Lee Jeans Stay Curious Campaign + Bamboo Live! (Video)

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish."
- Steve Jobs

The world changes everyday. The only way to stay alive? Stay curious. In order to evolve, you must step out of your bubble and explore the many opportunities and challenges out there. I am a born communicator and have this sincere passion for communicating, but having that potential was never enough. I had to hone my craft and move from one industry to the other: from debating, teaching, acting, playwriting, singing, modeling, blogging, and now, as a PR Consultant. If I was just contented from the very beginning and didn't have the guts to go out and improve my skills, I wouldn't be here now and most of all, I wouldn't realize that this is what I really want to do. (For now. Who knows? I might evolve! :D)

Curiosity is always a daunting thing as it requires you to step into the unknown, leave home, and be on your own most of the time. A curious journey is fun and exciting, but oftentimes heartbreaking yet in the end, it is rewarding- it lets you find yourself and what you really want to do, and lets you realize your purpose. The world was shaped by curious minds so whenever you feel like going back to your bubble, always remember that your curiosity will help the planet, and something great is waiting for you along the way, and something greater at the end of your journey. Just stay curious! :)

As a brand that has a thirst for the bold, new, and innovative, Lee taps into the inquisitive nature of every human, man or woman, through the Stay Curious campaign. Lee challenges everyone to break new barriers, seek new frontiers, witness new memories, and shape new possibilities through our eyes...and our pair of Lee jeans.

"We need that feeling, the emotion, and personal expression that for a brand like ours, is critically expressed through the fabric. Denim is intriguing and unique in that it can truly reflect the personality of the wearer-the little scrapes, scuffs, tears, and frays, the way it gets better with ages and over time becomes part of the person it clothes..."  
-Gerald Bultot, LEE EMEA Head of Design

 A trusty and worthwhile companion, a pair of Lee jeans will be with you all the way no matter how zany and wild your adventures may be. As you look back on all the stains, scratches, and fading, you'll be reminded of how stronger, better, and braver you've become. And as you slip into it again, you feel a surge, an inspiration to explore more and be more!

The Stay Curious campaign, together with its ambassadors were launched last week at Lee's concept store in Glorietta 2. It was an event filled with expression, love, and happiness as we drowned ourselves in good company, good food, great clothes, and the awesome music of Bamboo MaƱalac! Click READ MORE and see Bamboo's live performance, plus get to know more about Lee's newest jeans innovation!

If you want to see a more extensive collection of Lee's fine street garments and denim, you should head to this big store in Glorietta! It feels complete! :)

Lee pushes the boundaries once more with the new Stretch Deluxe Jeans, a new age jeans for women made with fine Italian denim that just infinitely stretches and recovers, melding seamlessly to your form and allows you to move with ease. It also features a curved waistband that prevents gapes and dips at the back, seams that were moved forward to give legs a slimmer and longer illusion, and trendy washes namely soft and light blues, and pure white. Fits are the following:

Scarlett- a sexy tight pair that hugs your body from the waist down to the ankle for flaunting sexy curves.
Skyler- a high- waist pair with a skinny fit that also hugs you from the waist down to the ankle.
Jeggings- low- waist with skinny cut that hugs you from the waist down to the ankle.

The things you can do with the Stretch Deluxe Jeans? Endless. I even think you can wear this to the gym! :D

DJ Cristina providing us some good house music mixes. She's one of the Stay Curious ambassadors. More on the ambassadors' Stay Curious stories in another post!

Julia Sniegowski hosts the event.


BAMBOO! He's also one of the Stay Curious ambassadors.

Bamboo serenaded us with around 5 songs, I believe. I'm a big fan of Bamboo, from his stint with Rivermaya to his namesake band and to his solo act. I was totally fangirling on him when he arrived and even more so when he began to sing!

That moment when everybody took a break from taking #selfies and just focused on Bamboo. :D

Check out this live performance of Bamboo during the Stay Curious event! He sang Englishman In New York + Sunday Morning medley and Elesi. My favorites!

The denim- clad OPM god announcing the winners of the Instax Cameras and Lee Jeans GCs.

Curious to know how close I was to Bamboo? I was in front of him! Gosh, for a moment, I fantasized that he was my boyfriend and he was singing to me. LOL! :D Thanks Nikki of Askmewhats for taking these photos!

With my fellow curious bloggers Verniece and Tin with Marcie of Love and Light Productions.

With David Guison.

Fab jeans, a fab pillow, and a fab canvas bag-just what I need in my next adventures!

So how will you live a more curious life? Share it with LEE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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  1. the stretch deluxe jeans amazed me!i'm excited to to check it out!..and oh my..bamboo!!!love him! :D

  2. wow, that jeans must be really comfortable! and OMG, you're very close to Bamboo! :)

  3. Lee is one of my fave jeans! <3 And wow, lucky you! Bamboo! <3

  4. ang mother ko ay inspectress ng tela sa solid mills inc. (bicutan area) sa mga hindi nakakaalam isa itong malaking garment factory, dun ko natutunan na lahat ng tela ng JAG, LEVIS, GAP, LEE, GIORDANO ay dun ginagawa =) yes, from cotton - hanggang sa maging malaking rolyo na ng tela, my mother worked there for 27 years =) they offer factory sale kaya nakakabili ng mas mababa, sadly nagsara ang kumpanya year 2004, dahil nauso nun ang RTWs pansinin nyo medyo nagiba ang quality ng mga branded jeans ngayon, though at least they were sold at lesser price =) yung mga tela nung araw na habang tumatagal ay lalong gumaganda, yan ang tunay na quality, ang lee they still have very much good quality =) and sumasabay sa trend =)

  5. Rhain: Thanks for sharing! :) I have owned a couple of lee jeans and I must say, they last really long! :)

    Louise: Yes! I was in cloud 9 that time. :)

    Issa: yes! i was THAT close! :D

    CJ: Oh how can anyone not love Bamboo!? :D


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