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Once upon a time, a much sought- after hair stylist who did my hair told me: "You have nice hair, but seems like you don't take care of it. You should. Trust me, it will make a difference." I could've raised an eyebrow at that unsolicited advice, but decided to suck it up because my hair that time was really in bad shape anyway. I just followed his advice and bought a lot of hair care stuff and paid meticulous attention to my hair, and it didn't take me a long time to realize that he was right. For so long, I've relied on makeup and skin care products to make me feel confident, but when I've finally restored my hair's former glory, I had a newfound confidence, one that his shinier, happier, and more inspired. When I was invited as a guest in one of Watsons' Hair Affair animations, I talked about hair care inspiringly because coming from experience, I can attest how awesome you will feel if you seriously take care of it. 

When was the last time you had a love affair with your hair? Been meaning to start soon? Why make it soon when you can do it now? Watsons' newest campaign for this season, Hair Affair, invites you to start investing in your crowning glory for authentic head to toe beauty. 

Serious hair care does not mean spending a month's worth of salary in one transaction. There are a bevy of affordable but effective hair care products available in Watsons that let you achieve drop- dead gorgeous hair while allowing you to stick to your budget. What I like about this store is they carry Asian brands, from commercial to indie as well as Filipino brands.

Shamcey Supsup is the face of Watson's Hair Affair.

Watsons is practically everywhere so you can start your love affair with your hair anytime! Don't forget to drop by!

Please visit WATSONS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about their hair care products.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. the suave works great on my hair..i wonder how finesse would?i need to try it out! :)

  2. im loving the new variant of creamsilk (the orange packaging) i love how it makes my hair smelling great and bouncy (having a short hair at the moment) *sigh*

  3. Kung may number 1 problem ako with myself, siguro yung hair ko na Ms.M. Super unruly, thick, volumize at kung anu ano pa. Napakagastos naman if I will always go for straightening. Hays. I think I should pay more attention now sa aking chakang hair. I love shopping at Watson's super affordable :)

  4. Taking care of our hair is a must kasi yung hair + face agad ang nakikita sa atin. Kaya I make sure to use quality products, and sometimes, I but them at Watsons :)

  5. CJ: My mom loved finesse. Works great and smells good too! :D

    Louise: Thanks for sharing! Speaking of Watson's, I have to go there soon! :D

    Jenny: Same! Use masks at least two to three times a week until your hair is significantly tamed. Did that and it works! :D

    Rhain: And i'm loving the one with the pink treatment called damage rescue. It looks like icing! :D


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