FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 10 quick Beauty Questions for The Beauty Junkee!

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Hi guys! I'm doing a Boy Abunda act in today's Fan Mail Fridays segment. I've compiled all the quick questions I got in my email for the past three weeks and I'm answering them collectively in this post. Read on! :)

1. I'm just wondering, given the sheer number of products you receive on a daily basis, Do you still buy makeup? - Abbi

- Yes, I still buy makeup, especially powder foundation, concealer, loose powder, and toilettries. I still buy unnecessary but interesting products once in a while to share with my readers here at The Beauty Junkee

2. What do you put on your lips during night time? Do you think it's necessary to apply some sort of beauty product on the lips before going to sleep?- Liana

- Of course! Your lips has skin and just like the one on the rest of your face, you need to take care of it. I just apply an extra rich lip balm on my lips before going to sleep-that's it!

3. What is your most favorite perfume? - Charm

- Still Lanvin Eclat D' Arpege!

4. Just read your fitness posts and I must say, I love them! What's your exercise routine like at the moment? - Iris

- Ack! Haven't been exercising for 1 month now due to work! Thanks for reminding me that I should get back soon! Regarding your question, I used to do Barre3, but normally, I just exercise at home or at the gym in our subdivision. I do interval or circuit exercises that include the following moves: Squats w/ dumbbells, push ups, spiderman push ups, spiderman climbs, pike, lunges, star jumps, high knees, and burpees.

5. Saw that you have dogs. New reader here. Where do you bring them for grooming? - Natasha

- Dogs in The City at Burgos Circle. I only bring my Golden Retriever to the salon because of his hair. The Beagle and Labrador, I just bathe them at home.

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6. What are the products you hate? -Hannah

- Not really hate, but rather I don't see myself buying them simply because they don't work for me. Ever Bilena foundation and powder products-I seem to break out from all their face makeups, not to mention I don't have a shade! :(

7. Your top three salons? -Kaye

- Basement Salon and Henri Calayag for my hair (been a loyal patron of both salons for over 5 years), Strip Ministry of Waxing for Brazilian, and Browhaus for brow grooming.

8. Read your perfume collection post. Do you still have/wear colognes? What are your favorites? - Cheryl

- Now, not anymore because I use EDT in lieu of colognes, but I do have my classic favorites: Calgon's Hawaiian Ginger, Bath and Body Works' Sweet Pea and Warm Vanilla Sugar, and Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction. :)

9. You've been blogging for so long. Just wanna ask, are you planning to do this forever? - Patricia

- No concrete plan yet. What I know is I enjoy doing it now and I get all sorts of work out of it. One sure thing in my life is I wanna have a business, specifically a Nail Salon. :D

10. How do you create an effective skin regimen? - Amy

- It is very easy to create an effective skin care regimen as there are a lot of good products, cheap or expensive, out there. What you should have first is the habit and discipline in sticking to a skin care range. Only time will tell if your regimen is effective or not, so my greatest advice would be start with a habit and keep it. If you don't have a problem with discipline, then go and find the products that suit your skin type and needs-choose only what you need! :)

Happy Friday, folks!

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i agree with the lip care thing..i always put on some balm before bedtime because it gives me that soft lips in the least when i wear lipstick, my lips is ready for it.

    and oh thanks for the skin regimen tips ms. m! :)

  2. I Enjoyed reading this! :) They've feed my curiosity.

  3. Betsbygolly: Thanks! :)

    CJ: Thank you for sharing your tip. :) Appreciate it!

  4. Betsbygolly: Thanks! :)

    CJ: Thank you for sharing your tip. :) Appreciate it!

  5. I agree with the one about Ever Bilena. They're so tempting to buy because they're so affordable but when I get home, I realize that their products either break me out or do not work for me :(

  6. im gonna ask this also:

    "How do you create an effective skin regimen?"

    hihi, i have to stick that in mind: "start with a habit and keep it"

    note sa sarili: bawal na ang tamad hihi..

  7. You say that you apply extra rich lip balm on your lips before going to sleep. May I know what product/brand? :)

  8. I love the sweet pea from Bath and Body Works too! I love the lip care tips. Looking forward for more of this question and answer article :)

  9. Rhain: LOL. True!

    Paola: Hurraw Lipbalm night Treatment. I have a review. :)

    Louise: Yup! Will try to collate more questions when I find the time to do so lol! :D

    BrownOso: But their eyebrow product is good though. :)


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