Review: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Honey Beige 4 and Nude Beige 3.5

Here's a review on Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Honey Beige 4 and Nude Beige 3.5

Price: P599.00/each
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I have a new favorite makeup item from Maybelline: THIS! Dream Liquid Mousse. (The mascaras are still number 1 for me, of course) It's a fab liquid foundation that feels so airy yet covers well. Let me tell you about it!


Dream Liquid Mousse, true to its name, is a combination of liquid and mousse foundation. It promises poreless coverage and an airbrushed finish.


It comes with a controllable pump with a close-open option so you don't have to worry about it being accidentally pressed in your bag during travels and losing the cap. The bottle sure does feel pricey!

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Honey Beige is a caramel beige shade with olive and yellow undertones and will fit gals with an NC43 shade match and beyond, while Nude Beige is a milky beige shade with neutral undertones and will fit gals with an NC30-NC35 shade match. This line has 12 shades and locally, we have six. The range  we have has broken shade selections so I can't really tell you which will suit you best-best thing to do is to go to a counter and swatch. Unfortunately, there's no apt shade for NC42 gals like me and I have to mix Honey Beige with a lighter shade to get an okay shade match.

Consistency is a bouncy kind of liquid foundation: It's soft but never runny, creamy but never heavy. Its texture is as unique and fun to use as Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush. It has no scent and pigmentation is great, spreads easily, coverage is light to medium, and I kinda' noticed that it yields a slight cooling effect. Setting time is quick!

Honey Beige mixed with Nude Beige


Bare face with Benefit Fake Up Concealer on

Two layers of Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in Honey Beige and Nude Beige

I like how it has covered my pores and evened out my skin tone nicely. Finish is semi- matte and somewhat similar to airbrush: Dewy, light, and almost invisible even if piled on, but it didn't quite mimic the superb concealing coverage of airbrush foundation. As you can see, the redness from my bumps are still peeping thru for a teeny weeny bit. With the real airbrush foundation, you can hide any discoloration regardless if it's light or grave. This thing has great coverage for its price, but it's far less superior if we are going to compare it with an actual airbrush foundation. I guess it's much more practical to compare it with just a full coverage foundation to manage our expectations. Now that I've said that, it feels so light yet can give full coverage foundations a kick in the arse-that's what I like about this product!

Hey! I like my brows here! :D

It feels very comfortable and it's good for moderately oily and combination normal-oily skin. On me, it lasts the whole day with very minimal fading and my T-Zone gets oily after 4 hours-I only had to retouch once during wear. On severely oily skin types, you may need to blot more than once. My only issue is, the shade range is much friendlier to fairer skin tones and it's predominantly pink toned. It's a very nice everyday liquid foundation that can take you from day to night, and great for those who want extra coverage without the extra thickness. Just make sure you have yellow toned, shade- matching, or translucent powders to fix the shade on your complexion.


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  1. Wow its nice to know that this looks really great on the skin. Will definitely check this one out. Thank for sharing!

  2. It covers up nicely! I have visible pores and I find it hard to cover it up. Will try this, maybe this will work :)

  3. I have yet to try this one, but so far my fave foundations are from Maybelline :)


  4. there are a lot of nice reviews for this foundation.... time to check this out :)

  5. i first saw this from my onsugarettes from singaporean bloggers =)

  6. You're so pretty! As for the air foam you were wondering about youre not missing anything special! Heres a review from a famous skin skin specialist

    All the other maybelline products are there too!

  7. Maica: Welcome! :)

    Anonymous: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Good thing I read this before buying it. :)

    Rhain: Cool! :)

    Angel: I want to love Maybelline's foundations, but I really can't find a fit in their selections. Good thing they came out with this!

    Louise: Hope you like it! :)


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