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Here's a review on Paris Hilton Dazzling EDT

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When I first tried this fragrance on, I was somewhat transported to Paris' bedroom, a place that screams PINK! all throught: Pink crystal chandelier, pink carpet, pink king size bed with 300- count comforter and sheets (in pink, of course), pink furniture, pink lavishly decorated walls, and Paris Hilton roaming around in what else? Pink underwear and tank top.

 The nice thing about Paris' fragrances is everything stays true to her personality-it may lack a bit of variety for the expectant public, but at least she sticks with her niche and that is Sweetness all the way! Like what they say, pick a niche and be an authority in it! Whether you're looking for sexy sweet, romantic sweet, elegant sweet, childish sweet, fun sweet, as long as it's sweet, Paris Hilton should be your go- to brand.


Dazzling would have to be my most favorite perfume, packaging- wise, from all of Paris' perfumes because the bottle is simply gorgeous: Reminds me so much of huge crystal chandeliers in hotels. (this one even looks like a part of a chandelier!) Sometimes, I put it near my window because it beautifully reflects light in all angles.

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Pink crystals surround the metal cap!

Top notes are a syrupy medley of apple, cherry and honey. Middle notes are comprised of violet, orange blossom (which is not so perceptible), and orchid-by this portion, the fragrance smells sweet oriental already. The perfume mellows down and starts smelling a little grown- up at the Base notes, made with vanilla, white patchouli, and musk. It's a warm fruity floral without the tackiness, quite perfect for daytime and casual night time events. Among all of Paris' perfumes, this one is the least bit playful and childish. Paris said that Dazzling is a reflection of her whimsical side, but to me, nah, it's the grown- up side of her-I've smelled more whimsical perfumes than this one. Now that's a good thing for young adults because finally, she's released a sweet scent that does not remind you of cloying fruity colognes in high school. Staying power is decent: It lasts for 6 hours on me. It's an elegant sweet fragrance that's good, although not for me.


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow, 6hrs staying power! thats great!, for me that is quality-wise =)

  2. i agree with the packaging!prang part na nga cya ng's so gorge and classy..oh the pink and crystal details speaks so much of paris! :) love her! :D

  3. Thanks for the review. I love sweet scents, so I might really like this :)

  4. This is my current perfume and I love it! The packaging is REALLY gorgeous.

  5. Everything screams pink -- this is so Paris Hilton. I haven't tried this one. You should try Gucci Guilty. The bottle is so gorgeous! And the scent is great :)

  6. Eiss: Hi and welcome to my blog! Thanks for sharing! :D

    Louise: Tried that too. :D Smells good, but not for me. :)

    Aviva: Oh yes you will! It has the right amount of sweetness. :)

    Rhain: Thanks. :)

    CJ: Yup! I'm keeping the bottle as a display. :)


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