5,000.00 and up, you receive more perks:

- Additional P500.00 worth of Velvet Rose Lingerie Gift Certificate
- Free Velvet Rose Lingerie VIP Card (Entitles you to a 10% Discount on Regular Items-Cash or Card)
- Free Bra Club Card (A stamp card to be filled out in every purchase for more perks and promos)
- Discounts on regular items for your friends’ next purchase: 10% Discount for Cash Purchases and 5% Discount for Card Purchases

They also offer free sms service to inform your guests of your bridal shower registry (Maximum of 50 people) and honor item exchange within 7 days of the bridal shower party.

Click READ MORE and check out some gift suggestions:

Bedroom Novelty Items- Kama Sutra is one popular international brand of intimate toys for couples-Velvet Rose Lingerie only carries safe and licensed brands of bedroom novelty items.

Shapewear- For cleaner silhouettes on gowns and wedding dresses. If you can afford to splurge, go for Plie shapewear. If you'd rather save, go for F.I.T. shapewear.

Lingerie- probably the most popular gift to give during bridal shower parties. FYI, Velvet Rose Lingerie is well- known for their expansive lingerie selection-the brand was basically founded because of it!

And the beauty of it all is, you can do the gift planning and shopping under one roof. Such a time saver, eh? :)

Please visit VELVET ROSE LINGERIE on Facebook for more details about the service and products.

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  1. woah, super dami ng off. This was totally perfect for JUNE brides..Hehe.Ang cute ng mga lingerie and interesting and shape wear.

  2. great gift ideas ms. martha..i think lingeres talaga mas nakasanayan na gift kapag bridal's nice to know may iba pa pala.hehe

  3. hmmm.. bago sakin yung paintbox =) seriously edible ito? hee hee parang nutella lang hee hee =)

    i havent owned any lingerie pa wah! i sleep with pajamas (ginawin)

  4. I saw something similar to the lover's paintbox in a Cacao stall several years ago, when I was still a teenager. I didn't quite get what it was and the saleslady had a very awkward time explaining to me what it was used for.

    Fast forward last year I was looking for the exact thing, but Cacao didn't sell it anymore. Yehey now I know where I can buy one. :)

  5. I visited Etsy once, they have such cute things <3 You can also find web designs and other digital items :)


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