Hot and Fresh: Velvet Rose Lingerie Activewear

The song 'Let's get physical!' of the 80's rang in my head when I saw this collection. It just reminded me of the sporty styles of this era: Sexy but respectable and colorful yet chic.

I had a conversation with Fashion Blogger Sarah Tirona of Fashion Eggplant one time, and she mused that she's found the perfect sports bra in Velvet Rose Lingerie's new Activewear collection. She said that it's great for gals with a big bosom but a small back. We pretty much have the same concern with sports bras (except that she's more petite than me) so I guess I'll be checking out these soon as my BF and I are planning to do Crossfit, Boxing, and Kettlebell training for our 3-month fat blast workout before December arrives! :)

Plain White- P990.00

Plain Black- P990.00

Click READ MORE for the rest of the styles.

Purple with Black Piping- P1,290.00

Black with Pink Piping- P1,290.00

Black and Purple- P1,290.00

Black Sando Top- P1,890.00

Hot Pink- P1,290.00

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is perfect for working out! Good luck on your future Crossfit, Boxing, and Kettlebell training!! :)

  2. These are very nice! I recently jumped in the bandwagon and started working out too (thin is in, right?) But I don'd have decent workout clothes yet. This puts my t-shirt and shorts to shame, lol. I need to buy something like this soon.


  3. I love the plain black and the sando top! Do they also sell shorts? Will check them out Ms. M, this is perfect since I wanted to start dancing again. :D

  4. i want the pink one ms m! so girly! reminds me of Nike sports bra =) hope they do sell jogging pants/shorts too!

  5. Louise: Thanks! So help me God! :D

    Rhain: Noted! I'll tell them. :)

    Maica: I believe they only have sports bras, but you can check! :)

    Angel: I say lean is in! :) Good luck on your workout. :)


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