Butterfly Twists: UK's Well- Loved Foldable Footwear (Photos and Reviews)

Oprah Winfrey said: "I still keep my feet on the ground. I just wear better shoes." By that, I think she's referring to high heels. High Heels are as essential as underwear to me: (and without a doubt, to any woman) the height it gives builds your confidence, and its physical grace translates to your personality. My granny kept on telling me to wear heels because it adds up to my femininity and when I started going to events, I have come to appreciate their value in my life when I realized how good I looked in photos with heels on.

The reality is, (in a matter-of-factly manner of speaking) our roads are cracked and uneven, the transportation is not friendly to the public, open manholes are waiting to suck you in, and you have to be prepared to run away from robbers always when you're wandering at night and passing by alleys and streets. In short, our metropolis is not high heels- friendly. Even high heels alone are quite life threatening: when you wear one, especially a cheapo pair, you're in for some bruises, calluses, falls, trips, wounds, and all sorts of pain imaginable! (Oh I should know!)

In the end and no matter the consequences, we still need high heels in our life as long as there are special occasions or if we just want to feel a lil' chic on any day.
I used to fear wearing high heels when going out until I met these heaven- sent shoes called foldable ballerinas. They're so useful and a must- have in every woman's life. They're so important to me that if you raid my bag, you'll find it, tucked in a pouch. Now I want to collect a lot of colors because not only do they save your feet (and life) from the tragedy of high heels, they're also awesome walking, shopping, and travel buddies.

The newest brand I've encountered recently is Butterfly Twist, a UK brand of foldable shoes. It's available in over 30 countries and recently, it has landed in the Philippines.

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Their star product is the foldable ballerina, but recently, they have expanded to slippers and even boots, making them the ultimate foldable footwear brand for someone who wants a variety of portable kicks.

Peaches Green

They've got flats from plains, printed, textured, neutral, two- tone, tri- tone, colorful, metallic, matte, patent, satin, suede, and a whole lot more.

They even have foldable loafers which are great for driving.

This style called Nicola is from the Summer 2013 collection. It comes in other color combinations too.

The star feature, of course, is its foldable body and comes with a light pouch.

Soles are fully lined with lightweight and flexible rubber to make it more durable and to protect your footbed as well. 

Body is made from what seems like a high quality type of faux leather that feels really soft and adapts to the natural curves of my feet. It also has a 5mm heel for a lil' 'oomph' for your height. The expandable material gives the perfect fit whether you have narrow or wide feet.

Butterfly Twists' foldable ballerinas come with a super soft insole made with memory foam-it's antibacterial as well. 

Just like all foldable and regular ballerinas, their shoes still need to be broken in. Had to wear this pair for 5 times to loosen up the garter lining for a bit and after that, it feels like a pair of cloudy shoes already!

Butterfly Twists' foldable ballerinas start at P1,600.00+. You may visit BUTTERFLY TWISTS PHILIPPINES ON FACEBOOK for more information about the brand.

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  1. They are adorable :) I think women who have to go in and out of the office in heels but who can't stand being in heels all day should have these in their bags too! I see a lot of my officemates actually bring a pair of flats to change once they reach the office na :)


  2. Im a huge fan of wearing flats! Though this one cost a bit pricey for me ;( i have found a stall in festival mall and costs half a price of this one ;) (different brand) for sure balikan q yun. Na love at first sight aq dun sa black pair nila ;)


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