Fan Mail Fridays: Six Quick and Random Questions from my Readers

I can't contain my excitement so I'll give you a preview now. I have three major major major hauls coming tomorrow that they deserve an unboxing video. (or shall I say, un-paper bagging video because they come in paper bags!) EEEEEE....Don't make me spill the beans! I shall call it my Milestone Haul. It's coming up this Monday so like what I always say in my Youtube videos, stick around! :D

For now, let's answer these six quick queries from some of my readers:

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Hi Martha! 

Hi, I've been reading your blog and it helped me to be more of a woman. I 
learned a lot here compared to Googling things in the Internet. I'd like to 
ask what to do with visible facial spider veins? I noticed that I've  
developed some and I have no idea how to get rid of them. Been hiding them   
with concealers but it worries me that it will be harmful or will make me 
look older as time passes by. Hope you can help. Thanks! 

- Tricia

Hi Tricia!

Varicose Veins or Spider Veins, as far as I know, can be treated with laser treatment or dermarolling (For the small ones) and Sclerotherapy (for the bigger ones). I don't know though if there are topical treatments that can effectively address it, but I think it needs more than creams as it's an internal skin problem.

For temporary concealing, I would suggest very full coverage cream concealers to disguise facial veins, preferably a lavender one as it's meant to conceal bluish-purplish marks on the face followed with a skin tone- matching concealer to neutralize the former and to unify your skin tone.

Major facial discolorations such as spider veins will need professional cosmetics for effective concealing. No, concealers won't be harmful as long as you buy from a good and reputable brand, and you wash it off completely before going to bed. One beauty brand that specializes in major face and body concealing is Kryolan, specifically the Dermacolor range. Dermacolor is made for concealing burns, surgery marks, tattoos, birthmarks, veins, and all sorts of serious discolorations. It's waterproof too so you can use it for swimming. If your concern is negative skin reaction, I would advise that you visit any Kryolan counter to perform a patch test. Kryolan is available in SM Mall Of Asia and Il Terrazo Tomas Morato. Ben Nye is a good brand too and you can purchase authentic ones via The Style Quarter.

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Hi Martha! 

Hi Miss Martha! I have a bluish-black birthmark on my face. I go bare faced everyday but sometimes I want it concealed (especially for events). Is it possible? What products do you recommend? Thank you! 

- Hannah

Hi Hannah!

Just like Tricia's problem, you can use a lavender concealer + neutral concealer. If it's not too serious, peach concealer + neutral concealer will do. Brands I'd suggest are Kryolan, MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Make Up For Ever because they have really good concealers.

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Hello Ms. Martha :)  

I've seen a lot of eos lip balms online. Are they original? 

- Maan

Hi Maan!

Shockingly, there are fake EOS Lip balms already! As much as I love online shopping, I'd have to tell you that you're most likely to buy fake products in the Internet because pictures can fool you! I don't know a lot about fake EOS lip balms yet, but one tell- tale sign of a fake one is it's much smaller than the original EOS. My advice is buy from a reputable online seller as EOS is not yet distributed locally. My trusted online sellers are: Digital Traincase, Updated Trends, French Macaroons, and Style Quarter. Please inquire if they're selling EOS Lip balms. :)

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Not my wardrobe. How I wish. :p

Hi Ms M =)  

i love how you mix and match your styling outfits =) im curious on how your wardrobe looks like =) do you arrange them according to color too  =) hihi just curious =)  

Hugs and kisses,

Hi Rhania!

Your question just reminded me that I have to fix my cabinet soon lol! Not by color but by style-it's easier for me because this is how I think when I plan my outfit on a daily basis: Tee, jeans, cardigan, pumps, not white, black, red, or any other color. :)

Hi Martha! 

Hi Ms. Martha :) Have you tried Human Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil? Is it good? 

- Marifrancel

Hi Marifrancel!

Tried it years ago and as far as I could remember, it's pretty okay. Haven't used it long enough to see its whitening effects though, but according to some bloggers, it truly delivers. Sunflower oil in general, regardless if it's from HHN, really has awesome skin benefits as long as its unadulterated and again, you buy from a trusted seller/manufacturer. I'd still suggest HHN's Sunflower Oil because you're guaranteed that it's pure and it's more accessible. I have a review here also. :)

Hi Martha! 

Hi! I'm a newbie when it comes to wearing make up and I'm still on the experimenting mode. One item that I love to use is the mascara I bought. However, I find it really hard to remove. It also feels like my eyelashes  are diminishing every after use since it's really a challenge on taking it off. I'm using a regular baby oil only as a remover. Do you have any
suggestions for removing a water proof mascara? Thanks lovely :) 

- Jawaher

Hi Jawaher!

I guess you have sensitive lashes so just opt for waterproof-washable types, or those that are long- wearing but can be easily rinsed off by water and cleansing foam. One nice and very gentle makeup remover I love is Face Of Australia's Gentle Makeup Remover. It's a general makeup remover, but I love using it on my eyes because it's indeed gentle: no- sting and removes all sorts of waterproof eye makeup effortlessly. You can purchase it from Updated Trends.

Whew! That's all and I hope you enjoyed this random post. Keep you queries coming and have a fab, fab, fab Friday! :)

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  2. Kryolan is available at SM North The Block too :)

  3. i just bought sunflower oil from human<3nature.i read a lot of good reviews on line too and with its promised benefits kulang na lang eh ipaligo ko sya. Nice post ms. martha. ;)

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  5. This is very useful! I have those varicose veins too :(

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  8. Hi Martha! Truly agree with the reader who said reading your blog can be more informative than having to browse thru Google! Which is why I'm always looking forward to your Fan Mail Fridays among others! :))


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