Nivea Black and White Deodorant: No More Yellow and White Underarm Stains!

If I wasn't born with sweaty underarms, I would choose to not wear deodorants anymore. They're awesome because they prevent me from smelling funky, but I hate how they'd cause my light- colored clothes to turn yellow or leave white, tiger- like streaks on the dark- colored ones. (I get this all the time) 

Recently, the scientists at Beiersdorf has partnered up with the fabric experts at the Hohenstein Institute for a groundbreaking deodorant discovery. The mission? Put an end to yellowish and white underarm stains caused by deodorant. The result? Nivea Black and White, the newest deodorants that will make sure your black clothes stay black, and your white clothes stay white. Now you can raise your arms in sheer abandon without getting funny stares from people!

More about this invisible yet long- lasting protection after the cut!

This revolutionary deo duo is formulated with substances that cannot adhere to any fabric, yet provides 48-hr. protection against odor. The Nivea- exclusive deodorant technology ensures that the new Black and White Deo will never impart white stains and minimize yellow stains so your clothes will stay beautiful for longer.

Nivea Black and White (Aerosol Type)- P170.00

*Also comes in a Roll- On variant (25ml- P50.00, 50ml- P89.00)

Nivea Black and White For Men (Aerosol Type)- P170.00

*Also comes in a Roll- On variant (25ml- P50.00, 50ml- P89.00)

Oh, how I wish these deos were invented when I was still in secondary school so I didn't have to replace my white polo tops every year!

To know more about the new Nivea Black and White Deo, please visit NIVEA PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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  1. I have the roll on version of this and it's true to claim. I have a lot of dark-colored shirts.

  2. another great product from Nivea! :) i've always loved their deos..i think it's one of the brands that i trust when it comes to my armpit more yellow stains on my white uniform!yey!

  3. I bought one of these last weekend and I'm surprised by how much I love this product. Nivea doesn't disappoint :) Thank you for the review! :)


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