OOTD: The Art of Recycling

Top: ICandy
Bottom: Betty

Women are more figurative speakers than men, so if a lady muses "I don't have anything to wear", that could only mean that she has a ton of clothes, but she already wore everything...once.

I have quite a lot of OOTD posts, and I think a good chunk of 'em contains the same articles of clothing. Well, I got four words: I.don't.mind. Yes, I wear the same clothes almost all the time, but I don't need to explain to anybody that I do launder them after every usage and besides, clothes are highly recyclable and trends come and go like rainfall. I use my clothes until I don't want them anymore.

Bag: Prada
Shoes: Parisian
Accessories: SM Accessories

To perfect the art of recycling, I live by four words: Basics, Toppers, Accessories, Combination

Basics- I spend a lot on basics because they're so plain, you can come up with a lot of styles with them.
Toppers- I invest heavily in jackets, cardigans, and the likes to cover up an overused article of clothing. LOL
Accessories- they're cheaper and people won't mind if you use them over and over again.
Combination- To make the most out of my closet, I have developed a flair for mixing and matching clothes. It prevents me from contributing to textile waste while allowing me to save money at the same time as well.

Oh there goes my mouth. Have a great Thursday, by the way. :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Great outfit! And you made me drool on those pair of shoes. :))

    Chamee from PIXELS AND TALES

  2. ah recycling is soo normal here in phils.which i think is a good thing..di naman kasi lahat afford!hehe..thanks for sharing this ms. m :) and oh can you do a throwback post?yung mga pics mo baby ka pa ms. m..heheh..

  3. parang familiar nga po yung orange top =) hehe

    i love basics too =) i love plain shirts with minimal design hindi nawawala sa uso =)

  4. I always recycle my clothes, sayang e, hehehe.....

  5. We are pretty much alike when it comes to investing on clothing. :D

  6. Hahahaha! That's so spot on. Once I've worn an outfit once, I feel like I need new ones. But it's okay to use clothing more than once; after all, we're not celebrities.

  7. Chamee: Hi and welcome to my blog! Got it from Parisian, dear! :)

    Aviva: Speaking of celebrities, I wonder what their closets look like. :D

    Betsbygolly: Apir! :)

    Rhaindropz: Because I love this top and I wear it most of the time. :D

    CJ: Lol! Will do that. :D Lemme find my baby albums first. :D

    Issa: Same! I give them away if they start wearing out haha. :)

  8. Thanks for these tips! And I love your top!! <3


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